Top 15 Best Video Editing Courses Online

This article (Best Video Editing Courses Review) will provide you with the opportunity to read an in-depth evaluation of Best Video Editing Courses, including information on how the courses are presented, who the course is best suited for, the cost, and what I enjoyed about it, etc.

Are you interested in becoming a professional editor and looking for the best video editing courses available? No need to look any further!

Video editing software has recently supplanted older analog video editing devices and celluloid film editing technologies. There is a complicated procedure known as postproduction in film and animation series creation that is difficult to grasp because of its many complications. Many video editing online courses are at your disposal, which is a blessing.

Learn more about video editing by checking out our selection of the best free online courses and certifications. There are both free and paid open source and commercial courses on this list.

This article will assist you in locating the most suitable online video editing course by evaluating many factors such as cost, length of time required, credentials of instructors, and overall quality.

When there are so many options available, it might be difficult to locate the one that is the best match for you; therefore, we are here to make the process easier.

In order to provide you with a list of the top 15 video editing courses that will take you from a novice all the way up to an expert, we have considered everything from the editing software that is now accessible, such as Premier Pro and iMovie, to the format of the classes themselves.

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List Of Top 15 Best Video Editing Courses & Reviews

1) VIDEO EDITING – Methods favored by professional broadcast filmmakers (Udemy)

VIDEO EDITING - Methods favored by professional broadcast filmmakers (Udemy)

Specs:Rating: 4.7 | Duration: 3.5 hours on-demand video | Price/Fee: $19.99 | Certificate on completion: Yes | Level: Intermediate | Platform: Udemy

Editing video. A video editing course online that teaches you how to tell a fantastic story with your videos is highly regarded by professional broadcast filmmakers. As a free video editing lesson, it is great for people who wish to learn how to edit their own videos, whether it is a wedding, a documentary, or a 30-second commercial.

You can also visit Udemy’s Twitter handle by clicking on this link here.

Key Topics:

  • Learn how to engage an audience through the application of creative editing strategies, which will be taught by an international editor who has won multiple awards.
  • How to transform your home recordings into polished, professional-looking productions
  • How to collaborate with directors of films and programs


  • Full lifetime access
  • Access through mobile device and television.
  • Obtaining one’s certificate of completion

2) Introduction To Video Editing (LinkedIn)

Introduction To Video Editing (LinkedIn)

Specs: Price/Fee: 1-month free trial | Certificate on completion: Yes | Platform: LinkedIn

The Introduction to Video Editing course walks you through the aesthetic and technical components of video editing through the lens of a project-based learning method. This fundamental video editing class is led by instructor Ashley Kennedy, who kicks things off by discussing the art of narrative and the role that editors play in it.

This course on video editing covers a wide range of cinematic examples, both from the past and the present. The lecturer also discusses how the selections made by a video editor have an effect on the feeling, the meaning, and the progression of the tale.

The course delves into each project, walking students through the correct methodology from beginning to end. It does so by drawing on certain lessons on video editing that were presented at the beginning of the course.

Key topics:

  • Making use of the training files
  • Examining a Narrative
  • The Editing Grammar
  • Experimenting with Nonlinear Editing
  • How to Edit a Short Scene of Narrative
  • Making a One-Minute Film
  • Post-Production Processes You Need to Know


  • A single file for the project
  • Mobile devices and televisions can also provide access.
  • successful completion of the program is recognized with a diploma

3) Video Editing fundamentals (LinkedIn)

Video Editing fundamentals (LinkedIn)

Specs: Duration: 37 minutes | Price/Fee: 1-month free trial | Certificate on completion: Yes | Platform: LinkedIn

The fundamentals of video editing is a free video editing course that will assist you in making improvements to the instructional video resources you provide to your students so that you can have a more meaningful interaction with them.

This free video editing course will teach you not only how to create high-quality instructional videos on any topic, but it will also teach you fresh, actionable techniques.

This program on video editing also covers topics such as effective lesson planning, the creation of assets for those lessons, confronting instructional video production, and other related topics.

Key topics:

  • A basic introduction to video editing
  • Microlearning design.
  • The Art of Masking.
  • 360-degree virtual reality narrative spheres
  • On-camera teaching.
  • Using the camera’s controls.
  • Learn how to incorporate looping videos into your presentations.
  • Creating tasks that are authentic.
  • Get out of a rut by utilizing your current resources.


  • Unlimited use of the library
  • Interactive education
  • Personalized Education

4) Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners (Skillshare)

Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners (Skillshare)

Specs: Duration: 40 hours | Price/Fee: Free | Level: Beginner | Platform: Skillshare

This course, Video editing with Premiere Pro for Beginners, will teach you how to get started with video editing using Premiere Pro. You are going to master a variety of video editing skills while taking this class that is offered online.

Key topics:

  • Starting a video production in Premiere Pro
  • Effects on video and sound can be applied and adjusted.
  • Design your own graphics and text!!
  • How to customize pre-existing templates to meet your own needs
  • Make your own animations and learn how they work.
  • Making a movie using the correct settings

5) The Complete Video Production Bootcamp (Udemy)

The Complete Video Production Bootcamp (Udemy)

Specs: Rating: 4.5 | Duration: 9 hours on-demand video | Certificate on completion: Yes | Platform: Udemy

The Complete Video Production Bootcamp is a training program that teaches students about various video production camera styles and techniques.

This course will teach you how to generate ideas for videos, how to put those ideas into action during production and postproduction, and how to share such videos with a large audience online.

This video training program starts off with a discussion on how to think of interesting topics for videos. You will also gain an understanding of what makes a video outstanding as well as how to generate video themes appropriate for the audience you wish to engage.

Key topics:

  • How to make high-quality videos using the equipment you already have
  • Every area has downloadable manuals to aid you along the way.
  • Learn how to choose the ideal story for your video.
  • How to use a range of microphones to record better audio
  • Become proficient in the art of video editing.


  • 14 resources that you can save and open
  • Access for the duration of one’s life
  • Mobile devices and televisions can also provide access.
  • Assignments

6) Premiere Pro CC for Beginners – Video Editing in Premiere (Udemy)

Premiere Pro CC for Beginners - Video Editing in Premiere (Udemy)

Specs: Rating: 4.7 | Duration: 24.5 hours on-demand video | Certificate on completion: Yes | Level: Beginner | Platform: Udemy

The video editing course is known as Premiere Pro CC for Beginners: Video Editing in Premiere may be found online. This book serves as an exhaustive guide to the video editing software known as Adobe Premiere Pro.

You will have the opportunity to become proficient with all of the Premiere Pro editing tools. In addition to that, you will learn how to edit videos using the techniques that are employed by expert editors.

After completing this video editing course online, not only will you have a comprehensive understanding of how to utilize Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing, but you will also have a solid foundation from which to launch a successful career in video production.

Key topics:

  • Learn how to edit a video from start to finish.
  • Here’s how to get your videos into HD format and play them in high definition
  • How to edit videos so that they have more life and personality
  • Produce titles for your videos that are both clear and professional in appearance.
  • Correct the white balance and exposure in your videos.
  • Add backgrounds to green screen footage by editing.


  • Seven articles
  • 14 resources that you can save and open
  • Access for the duration of one’s life
  • Accessible by mobile phone and television set-top box
  • successful completion of the program is recognized with a diploma

7) Smartphone Video For Beginners – iPhone Video Editing Course (Udemy)

Smartphone Video For Beginners – iPhone Video Editing Course (Udemy)

Specs: Rating: 4.6 | Duration: 5 hours on-demand video | Certificate on completion: Yes | Level: Beginner | Platform: Udemy

Smartphone Video For Beginners – iPhone This is an online video editing course that is offered by Video Editing Course. It teaches you how to proceed from making simple camera settings to expert multi-track video editing, and it does so by teaching you how to make those simple camera settings.

Robb Montgomery, the course editor, is a professional filmmaker and a professor of journalism. When teaching video editing, he incorporates examples from the real world. In addition to that, he demonstrates how you can make fascinating video storytelling with nothing more than your iPhone.

This video editing class is designed for people working in the communications industry, teachers of media, and students majoring in communications.

Key topics:

  • The basics of telling a video tale on a smartphone.
  • Learn how to use free smartphone apps to edit videos.
  • How to make short films and videos for your phone or tablet.”
  • Use your smartphone to record professional-quality corporate videos.


  • There are 17 items in this collection.
  • A collection of ten free downloads
  • Access for the duration of one’s life
  • Mobile and TV-ready

8) Learning Final Cut Pro X – Video Editing Mastery (Udemy)

Learning Final Cut Pro X – Video Editing Mastery (Udemy)

Specs: Rating: 4.6 | Duration: 6.5 hours on-demand video | Certificate on completion: Yes | Level: Beginner | Platform: Udemy

There is no prerequisite for prior knowledge or expertise with Final Cut Pro in order to participate in the video training course Learning Final Cut Pro X. Instead, the course is meant for complete novices.

You will learn how to better arrange your footage by taking this video editing lesson that is offered online. You will also learn the fundamentals of video editing, such as adding clips to the timeline, lifting clips, and overwriting clips, among other things.

Key topics:

  • Adding media to a post
  • How to Organize Your Clippings
  • Need-to-know editing tips
  • WEC Sport Completion
  • Tips & Tricks for Editing
  • Changing the colors of the clips


  • There is only one article.
  • Only one item can be downloaded
  • Access for the duration of one’s life
  • Mobile and TV-ready

9) Mastering Final Cut Pro (Coursera)

Mastering Final Cut Pro (Coursera)

Specs: Rating: 4.5 | Duration: Approx. 40 hours to complete | Price/Fee: Free | Certificate on completion: Yes | Platform: Coursera

An introduction to the postproduction world for video editors, the Mastering Final Cut Pro course focuses on video editing techniques. Students and other learners will investigate the fundamental capabilities of Final Cut.

You will also study components for generating professional videos, such as titles and motion graphics, as well as media management, color correction, 360 Video, and other related topics.

Students who take this self-guided learning course will be better prepared to succeed on the Final Cut Pro X certification exam. You will also have the opportunity to practice along with an Apple Certified Trainer and repeat any of the classes if you feel it is necessary.

Key topics:

  • How to use Final Cut Pro to make and edit video
  • Project files can be imported and exported.
  • How to set up a video project and edit it afterward.
  • Learn how to apply transitions, effects, and timing changes to clips.


  • Completely online
  • Flexible time frames

10) Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve 18/17 (Udemy)

Specs: Rating: 4.6 | Duration: 11.5 hours on-demand video | Certificate on completion: Yes | Level: Beginner

This article is about the free video editing software known as DaVinci Resolve 18, which is utilized by both novice and experienced video editors. You will learn how to use the DaVinci resolve video editing program if you enroll in this course.

You will also learn how to construct your first video, how to include music, images, text, and a handful of transitions in your movie without wasting your time with useless notions, and you will be able to do all of this in a short amount of time.

You will learn everything you need to know about video editing, visual effects, motion graphics, color correction, and audio editing from this video editing course.

Key topics:

  • How to Edit a Video using DaVinci
  • Learn how to incorporate special effects into your videos. “
  • Video motion graphics: how to use them in your productions
  • Color grading in DaVinci Resolve can be done using a variety of tools.


  • There are a total of 13 articles.
  • There are four things you can get for free.
  • Access for the duration of one’s life
  • A statement stating that all has been accomplished

11) PowerDirector 15 – Video Editing for PC Users (Udemy)

Specs: Rating: 4.6 | Duration: 4 hours on-demand video | Certificate on completion: Yes | Level: Beginner

PowerDirector 15 is a video editing program designed for users of the PC operating system that will assist you in learning certain practical lessons. After finishing this course on video editing, you will have a video montage that has been completely edited and is ready to be shared with others. This video editing class is intended for anyone who is just starting out in the field of video editing.

Key topics:

  • Edit videos in whatever manner you want to!
  • Blend modes and the action camera center can be used to enhance your video productions.
  • Add animated graphics and a video title to your project.
  • Your high-quality video can be seen on any platform.


  • The following is a list of four articles.
  • Resources that can be accessed via the internet
  • Access for the duration of one’s life
  • Mobile and TV-ready

12) Free Video Editing Courses and Tutorials (Udemy)

Specs: Duration: Self-placed | Certificate on completion: Yes

You may learn how to edit videos and record videos by taking advantage of one of the many free video editing courses that are available on Udemy. In these classes on video editing, you will learn how to work with a variety of video editing tools, including DaVinci, Adobe Premiere Pro, Filmora, and others.

Key Courses:

  • Getting Started With Video Editing: A Step-by-Step Guide
  • Beginner’s Guide to Recording and Editing Video
  • There are both free and paid options available for video editing.
  • Learn how to create short animated videos using text
  • iMovie can help you create and edit stunning videos.


  • Video content for the web
  • successful completion of the program is recognized with a diploma
  • Instructors’ Questions and Answers
  • A direct note from the instructor

13) The History of Film and Video Editing (LinkedIn)

Specs: Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes | Price/Fee: 1-month free trial | Certificate on completion: Yes

The course on the history of cinema and video covers fundamental editing techniques and provides an interesting investigation into the tools and technologies that have made editing possible.

This online course on video editing contains real-world examples to explore each moment in history, starting with the earliest video that was not modified.

In addition to this, it educates you on the beginnings of film language as well as the development of both mainstream and unconventional approaches to film editing.

Key topics:

  • The first images and files
  • Film editing is in its infancy.
  • The era of sound has arrived.
  • The development of editing methods


  • Unlimited use of the library
  • Learning using a hands-on approach.
  • Courses that are tailored to the needs of the student
  • Tablet and smartphone compatibility

14) Online Video Editing Classes (Skillshare)

Specs: Duration: self-placed | Certificate on completion: Yes

Skillshare is an online community that focuses on providing educational opportunities. It covers a wide range of issues that are associated with e-commerce, data science, and graphic design. This video editing course covers a wide variety of video editing techniques, and it teaches you the fundamentals of filming, editing, and recording with Adobe Premiere software.

Key topics:

  • Using Adobe Premiere Pro for Video Editing
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Adobe Premiere CC
  • Color Correct & Color Grade Like a Master
  • With iMovie on your iPhone, you can make stunning cinematic videos.
  • Filmmaking at Home: Make a Compelling Video using Found Footage
  • How to Make a Vlog! Edit video and publish to YouTube.
  • Module 1 of Adobe Premiere Pro: Introduction and Workspace Tour

15) Video Editing (LinkedIn)

Specs: Duration: self-placed | Certificate on completion: Yes

The website known as LinkedIn Learning provides users with access to a wide variety of video editing classes. Through the use of this website, you will have access to more than seven different languages and up to 15,000 different classes.

Key topics:

  • All you need to know about video editing
  • Essential Training for Premiere Pro 2020
  • Getting Started with Video Editing: The Basics
  • New Approaches to Video Editing
  • The Art of Editing: The Foundations of Video
  • Learn how to make and edit videos.


  • LinkedIn Learning can be accessed from a desktop PC or a mobile device.
  • LinkedIn Learning offers a variety of video-making templates.
  • You can watch videos while you’re out and about.
  • You may easily look up popular and current video editing subjects on our website.

Buyer’s Guide – Best Video Editing Courses

The type of software utilized is the most important consideration when selecting the best video editing courses for you. Different classes teach you how to work with different software platforms, such as Adobe’s Premiere Pro, Rush, and After Effects, or Apple’s iMovie or Final Cut Pro, as we’ve previously stated.

In addition, here are some other things to watch for:

  • Accessibility for the rest of one’s life: editing can be difficult and time-consuming on the first try. Make sure you pick a course that allows for re-watching of the curriculum while you edit
  • Having material to edit and test your theories on is much more helpful than buying footage, but it’s not strictly necessary.
  • Classes can last anything from a few hours to a few days on average. Keep in mind your personal and professional responsibilities, as well as the amount of time you have to spare. Also, think about the deadline for completing the course and whether or not it is realistic for you to meet that deadline.
  • Video editing lessons can be found at very reasonable prices, so make sure that if a course costs a lot of money that it is truly exceptional and meets all of your demands. Often, it is better to take a series of smaller, more affordable courses rather than a single, large, expensive one.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Video Editing?

In video editing, repetition is the key to success, and repetition takes time. Many of the courses we’ve recommended are less than ten hours in length. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to edit your own content, then these classes are for you. Editing your own work, on the other hand, is likely to take significantly longer.

Don’t expect to learn everything about editing in a weekend if you’re serious about getting better at it. It is possible, though, to make significant progress in a short period of time, particularly if you become familiar with the keyboard shortcuts for the program you use.

And don’t forget that this is not a competition! Getting the job done right requires a lot of effort and time. You’ll experiment with a variety of approaches until you discover your own personal style. This is why long-term or lifelong courses are the best option.


There is no need to take video editing courses if you already know how to edit your own videos. Even if this is the case, it is impossible to edit without a fundamental understanding of editing processes, tools, and the interface of the software you’re working with.

Take a course in video editing to learn the technical skills rapidly so that you may progress to working artistically and become the greatest editor possible. This is your best option if you want to master video editing.

No matter what level of experience or interest you have in the field of data visualization, there is a course out there to meet your needs.

Thank you for reading this article “Best Video Editing Courses.” If you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions regarding this article, please write them in the comment section below. And don’t be hesitant about passing on this piece of knowledge to others.

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Video Editing Courses

Are there any courses for learning video editing?

There are a number of video editing courses available. You’ll learn how to use video editing programs like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and PowerDirector in these classes. In addition, you’ll learn how to use techniques and alterations that enhance the visual appeal and structure of videos.

Can we become a video editors without a degree?

As a video editor, you do not need a formal education. Some courses are available to teach you how to edit videos.

Which course is best for video editing?

Beginners may learn how to edit videos using Adobe Premiere Pro and save 40% off the retail price. For video editing, this is the most comprehensive online course available.

How long are courses in video editing?

Courses in video editing can be completed in as little as two hours. There are a few that take over ten hours. In the end, everything comes down to the program, how fast the class moves, and how much editing is done.

Is video editing worth learning?

Aside from being a lucrative vocation, learning video editing is a talent that may be put to good use in one’s everyday life. Even outside of the professional realm, video editing abilities can be put to use for a variety of personal tasks, such as sharing higher-quality recordings of special family events or athletic events that were filmed.

Best video editing courses online free

Check out these top five free online courses that you shouldn’t miss.

1) Introduction To Video Editing (LinkedIn)
2) Video Editing fundamentals (LinkedIn)
3) Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners (Skillshare)
4) The Complete Video Production Bootcamp (Udemy)
5) Premiere Pro CC for Beginners – Video Editing in Premiere (Udemy)

Video editing free course with Certificate

The following are the top five courses that award certificates, all of which you should check out.

1) Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners (Skillshare)
2) Video Editing fundamentals (LinkedIn)
3) Introduction To Video Editing (LinkedIn)
4) The Complete Video Production Bootcamp (Udemy)
5) Premiere Pro CC for Beginners – Video Editing in Premiere (Udemy)

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