Masterclass Cost Pricing Review

This article on “Masterclass Cost Pricing Review” will provide you with the opportunity to read an in-depth evaluation of MasterClass Pricing, including information on how the lessons are presented, who the course is best suited for, and what I liked about it, etc.

There are more than 100 programs from some of the world’s top specialists available for just $15 a month on MasterClass. However, how much does MasterClass cost? What’s more, is MasterClass a good investment? Let’s Explore it in this Masterclass Cost Pricing Review.

Prerecorded video lessons and a course guide with assignments and activities are all included in each class. Instructors at MasterClass are some of the world’s most renowned specialists and celebrities.

MasterClass stands apart from other online education providers because of its high-profile professors. In-depth information about MasterClass prices, programs, and features can be found ahead in this Masterclass Cost Pricing Review.

There are some key differences between the different subscription levels of the MasterClass plans in terms of features and experiences, but each plan offers a wide range of benefits.

Each of MasterClass’s three plans includes a plethora of advantages. Unlimited access is included in each of the plans’ online courses and other content such as worksheets and forums where students may interact with one another and instructors.

In what ways do these MasterClass packages differ from one another? And how much does each one cost? Let’s get started with our Masterclass Cost Pricing Review.

What Is MasterClass?

What Exactly Is MasterClass

There are two to four-hour-long online courses (separated into high-quality video sessions) on MasterClass that is taught by respected and known specialists from around the world.

MasterClass was founded by Stanford student David Rogier in 2014 (formerly Yanka Industries, Inc.) and launched its e-learning website in May of that year with just three instructors.

The number of classes increased from twelve in 2017 to fifty in 2018 as a result. Supplemental and downloadable workbooks accompany each MasterClass course.

Sessions by MasterClass were introduced by MasterClass in 2021. Previously, students could engage with other students and MasterClass moderators via an online site called “The Hub” if they wished to learn more or ask questions.

In addition, Masterclass can be found on Twitter, where it has more than 82,000 followers and where it regularly disseminates interesting and informative content via its account.

Plans & Pricing – Masterclass Cost Pricing Review

How Much Does MasterClass Cost

You can pick from three different annual membership levels at MasterClass, depending on your needs: Standard ($180 per year), Plus ($240 per year), and Premium ($276 per year). A 30-day money-back guarantee is included in every plan.

The MasterClass pricing structure has changed over the years (they used to sell memberships for individual sessions), but it appears to be here to stay.

1. Standard Plan

If you’re a single person who is most likely to use online learning at home, then the Standard membership all-access pass is ideal. Access to all 100+ courses is still available to you on your computer, tablet, or TV with the Standard package.

The main limitations are that courses cannot be downloaded for offline viewing and that they cannot be viewed simultaneously on different devices.

I prefer the $180 a year option because I typically take one MasterClass course a month, which works out to an average cost of $15 per class.

2. Plus And Premium Plan

With one exception, the annual memberships for Plus and Premium are nearly identical. Plus and Premium MasterClass subscriptions allow users to download courses for offline viewing and simultaneous streaming on multiple devices, up to two devices for Plus and six for Premium.

Couples will benefit more from the Plus and Premium versions, as MasterClass allows for simultaneous viewing on several devices. It’s worth noting that Netflix’s subscription options have similar restrictions).

People who wish to watch MasterClass on their way to work but don’t have a lot of data can benefit from the opportunity to save video courses for later viewing.

3. Annual Membership Example

Think about splitting a MasterClass subscription with your significant other. For this reason, you decide to go with the Plus package, which allows you to view MasterClass simultaneously on two devices.

Ten writing courses (I recommend Neil Gaiman, Malcolm Gladwell, James Patterson, and Margaret Atwood) can help you improve your creative writing talents, while ten cooking programs will help your significant other improve her culinary abilities over the course of a year.

At $240, you’ve paid $12 for each course for a total of twenty courses, which is a great deal in my book.

In light of the flexibility of later membership upgrades and downgrades, begin with a reasonable budget and work your way up from there. The best aspect is that MasterClass allows you unlimited access to all of their classes, regardless of the subscription package you choose.

How Does MasterClass Work?

Does MasterClass Work

Take as many lessons as you can from MasterClass to get the most out of your investment. Because the effective cost per class decreases as the number of classes you take increases!

It’s because these aren’t courses put together by unrecognized gurus. World-class professionals have put them together and may provide their best advice on how to be successful.

There are a lot of expensive online classes on other platforms, but you’ve probably never heard of the tutor. Even if only a few MasterClasses appeal to you, you’re getting fantastic value for your money because there are over 150 of them.

What if you only want to learn how to cook?

Masterclasses from Gordon Ramsay, Thomas Keller and Aaron Franklin, Wolfgang Puck, Yotam Ottolenghi, and Massimo Bottura are all available for $180. That works out to roughly $22.50 for each course to study under the best.

In addition to class fees, you should think about how much you’re paying per month or per day. An annual individual subscription of $180 comes to the following:

  • $15 a month, which is comparable to Netflix’s monthly fee.
  • $0.49 each day, which most of us wouldn’t give a second thought to shelling out.

To summarise, while $180 may seem steep at first glance when weighed against the other options available, it turns out to be a steal.

Courses Added Monthly

There are new classes from MasterClass experts every month. A few of these instructors are well-known personalities (such as Serena Williams, Gordon Ramsay, Garry Kasparov, and Steve Martin) who would not otherwise be able to devote the time necessary to share their vast expertise. It’s mind-blowing to discover all of the excellent courses they provide in one location.

Use MasterClass To Your Advantage

A MasterClass subscription, on the other hand, entails both a commitment and a financial outlay. However, you’ll need to spend at least two to four hours completing only one of the more than 100 MasterClasses. On the other hand, access to the online education platform costs at least $180 per year.

In other words, if you have 15 bucks a month to spare and want to learn how to negotiate from Chris Voss, then sure, MasterClass is for you.

If, on the other hand, you don’t have the money or time (or energy) to pay for yet another subscription, MasterClass is probably not for you.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered by MasterClass, though. In addition, they provide a risk-free seven-day trial. To see if MasterClass is perfect for you, you have roughly five weeks to take a few classes and see if you like them.

As long as you notify MasterClass in writing that you’d want to cancel before the 30-day period has expired, you’ll receive your refund.

List Of Top MasterClass Courses

List Of MasterClass Courses

You’ve had to be curious about what MasterClass has to offer, right? Not to worry, we’ve compiled a list of the best courses for you in this Masterclass Cost Pricing Review.

Garry Kasparov: Teaches Chess

Garry Kasparov: Teaches Chess

Half of Garry Kasparov’s Masterclass is dedicated to endgame and opening analysis, as well as double and discovered attacks. During the second part of the course, the emphasis shifts to intermediate players who will gain more from the discussion of previous games. After watching Kasparov’s MasterClass on Chess, I was able to increase my chess rating by 200 points.

Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting

Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting

There are case studies, group workshops, writer’s rooms, and lots of teaching from Aaron Sorkin in his extensive MasterClass on screenwriting. By the end of this MasterClass, you’ll have the knowledge and tools you need to get started writing a screenplay, as well as the confidence to ask for and receive criticism on your work.

Emily Morse Teaches Sex And Communication

Emily Morse Teaches Sex And Communication

This one-hour, 53-minute MasterClass by sex therapist Emily Morse is well worth your time if you want to improve your communication skills with your spouse when it comes to sex.

Neil Gaiman Teaches The Art Of Storytelling

Neil Gaiman Teaches The Art Of Storytelling

My favorite book by Neil Gaiman is MasterClass. My creative and writing buddies who are in need of a pick-me-up can also benefit from this book.

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking

One of Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass classes is devoted to home cooking, while the other focuses on preparing restaurant dishes at home. Ramsay’s first course is an excellent starting point for anyone wishing to improve their cooking abilities.

Brandon McMillan Teaches Dog Training

Brandon McMillan Teaches Dog Training

For new or soon-to-be dog owners, I highly suggest this Master Class. Core commands such as “sit, down,” “stay,” “off,” “come,” and “heel” will be taught. Congratulations, you’ve made a new best buddy! You don’t have to pay for a dog training class or hire a personal trainer, and it’s less expensive than doing so.

Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing

Margaret Atwood Teaches Creative Writing

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a writer of fiction, I think Margaret Atwood’s MasterClass is a worthwhile investment because of the timeless wisdom she offers. The Margaret Atwood MasterClass on Creative Writing is a great place to start if you plan on attending further writing seminars, such as those offered by Dan Brown or Shonda Rhimes.

What Are MasterClass Alternatives?

In this Masterclass Cost Pricing Review post ahead, we have also come up with the following MasterClass options that might be a better fit if you’re searching for a more focused learning experience.

MasterClass Vs Skillshare

MasterClass Vs Skillshare

Instead of focusing on advanced students, Skillshare caters to newcomers. Skillshare, for example, has hundreds of courses ranging from beginner to expert level in a wide range of subjects, including animation.

Skillshare, on the other hand, doesn’t feel like it offers nearly as much value as MasterClass for $159 per year (in other words, I’d rather pay more for MasterClass to get 10x the value).

MasterClass Vs Udemy

MasterClass Vs Udemy

You may get online education at a discount with Udemy. With over 100 high-quality online courses from well-known instructors like Helen Mirren and Samuel L. Jackson, Udemy offers tens of thousands of low-cost courses taught by many unidentified teachers.

Udemy doesn’t offer monthly or yearly memberships if you have time to search for a treasure. Class access is charged on a per-unit basis.

MasterClass Vs Coursera

MasterClass Vs Coursera

Courses on Coursera are not taught by celebrities, but by professors from top universities throughout the world. Coursera has an advantage over MasterClass since it offers a more traditional learning experience.

In contrast to this, Coursera focuses on professional users who want to enhance their skills in a specific field by earning a degree or certificate from an accredited institution. It’s much more impressive than saying, “I attended a sales masterclass.”

MasterClass Free Trial

MasterClass Free Trial

A free trial of MasterClass is currently unavailable.


MasterClass offers free access to both class trailers and full-length classes. A few minutes of video from the course are normally included in these examples.

If you want to see what’s within MasterClass and see if it’s perfect for you, you may look through our in-depth reviews or our best MasterClass article.

Masterclass Cost Pricing: Is It Worth It?

Masterclass Cost Pricing Is It Worth It

This question comes up frequently, and my response is usually the same: MasterClass works if you allow it to work.

You must be open to new ideas, topics, and skills in order for MasterClass to operate. Before enrolling in a MasterClass taught by someone like Timbaland, it is recommended that you have some prior knowledge in the field of music creation.

Those just starting out in the culinary arts can take Thomas Keller’s MasterClasses in Culinary Arts. It’s essential that you’re willing to put in the time and energy required for learning, not only from the video lectures themselves but also from the workbooks and community centers.

It’s possible that MasterClass won’t be worth your time if you’re not a voracious student or prefer more technical video courses. You can try MasterClass for 30 days and see if it’s worth it before deciding whether or not to pay for a subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does MasterClass cost?

An annual All-Access Pass to MasterClass costs $180.

What is Masterclass All Access cost?

All-Access Passes, which provide unlimited access to MasterClass, is available for $180 annually, which comes out to $15 each month.

Can I pay for MasterClass in monthly installments?

No. Despite the fact that the price is frequently shown as a monthly expense, you must pay the entire annual sum all at once.

Can I get MasterClass for free?

To use MasterClass, you must pay a fee (unless you’re a lucky recipient of a free subscription!).

Can I get a MasterClass refund?

Yes. A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered by MasterClass. Visit our MasterClass refund page for more information.

Is there a MasterClass app?

Yes, the MasterClass app for Android and iOS allows you to access the course materials. It’s possible to listen to simply the audio section of a course with the MasterClass app, unlike in the online browser version. Listeners on the go who like to get their information in the form of podcasts will appreciate this feature.

How do I cancel my MasterClass subscription?

Simply email their support staff at if you decide MasterClass isn’t for you after giving it a try. For purchases made within the last 30 days, MasterClass will give you a complete refund. My interactions with the MasterClass support team have always been really beneficial.

Can I send MasterClass as a gift?

You certainly can! To be honest, that’s how my experience with MasterClass got its start as well. For my birthday, a family member gave me a year’s membership. Since then, I’ve signed up for a fresh subscription every year.

Can I stream MasterClass on a television?

Yes, you can cast MasterClass videos on your Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV through the MasterClass app.

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