Today, I am going to give an insightful review of Carlos Santana MasterClass guitar lessons. 

MasterClass helps students to progress faster in their profession, to discover a new passion, or to acquire new skills. Whoever is looking for a convenient and comfortable way to learn guitar should check out the Carlos Santana MasterClass course. 

About Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana is an American musician of Mexican origin who is popular for his music combining rock, jazz, blues, and Afro-Cuban rhythms with a Latin sound. 

Santana started playing the guitar at the age of eight.  Under the strong influence of famous artists of the 1950s, such as Bibi Raja and John Lee Hooker, Santana found his own voice.  His success came in 1969 when he recorded his first music album. He is someone who has the potential to create magic from his guitar.

Santana has also been introduced to a variety of musical genres including rock and roll, jazz, and folk music. He also became familiar with San Francisco’s vibrant hippie scene in the 1960s.  

He worked a variety of odd jobs including dishwasher and bus signage for small changes to support himself. It was during this time that Santana finally decided to become a full-fledged musician.

David Rogier, co-founder, and CEO of MasterClass quote, “Calling Carlos Santana a musical icon would be an understatement,” and also said, “We’re so honored to launch our 50th MasterClass with one of the world’s greatest guitar legends and share his bold, distinctive sound and genre-bending melodies with our community. We hope this class inspires the next generation of spiritual musical artists.”

What is included in the Carlos Santana MasterClass Course?

  • Video course of more than 2 hours
  • A downloadable workbook with lesson summaries and additional materials is provided with the class.
  • Lifetime access with classes that do not expire.
  • Study material and workbooks.
  • Accessible from any device.
  • Watch, listen, and learn how Carlos Santana gives his most comprehensive guitar training.

In Carlos Santana MasterClass, you will find a total of 16 lessons including 13 different lessons with 3 bonus lessons:-

  1. Introduction

In the very first lesson, Santana emphasizes knowing the instrument i.e, guitar; before playing it. He explains how you can practice every day, how to gain confidence and clarity while playing.

  1. Practice as a musical offering

The second lesson is to take notes.  He explains how to get people to listen to their craft and guide the audience in detail.  You learn this art to reach the hearts of your audience.

  1. Going inside the note

The third lesson is about finding your voice. Santana explains why you need to dig deeper and find a note with unique sounds.  He discusses the difference between each music or melody and its importance in introducing it to your audience.

  1. Finding your sound

In this lesson, Carlos Santana advises you to go beyond Western music and do some deep research to discover more classical music around the world. 

He talks about the different musical genres that can be found on different continents. He focuses on how you can use this to give your music a new direction.

  1. A global music Rolodex

Santana shares his experience with other artists from different parts of the world.  Discuss how music can become a global language and how it can connect people across space and time.

  1. Learning from the blues

Carlos Santana believes that if you can play the blues, you can play whatever you want. Santana shares his experience on how to learn from the blues legends and incorporate them into your game.  It shows different types of techniques that you can add to your skills.

  1. Opening your ears to rhythm

The lesson is about how you should open your ears to the rhythm. The rhythm is a network of melodies. Santana will teach you what he learned by watching congas and using other rhythmic traditions in his music.

  1. Melody is supreme

Santana considers melody to be the most important aspect of the game. With a song, you can capture your audience and make them want more. Practice more and more by adding notes to the composition to create your own sound.

  1. The music beyond the page

This lesson is about off-page music.  Santana teaches that music is everywhere.  He believes that music does not come out of a sheet of paper.  Music can be found in environments, people, voices, and everything.  You can create your own music from your everyday experience.  

  1. Leading and playing in a band

Santana teaches to forge passionate bands, to play with singers, and to participate in generous and enriching artistic collaborations.  Santana shares her many years of experience with various artists.  He believes that everyone should contribute to teamwork.

  1. Playing live: connecting with the listener

The lesson concerns the performance of concerts.  Santana shows you how to attract an audience when playing live. How to engage with audiences on an individual level and guide them through emotionally engaging action. He shows you how to get started with confidence and how to attract viewers at your own pace.

  1. Guitars, amps, and sustain

The lesson is concerned with instruments, guitars, and amplifiers.  Carlos believes that instruments play a role in music, but it is the artist who brings the soul to the music. With the right heart and soul, you can create music that is unique for you.

  1. Continuing your transformation

In this part, Santana talks about how you can change your life with a positive attitude and how you can take your music to the next level. Carlos encourages students to move from a part-time musician to a full-time artist.  He wants you to make your heart work, whatever it is, music or whatever.

  1. Bonus: techniques

In this bonus lesson, Carlos Santana teaches some bonus tips about playing the guitar and lead with it. Santana gives you extra tips on how to use a guitar pick for maximum effect and how to maintain your foot rhythm. He also advises on how to use them in your practice.

  1. Bonus: wisdom to live by

This additional lesson is where Santana shares his years of wisdom on why music is so important to him.  Your thoughts on the importance of music and the importance of helping others. 

  1. Bonus: music as a language

This additional lesson is where Santana shares his experience with other artists from different parts of the world. He explains how music can be a universal language and how it can connect people in space and time.

How much does it cost?

Carlos Santana MasterClass guitar classes are now available at Class enrollment is $90 for lifetime access or $180 per year for the All-Access Pass, which gives unlimited access to every single new and old class.

What will you get at this price?

In Carlos Santana’s $90 MasterClass course, you will get:-

  • More than two hours of well-guided video tutorials.
  • A workbook guides the class with a summary of lessons and other materials.
  • Lifelong approach with classes that never expire.
  • Study material and manuals.
  • Accessible from any device.
  • Watch, listen and learn as Carlos Santana gives his most comprehensive guitar lesson.

What is Carlos Santana’s guitar workbook?

A workbook is added to each of the MasterClass courses. Overall, you will gain knowledge from Carlos’ guitar brochure.

It includes exercises for most classes. Then you can practice what you have learned with each video. It is important to note that every page of music includes time stamps. Then in the video, you will find exactly the point where Santana plays the role that you want to practice. This is a wonderful little detail that makes the book so much more useful.


MasterClass is a well-known online learning platform that offers you affordable, fun, and inspiring online classes taught by internationally renowned instructors, so everyone can learn from the best. 

Carlos Santana’s MasterClass course is one such course that drives people’s learning attitude in the right direction. Santana helps learn guitar from the core. You will gain a general understanding of solo guitar, jamming, and improvisation.

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