Dan Brown MasterClass Review 2022

This article “Dan Brown Masterclass Review” will provide you with the opportunity to read an in-depth evaluation of Dan Brown‘s Masterclass, including information on how the lessons are presented, who the course is best suited for, the cost, and what I enjoyed about it, etc.

Are you curious about the nature of Dan Brown’s MasterClass and whether or not enrolling in it would be beneficial to you at this point in your life? Do you want to learn how to create a thriller that is successful or add suspense to the writing you already do?

I recently had the opportunity to take a MasterClass from the author of one of the world’s best-selling novels, The Da Vinci Code. In this Dan Brown MasterClass review, I will share my thoughts about the experience as well as give you a sneak peek into what I learned from the MasterClass.

In this post, I will share my own personal review (Dan Brown Masterclass Review), as well as let you know what you can anticipate gaining from the class and provide you with an overview of how it operates. I’ll also tell you what I thought were the most important aspects of the course and explain why you might (or might not) want to enroll in it yourself.

I’ll tell you one thing right off the bat: the individual is a firm believer in the power of using tools to do the laborious work for you. That is something I won’t debate with you on!

Before we get started, I want to be completely upfront and let you know that even though I wasn’t compensated for writing this review (Dan Brown Masterclass Review), the links that you’ll find below are affiliate links. I’m sorry for the delay in getting this information to you.

If you sign up for MasterClass, it will make it easier for me to continue writing (and it will make it easier for me to continue sharing what I’ve learned about the process of writing), so thank you very much! My choice to take the class was not influenced in any way by this, nor will it in any way affect the total price you pay.

Who Is Dan Brown?

About Dan Brown

Dan Brown (Author) has had a number of books become bestsellers. The Angels and Demons Trilogy and The Da Vinci Code are two of his most well-known works of fiction.

In 2005, Time magazine named him one of the 100 people who had the most influence that year.

Over a million copies of his third novel, The Lost Symbol, were purchased on its first day of release, making it the adult book that has ever sold the most copies in a single day.

You may also find it interesting to follow additional information and social updates regarding Dan Brown on his official Twitter account and on his website.

What Is MasterClass?

About MasterClass

MasterClass was established in 2015 and currently offers more than 100 educational videos with content provided by more than 80 experts considered to be world-renowned in their respective fields.

These are not obscure academics; instead, they are well-known figures in their respective fields, such as Anna Wintour, Danny Elfman, and even Christina Aguilera. As a result, you can rest easy knowing that competent care will be provided for you.

You have the option of gaining access to courses on an individual basis or subscribing to the website in its entirety.

The all-access pass is a yearly subscription that gives you the ability to explore any of the courses that are offered on the website, ranging from business to cooking.

What will you learn?

The teachings that Dan Brown teaches are like a bottomless well of information from which you can draw anything you need. You will learn about the process of creating characters, developing a storyline, and other aspects that are essential to any novel.

His classes will teach you the techniques for creating dialogue and how you may keep the quality consistent throughout the work you produce. The writing of a thriller is a challenging task; nevertheless, the creation of compelling suspense and the maintenance of it throughout the story can make the writing process much simpler.

You will learn how to maintain tension and how to make the audience curious about further information, both of which will encourage them to read even more of what you have written. His most widely suggested piece of advice is titled “Don’t Stop,” and it advises writers to keep thinking and writing at all times while they are working on their projects.

Research is another facet of writing that may be very helpful in the process of developing a plot and can add worth to the work that you have produced or written.

If you are interested in writing, you should be aware of the significance of developing characters and themes in your work. However, many writers are unable to keep the quality of their work consistent throughout the entire piece. Dan Brown will show you how you can be successful in doing so by adhering to a few steps that are both straightforward and essential.

Course Overview – Dan Brown Masterclass Review

Inside Dan Brown’s MasterClass

The duration of Dan Brown’s MasterClass comes to a total of 2 hours and 10 minutes and is comprised of 19 videos that range in length from 10 to 20 minutes each.

In addition to the video content, a PDF Workbook that corresponds to each lesson is also available for download (with bonus content). In addition to this, each chapter provides you with writing exercises to complete so that you can put the information you learn into practice.

The lecture is broken down into the following sections after a brief introduction:

Elements of a Thriller

First, the writer is introduced as a thriller writer in this course. This helped me visualize the kind of relationship I want to have with my readers as a writer.

Understanding the “real nuts and bolts” of tale construction is made easier by familiarising oneself with the common elements found in a thriller. According to Dan, a story must contain certain elements in order to succeed.

This first chapter offers an intriguing peek into a novel’s skeleton structure (thriller or not). To an uninitiated writer, Dan’s principles of “The Three C’s” we should incorporate into our writing process were eye-opening.

A few quick-fire pieces of advice from the beginning: how to come up with ideas, how to make readers feel empathy, and how to find your own style by reading other novels.

The first two chapters of Dan’s 19-part course have already provided us with some valuable advice on how to get started on your book.

Dan discusses the role that his personal experience played in the creation of characters and the expansion of subjects. He discusses a few essential points, including:

  • Finding a topic to write about.
  • Building the foundations for your novel.
  • Creating your own world.
  • Choosing between ideas.
  • Making a hero.

Dan debunks a lot of the more popular myths that surround writing, which is important. For instance, he disregards the piece of advice that says, “Show, don’t tell,” the requirement that one goes to a variety of places, and the instruction that one should always write from the beginning to the conclusion.

Crafting Characters

In this passage, Dan Brown emphasizes the significance of striking a balance between characters and establishing connections between them.

He discusses the methods he uses to give a character more dimension and humanity, and he even offers his forthright judgments on the approaches that are ineffective. He explains how to make the most of your characters in order to move the plot, as well as how to use language effectively in order to build tension and release it.


Two whole pages are devoted entirely to Dan’s research. First and foremost, he emphasizes that there are specific criteria that need to be met in order to render a book realistic and that conducting research is an essential part of the process of developing a world.

After that, he carries on to talk about the many different methods of research we ought to make use of, in addition to reading and browsing the Internet. The Workbook is also quite beneficial in this phase because it provides you with three areas in which you can go into deeper detail:

  • Learn More.
  • Writing Exercises.
  • For Your Novel.

This course, fortunately, does not require any special equipment or tools; nevertheless, it does provide additional reading material that you may use to assist you on your writing journey.

In point of fact, putting Dan’s advice into reality is made much easier by the writing assignments. Because they are distinct from the novel exercises, these brief writing prompts are open to anybody to do, regardless of whether or not they are working on their own novel.

Writing Narrative

In these sessions, Dan teaches us how to begin writing by drawing from his experiences and the knowledge he has gained. He offers his counsel to us on the most significant actions to take:

  • Hooking the reader from Chapter 1.
  • Avoiding the “middle muddle.”
  • Revealing plot and character.
  • Building suspense.

Although Dan is unable to write our book for us, he does provide us with in-depth guidance on how to create our stories and where we should start.

Editing and Rewriting

Finally, Dan walks us through how to approach the editing process so that we may be sure to retain the sections that are the most beneficial to the overall narrative.

He is of the opinion that all unnecessary dialogue, characters, and events should be eliminated from the narrative. In a similar vein, he asserts that the key to writing a successful text is to keep it succinct while also maintaining a brisk pace.

Life as a Writer and the Secret of Secrets

As the last few minutes of the class pass, Dan shares some words of wisdom on how to cultivate the persistence and resilience necessary to continue writing as a vocation.

As he leaves us, he imparts a secret .. but you’re going to have to take the class to find out what it is.

What I Liked About Dan Brown’s MasterClass

Learn the Process of Writing from a World-Renowned Author

As one of the best thriller writers in history, Dan Brown is widely regarded as one of the finest authors of all time. Many of his best-selling books are household names, and he has written a lot of them. Our instructor, Dan, teaches us from the comfort of a chair.

Despite MasterClass’s premium service, Dan’s instruction is both personable and free of jargon.

He talks us a bit about himself and how he got into writing. It’s interesting to note that Dan draws on his experience as a musician to explain the process of crafting a suspense novel.

Become Aware of Your Own Writing Style

I found the most rewarding aspect of Dan’s training to be the increased understanding of my own writing style. It’s possible that we won’t get personal counsel from him, but he does offer techniques that can help us grow and perfect our writing.

We have an example from Dan himself (from The Da Vinci Code) to illustrate some of the most important points he makes in the book.

  • Make your writing concise and gripping.
  • Cutting and editing your novel.
  • Make sure all writing drives the story forwards.

As well as other things.

Dan is unable to instruct us in the art of writing because it is an organic process. However, he explains how to maintain a reader’s attention and how to get inspired. All that is required is a word processing application or a pen and paper.

I learned a lot about overcoming self-doubt and breaking out of a rut. He also gave me the opportunity to experiment with new approaches!

Sentence length, perspective, and creating closeness are all discussed by Dan. This knowledge is comprehensive and provides us with valuable insights that we wouldn’t otherwise receive from basic education.

The writing process is broken down into video segments for each step. Workbook exercises help students of varying learning types and get them writing on the spot.

Learn Actively Rather than Passively

MasterClass students will benefit greatly from using Dan’s downloadable Workbook. In addition to getting you writing, the projects might serve as a springboard for new ideas.

There are no special instruments required for any of the exercises, so anyone may do them if they want to.

Become Inspired

Dan’s pleasant style and emphasis on the universality of writing make him a joy to read. Anyone may write and there will always be a reader who cares about what we have to say, he tells us.

As a result, I found this course to be incredibly user-friendly and devoid of jargon. My confidence in my ability to create a book was bolstered after hearing Dan’s stories about his greatest failures as a writer.

In truth, Dan’s guidance is beneficial to writers of all stages (including not having written at all). I viewed Dan as a reliable source because of his high-profile stature, and his straightforward answers were enlightening.

Think Beyond What You Learned In School

Dan’s course is a breath of fresh air because it challenges our preconceived notions about how to write. Rethinking the framework of your work can help you take your writing to the next level. Anecdotal and metaphorical, most of what he has to say is true, but his writing style is very clear and concise.

In his casual but instructive teaching style, I feel like I’ve gained a wealth of wisdom.

I found myself pausing the video to jot down notes on his suggestions and tricks, anxious to put them into practice when I got home.

Sense of Community

Learning alone can be a lonely experience for many of us. The MasterClass community feature, on the other hand, allows you to connect with other students.

By asking questions and seeking clarification, the comments might help students retain what they’ve just learned. In addition, users can discuss their own writing experiences and inform each other about their progress in the course.

All users have the ability to leave a comment (and are encouraged to do so). Involving the students in the debate helps to build a sense of community. You can also post photographs of your writing exercises, such as screenshots.

Good mix of theory and practical

Dan’s session was a good balance of theory and practice, as are most of the courses on MasterClass. When we ask him about literary theory, he not only answers our questions but also offers us the opportunity to put his advice into practice.

Most of Dan’s advice was theoretical and abstract because of the nature of writing. In any case, I believe Dan was successful in achieving the right balance in his instruction such that his students could write for themselves.

Creating heroes and villains

In this section of the course, Dan teaches you how to create characters that fit the world in which your novel is set. They have to be believable.

In addition, you must make the appropriate introductions to them. The introduction of villains must be explosive. Instant tension is created by this. To help you understand how to do this, Dan provides a number of practical examples. The same is true for the heroes in his care.

He has a lot of great shortcuts to share. Ways to ease the burden of writing on yourself. Some of the best character tools can be found in his section.

How to create suspense for a thriller

Throughout the entirety of the course, Dan continues to emphasize the importance of building suspense. It is of that critical nature.

When you watch these films, you will realize how vital it is to generate cliffhangers at strategic points in the narrative. Dan is a true pro when it comes to capturing the attention of the reader and convincing them to keep going page after page.

You want the person reading your book to be unable to put it down, even if it is two in the morning and they are so exhausted that they keep falling asleep while reading it.

Course Prices – Dan Brown Masterclass Review

This (Dan Brown Masterclass Review) may no longer reflect the current price of MasterClass. To see the current price of MasterClass, visit this page.

A MasterClass membership costs $180 per year at the time of this writing. Meaning $15 a month.

All of MasterClass’s more than 80 courses are yours when you subscribe to their service.

One of the best things about this program is that the effective cost per class decreases as you attend more programs.

You’ll be spending $30-$45 per class if you’re able to discover at least 4-6 that interest you. ($180 divided by six lessons equals $30).

Because these seminars are taught by professionals from around the globe, their values cannot be matched. It’s a kind of learning exploit.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered by MasterClass as well.

There is a way to purchase the course separately, but it is a bit cumbersome. In order to give yourself the gift of learning, you can purchase a single MasterClass for yourself. It costs $90 to shop at this location.

If you’re looking for a great deal on this course and others like it, the All-Access pass is probably your best bet.

Dan Brown Masterclass Review: Is it worth it?

Yes! This course gets an A+ from me. It exceeded my expectations and actually sparked my interest in the idea of writing a book for the first time.

Even though the course is open to anyone with no prior knowledge of literature, those who are already interested in it will get the most out of it. A few well-known books are mentioned by Dan, and it’s a good idea to have some familiarity with them.

For some, $90 seems an unreasonable price to pay for a single course. If you are serious about writing novels, I believe the cost is worth it.

For the most part, I believe the annual subscription for unlimited sessions is a better deal because it allows you to learn from the finest in your field.

In summary, Dan Brown’s MasterClass was amazingly comprehensive and I’m eager to test out some of his advice.

Thank you for reading this article “Dan Brown Masterclass Review.” If you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions regarding this article, please write them in the comment section below. And don’t be hesitant about passing on this piece of knowledge to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is MasterClass?

For $180 a year ($15 a month), you can get unlimited access to all of the MasterClass. In addition to this MasterClass, you will have access to over 80 other courses.

How long is Dan Brown MasterClass?

It has 19 films and takes 3 hours and 32 minutes to complete.

Can I get the Dan Brown MasterClass for free?

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee at MasterClass. You may be eligible for a refund if you purchased a MasterClass from another provider and were not satisfied with it.

Can I get the Dan Brown MasterClass for free?

Please note that the course is not available for free. MasterClass, on the other hand, offers a variety of payment options and refunds if you’re not satisfied.

What Is Dan Brown net worth?

Brown was ranked No. 12 on Forbes’ “Celebrity 100” list for 2005, and the publication claimed that he earned $76.5 million that year. The Times article claims that Brown will get $250 million from Da Vinci Code royalties.

How much is MasterClass?

Just how much does the MasterClass programme cost? Unlimited access to existing classes and any future offerings is included in the $180 annual membership fee. Every MasterClass subscription comes with unlimited access to all of our HD videos, digital course materials, and mobile and TV apps.

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