David Baldacci Masterclass Review

This article (David Baldacci Masterclass Review) will provide you with the opportunity to read an in-depth evaluation of David Baldacci’s Masterclass, including information on how the lessons are presented, who the course is best suited for, the cost, and what I enjoyed about it, etc.

Do you wish to hone your abilities in the art of storytelling? This review of David Baldacci’s Masterclass will tell you what you can expect to learn and evaluate whether or not purchasing the course is worthwhile.

David Baldacci has long been one of my favorite authors. The suspense in his thrillers is taken to an entirely new level, and as a result, you can’t help but keep turning the page. My anticipation was high for the David Baldacci Masterclass when it was first announced by Masterclass.com. It’s just like picking the brain of your hero.

The creation of tension and anticipation in their works is a challenge for a good number of authors. It is a difficult ability to perfect, and even published authors who have been writing for years still haven’t achieved it to their full potential.

Nevertheless, Baldacci is a master at building suspense in his works. Every one of his books contains unexpected turns of events in the storyline.

If you want your readers’ experience of reading your work to be like being on a rollercoaster ride, then this Masterclass is the one for you to attend. After watching these video lectures, you will know how to keep readers interested for more than 300 pages if you take David Baldacci’s classes on writing mysteries and thrillers.

Who Is David Baldacci?

Who Is David Baldacci

David Baldacci is a lawyer from the United States and best-selling novelist. He primarily writes young-adult thrillers that are based on real-life situations. His writing style is so captivating that it’s nearly impossible to put down his book after just a few pages.

While growing up in Richmond, Virginia, Baldacci always had a passion for storytelling, which led him to pursue it as a career. After graduating from Henrico High School, he dabbled in filmmaking before deciding to pursue a career in law.

In the midst of his career as an attorney, he returned to his childhood hobby of writing. Absolute Power was published in 1996, three years after he began writing it. The New York Times hailed it as an instant hit.

In 1997, Clint Eastwood starred in a film adaptation of the novel. The Wish You Well Foundation, formed by Baldacci and his wife, aims to combat illiteracy. Numerous best-selling & famous series are the result of his efforts. Among them are:

  • Will Robie Series
  • Sean King & Michelle Maxwell Series
  • The Camel Club Series
  • Memory Man
  • The Camel Club
  • Daylight David Baldacci

In addition, David Baldacci may be found on Twitter, where he has over 48,000 followers and where he regularly offers interesting content.

What Is Masterclass?

What Is Masterclass

MasterClass, is an American online education subscription platform on which students can access tutorials and lectures pre-recorded by experts in various fields. The concept for MasterClass was conceived by David Rogier and developed with Aaron Rasmussen.

The roster of exceptional instructors found on Masterclass continues to grow and includes names such as Bob Iger, who teaches business, and Aurel Stein, who teaches literature. Simply make a demand for a class, and they will provide it along with the most qualified instructors.

The masterClass is an online learning platform that was established in 2015 and currently offers more than one hundred and fifty video sessions.

You may rest confident that your professors are highly knowledgeable in their professions thanks to the fact that it features celebrity teachers as its unique selling point.

Course Overview: David Baldacci Masterclass Review

The length of each of the 18 writing classes in David Baldacci’s Masterclass is exactly three hours and forty-six minutes. Additionally, there are three PDF files that can be downloaded and attached to them.

The first one is a class workbook for your class that is 97 pages long and allows you to follow along with the video courses. This workbook includes everything that he discusses in his lectures. In addition to that, he provides activities that help you hone your writing talents.

The second PDF has an outline for the story titled “The Fix,” and the third PDF contains an outline for the story titled “The Innocent.”

His video teachings include:

  1. Introduction: 03:52
  2. Finding the idea: 12:49
  3. Research methods and sources, Part 1: 14:20
  4. Research methods and sources, Part 2: 08:52
  5. Outlining: 16:33
  6. Constructing chapters: 14:00
  7. Pacing, tension, and suspense: 18:51
  8. Creating compelling characters: 15:41
  9. Crafting dialogue:15:28
  10. Writing action: 11:36
  11. The writing process: 11:29
  12. Editing and revising: 11:13
  13. Working with an editor: 10:10
  14. Navigating the publishing business, Part 1: 16:45
  15. Navigating the publishing business, Part 2: 13:31
  16. Writing a series: 11:49
  17. Life as a writer: 16:23
  18. Follow the words: 02:51

Pros & Cons – David Baldacci Masterclass Review

Pros & Cons - David Baldacci Masterclass Review


A study from a world-renowned author

Baldacci has made a significant mark on the field of thriller writing, and he continues to do so even after the success of his first novel, which shattered all previous sales records in the publishing industry.

In this MasterClass, you will have the unique opportunity to learn directly from the instructor, as well as receive approximately 4 hours’ worth of special information from a best-selling author of thrillers.

Excellent examples in every class

The detailed examples that Baldacci provided for each topic were one of the aspects of the class that I found to be one of the most entertaining for me personally. He never addresses a subject without making some sort of reference to an example, and this really helps to make the point more clear.

You will find the sharing of these on-screen examples to be helpful, especially if you are someone who learns best through observation or is more of a visual learner. Additionally, he draws examples from sources other than his own works; as a result, the material covered is significantly easier to understand.

A detailed examination of research and publishing

The courses on research and publishing were the ones that jumped out to me the most, despite the fact that the entire MasterClass is unquestionably comprehensive.

In contrast to many other authors, Baldacci begins his stories with research. In my opinion, this is a more logical structure for a writing course, particularly for thrillers, where factual accuracy is vital. In particular, I think it would be beneficial to:

In addition to providing guidance on how to negotiate the publishing industry, Baldacci takes the time to provide direction on research strategies and procedures. This MasterClass provides the most in-depth look that I’ve seen so far into the financial side of writing compared to the others that I’ve taken.

Outstanding and relevant close readings

In this class, one of Baldacci’s strengths is his attention to detailed readings, which is similar to the examples I’ve already provided. You will get the opportunity to follow along with crucial extracts and hear Baldacci dissect them to teach you his strategies in the majority of the classes.

Although other classes, such as those taught by Neil Gaiman, made use of this capability, the readings assigned by Baldacci were an essential part of the course. In point of fact, these in-depth readings frequently serve to bring the entire lesson’s material together and render it more concrete and understandable to the students.


One-sided experiences and perspectives

Even while I found Baldacci’s MasterClass to be entertaining, I couldn’t help but observe how one-sided it was in terms of the author’s own personal experiences. As someone who achieved unrivaled success with just his first book, I did not believe that his counsel was useful to someone who had been turned down numerous times.

Despite the fact that he claims he would “still be writing today” even if he hadn’t been successful, his one-of-a-kind experience with his first publication isn’t all that relatable. In addition to this, he acknowledges that his recommendations are based on his own personal experiences and reassures you that his method is but one among several.

Less focus on Baldacci’s previous works as a writer

You don’t get a lot of information on Baldacci’s early interest in writing, despite the fact that you hear a lot about Baldacci’s job as a lawyer and his family life. He tells me that he began writing scripts while working as a lawyer and that he quickly transitioned into writing his first novel after that.

Aside from that, you don’t hear about the motivations that drove him to make such a significant change in his professional trajectory. I’ve noticed that some authors, like Walter Mosley, focus a lot of attention on their early interests in writing; if Baldacci had done the same thing, I believe that his audience would have found him more approachable.

Some lessons come across as excessive

I have the impression that Baldacci is a good person, but I got the impression that some of the lessons were borderline humble-brag. Baldacci devotes a significant amount of time to elaborate on his credentials as a writer who has broken numerous records.

If you’ve made it this far in the lesson, you presumably already have some notion of his standing and are aware that you can put your faith in him as a reliable teacher. Keeping all of this in mind, I don’t think it was necessary for me to listen to Baldacci’s praises.

It goes without saying that this is a matter of opinion, but I, for one, considered that his accomplishments up to this point spoke for themselves!

Fast-talking might be challenging to follow

It goes without saying that not every MasterClass instructor is considered “qualified” in the field of education. In most cases, I am able to differentiate between writers who have prior experience in the classroom and those who do not have such experience.

The fact that Baldacci belongs to the latter category is reflected in the rapid-fire tempo of his speech, which, at times, can be difficult to comprehend. Even though his classes are jam-packed with information that can be useful, I still found that I needed to pause and rewind quite a bit to ensure that I wasn’t missing anything.

Who Should Take This Course?

In my opinion, the following types of students would benefit the most from taking this class:

  • Are you interested in making a living as a writer?
  • Interested in writing, and more specifically in thrillers
  • A supporter of Baldacci and the manner in which he writes
  • Enthusiastic to establish oneself in the publishing business

If you are interested in publishing a stand-alone book or a novel that is not in the thriller genre, this class may not be the best fit for you. One of Baldacci’s classes is exclusively devoted to writing series, while most of his lectures are centered on writing mysteries and thrillers.

Therefore, if you belong to the demographic that the MasterClass is designed for, you have a good chance of gaining a lot of valuable knowledge from it.

What I’ve Learnt From David Baldacci’s Masterclass

The writing of What I’ve Learned From David Baldacci is distinct from other works. He weaves together his personal imagination with political and real-life happenings from throughout the world.

When you add to it an exciting manner of writing, you have the makings of a book that is destined to become a best-seller.

During these writing classes, he discusses his writing technique, as well as how to develop suspense and write screenplays.

Make Money From Your First Book And Further Works

It is essential to note that David is also a prosperous businessman. In contrast to some other authors, he was able to organize things in such a way that he made a respectable amount of money right from the beginning.

It is quite helpful to have someone with his insights into the writing and publishing industries. They could end up saving you tens of thousands of dollars for you in the long run.

You do not need to have legal training like David does in order to be able to put this priceless advice into practice; all you need is common sense.

Course Pricing – David Baldacci Masterclass Review

Course Pricing - David Baldacci Masterclass Review

You will need to pay the $180 that is required for a yearly membership to Masterclass in order to participate in this Masterclass. The all-access pass gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge from additional internationally recognized authors, such as:

Using this form of pricing is more cost-effective than purchasing each Writing Masterclass individually. However, writing is not the only ability that can be improved through participation in the Masterclass. It grants you access to online learning classes such as those that teach you how to cook, make movies, and advertise products.

Since there is nowhere else on the internet that gives you the opportunity to learn skills from well-known professionals, this fact alone makes Masterclass.com an extremely worthwhile educational experience. In addition, if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, MasterClass will return your money within the first thirty days.

There is a way for you to purchase a single course, however, the process is a little bit confusing because it involves multiple steps. You are able to purchase a single MasterClass and then give that class to yourself as a present. This item costs $90 at this location.

On the other hand, one could argue that purchasing an all-access card offers the best value.

Course Alternatives: David Baldacci Masterclass Review

To our good fortune, both inside and outside of MasterClass, there is an abundance of opportunities to improve one’s writing skills. In point of fact, if you are specifically interested in thrillers, the class taught by Dan Brown is an outstanding alternative to consider.

At the time of this writing, MasterClass offers a variety of alternative writing courses, including the following:

  • Neil Gaiman — The Art of Storytelling
  • R. L. Stine — Writing for Young Audiences
  • David Sedaris — Storytelling and Humor
  • Roxane Gay — Writing for Social Change
  • Shonda Rhimes — Writing for Television
  • Malcolm Gladwell — Writing
  • Amy Tan — Fiction Writing
  • Walter Mosley — Fiction and Storytelling
  • N. K. Jemisin – Fantasy and Science Fiction
  • Joyce Carol Oates — The Art of the Short Story
  • Margaret Atwood — Creative Writing
  • Aaron Sorkin — Screenwriting
  • Dan Brown — Writing Thrillers
  • David Mamet — Dramatic Writing
  • James Patterson — Writing
  • Judy Blume — Writing
  • Billy Collins — Reading and Writing Poetry
  • Salman Rushdie — Storytelling and Writing

You’ll receive almost three hours of exclusive content from David Baldacci, one of the most highly regarded mystery writers of our time, when you sign up for David Baldacci’s MasterClass. In my view, this more than justifies the expense that was incurred.

Also, keep in mind that if you have the all-access pass, you are able to enroll in any of the MasterClass programs.

Is The Course Content Really Unique?

Frankly, this course isn’t 100 percent unique.

Baldacci has a significant presence online and has written and given speeches that go to some length regarding his writing process. This primarily consists of interviews as well as articles on his “best writing advice.”

Having said that, in comparison to his MasterClass, I believe the information presented in these tidbits is relatively basic. You will receive more than three hours’ worth of instruction that is tailored specifically to writing thrillers.

You also get access to well-structured lesson plans and all of the information is compiled in one location that is simple to navigate.

You will not only receive Baldacci’s guidance, but also the full package of a high-production and well-crafted online course when you sign up for MasterClass because the company focuses a strong emphasis on the student experience.

In my perspective, this is what sets MasterClass apart from other similar platforms.

David Baldacci Masterclass Review: Is It Worth It?

In this MasterClass, you’ll learn how to become a successful thriller writer if you’re prepared to put Baldacci’s recommendations into practice.

There are several wonderful tips in Baldacci’s course that might help you improve your writing even if you don’t want to write a series.

The other writing courses on MasterClass may be more suitable for you if you’re not interested in thrillers or want to learn about other types of writing outside novels. The all-access pass gives you full access to all events.


If the MasterClass trailer and lesson plan pique your interest, this is a worthwhile MasterClass to enroll in. In addition, the all-access pass allows you to enroll in as many classes as you like for a more comprehensive education.

Check out other MasterClass trailers to see if they pique your interest, and whether or not you’re interested in writing. Courses include gardening with Ron Finley, basketball with Stephen Curry, and tennis with Serena Williams!

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, MasterClass will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase. As a result, you’re less likely to lose money if the course isn’t what you expected.

Thank you for reading this article in David Baldacci Masterclass Review. If you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions regarding this article, please write them in the comment section below. And don’t be hesitant about passing on this piece of knowledge to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is David Baldacci’s MasterClass?

The length of time spent on David Baldacci’s MasterClass is 3 hours, and 46 minutes, and it is comprised of 18 videos.

How much does David Baldacci’s MasterClass cost?

An all-access pass to MasterClass can be purchased for $180 per year (or $15 per month). This grants you access to more than one hundred different courses, including the David Baldacci MasterClass.

Can you get the David Baldacci MasterClass for free?

The David Baldacci MasterClass is not, sadly, available for free download at this time. However, MasterClass provides a number of different purchase alternatives, and if you aren’t satisfied with the service, you may get your money back.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the David Baldacci MasterClass?

Definitely, MasterClass provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if you buy directly from the company. Return policies from third-party vendors may apply if you made your purchase there.

Where can I watch it?

You can learn new things and be inspired whenever you want, whenever you want, and on any device, you want with MasterClass, including your smartphone, personal computer, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku streaming media players. You may also download your favorite classes and watch them while you’re flying or listen to them in audio-only mode while you’re driving to work.

How does the 30-day guarantee work?

Ensuring that you have the most beneficial educational experience possible is one of our primary priorities. If you decide that MasterClass is not for you, simply send us an email within the first month after you purchase a subscription and we will give you a complete refund.

David Baldacci books

This is the authoritative guide to the sequence in which David Baldacci’s books should be read.

1) The 6:20 Man. by David Baldacci. Buy the book.
2) One Good Deed. by David Baldacci.
3) A Gambling Man. by David Baldacci.
4) Dream Town. by David Baldacci.
5) Long Road to Mercy. by David Baldacci.
6) A Minute to Midnight. by David Baldacci.
7) Daylight. by David Baldacci.
8) Mercy. by David Baldacci.

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