Nas Masterclass Review 2022

This article (Nas Masterclass Review) will provide you with the opportunity to read an in-depth evaluation of Nas Masterclass, including information on how the lessons are presented, who the course is best suited for, the cost, and what I enjoyed about it, etc.

To assist you in determining whether or if the Nas Masterclass is the right choice for you, I will discuss my experiences with as a service as well as my feelings towards the course in this article.

After making his debut on the East Coast music scene in the early 1990s, Nas has gone on to become the undisputed king of hip-hop.

He is widely regarded as the genre’s most profound and influential lyricist, and his album Illmatic is widely considered to be its most ground-breaking work to date. With the help of his own record company, Mass Appeal, he is currently fostering the emergence of the next generation.

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Who Is Nas?

About Nas

Nas (Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones) is an American rapper. Rooted in East Coast hip hop, he is regarded as one of the greatest and most influential rappers of all time.

People are attempting to break into the rap game in increasing numbers, given how popular it has grown to be. Few people have achieved their goals.

The number of legends in the style is even smaller. Only a few artists can claim to have released an album that actually changed the way hip-hop was viewed and interpreted.

There’s a place for Nas in every category. One of the most significant hip-hop albums of all time, Illmatic by Nas was released in 1994. In the 90s, his strong lyrics and hard-hitting delivery defined the rap sound, inspiring many imitators around the world.

When you’ve conquered the world, where else are you expected to go but downhill? “King’s Disease,” his 12th studio album and Grammy winner for Best Rap Album in 2020, proves the elderly master still has some fight left in him.

Many consider Nas’ poetic technique to be unrivaled, and his creative, conversational delivery style is no exception. Because of this, he’s appeared on a slew of best-of lists, frequently towards the top, if not outright at the top.

About MasterClass

About MasterClass

MasterClass is an American online education subscription platform on which students can access tutorials and lectures pre-recorded by experts in various fields. The concept for MasterClass was conceived by David Rogier and developed with Aaron Rasmussen.

The idea behind MasterClass, which may be inferred from the name itself, is to: Ask well-known persons what led to their success in the first place.

Courses offered by MasterClass range from cooking with Gordon Ramsey to singing with Mariah Carey. The company’s goal is to deliver high-quality, professionally-produced classes from instructors who are well-known around the world.

The website is famous not only for the celebrity instructors who work there but also for the exceptionally high production value and standard it maintains throughout.

Check out both our review of MasterClass as well as our post ranking the best of MasterClass if you’re interested in learning more about this platform and some of the courses that it offers.

However, MasterClass is not appropriate for everyone. The level of in-depth instruction provided to students might vary greatly depending on who is educating them. But, to quote the company’s founder, David Rogier:

“There are just some things that you can learn from the very greatest that you can apply to whatever portion of your own life you choose,” So, does Nas have anything that he can teach you? Continue reading to discover out.

Course Overview: Nas Masterclass Review

Nas gives you an inside look at his journey through the evolution of hip-hop, breaking down some of his biggest hits and creating a brand-new song from scratch so that you can learn how to tap into the power of your experience and your truth. Nas also gives you an inside look at his journey through the evolution of hip-hop.

This Online Class Has Lessons Like:

Telling Your Life Story Through Music

Nas begins by discussing the importance of using music to create a story. In what other way could he begin? It’s possible to get a sense of a lyricist’s thoughts and feelings through the medium of rap.

Nas is widely regarded as one of the best storytellers of our time, able to convey his innermost thoughts and feelings to the audience through his lyrics. It’s now your turn to discover his secret methods.

His song, “NY State Of Mind,” which has become a fan favorite, is the inspiration for this segment. It’s an honest representation of his feelings at the time, and he invites you to do the same with your own art.

Nas continues his advice for aspiring MCs after sharing his own story. Make your viewers want to read more. You want people to believe that you’re speaking directly to them.

There isn’t a lot of information on how to do this. However, Nas does offer precise advice on how to improve your rap storytelling.

There must be a beginning, a middle, and an end, just like in any other story. You need to think about the settings, the feelings, and the emotions of the characters. It’s all there.

It may seem obvious, but the art of expressing a tale with music is dwindling. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear someone praise this look and explain how to personalize it. To get a feel for Nas as an instructor, you should take this first class. He’s just as expressive and articulate in person as he is in his music.

Rapping and Rhyme Schemes

During this lesson, you are going to learn:

  • Why it’s imperative that you perform in the very first bar
  • A track will teach you how to count in music.
  • Rhythmic patterns and the various ways they might be varied
  • Listening to these seriously talented lyricists can serve as a useful reference.
  • incorporating aspects of your heritage and worldview into what you say

In the Studio: Writing And Recording An Original Song

This section features a different presentation approach by Nas.

Nas is currently in the studio working with a producer, so he is unable to take the time to sit down and talk with you. Not only do they want to create a track for this MasterClass, but they also want to demonstrate the ins and outs of their process to you.

Although Nas stores his thoughts in the notes app on his phone, there is a helpful piece of information that I had not even remotely considered before.

Because you will be recording with it, everything you bring into the studio needs to be something that you are capable of reading and comprehending in a short amount of time.

You’ll be able to be more creative if you don’t have to worry about stumbling over your words, which is an even more crucial point. If that means writing things down by hand, Nas encourages people to do so.

Poetic and Lyrical Techniques

This is the part of the song when Nas explains some of the methods that have helped him become one of the most prolific lyricists in the history of rap.

Nas provides a collection of samples from his numerous songs and performances that illustrate a particular device. Rather than delving into extensive detail on a single approach, Nas chooses to focus on demonstrating how he uses other techniques.

These are the following:

  • Metaphors
  • Figurative Language
  • Plays on words and puns
  • Cultural allusions
  • Analogies
  • Slang

Case Study: Writing Challenges 

This had resulted in some of the most innovative pieces of art ever produced by humankind. Nas demonstrates how challenging and limiting oneself can propel one to the most creative areas one has ever gone by analyzing the case study of his song “Rewind.”

Nas, who was bored with performing the same routine over and over again, decided to give himself the challenge of narrating the story in reverse through the song “Rewind.”

Despite the fact that he had to go against his instincts about rapping and deviate from his typical process for producing a single, he was able to arrive at a destination he’d never been to before thanks to the challenge.

The end product was a track that was unlike anything else in his discography or the discographies of any other rappers.

Learning From Hip Hop Legends 

In the eighth lesson, we provide you with a veritable treasure trove of hip-hop musicians that you should check out. If you are a lover of the old-school, 1980s rap style, this is not so much of a lesson as it is a recommendation for a playlist that you should listen to.

Some of the artists whose works you will become familiar with are as follows:

  • Queen (We Will Rock You was the OG rap song)
  • AKA: LL Cool J
  • Enemy of the People
  • Biggie Smalls
  • Tupac
  • The earliest hip-hop films were called Wild Style and Beat Street.

Use Your Power And Your Voice

Due to the ambiguity of the statement, “finding your voice” cannot be reduced to a specific process that may be followed. The most that Nas can do is explain to you how he accomplished the task, but this will more than satisfy your curiosity.

This lesson will demonstrate both the how and the why of the importance of speaking out against injustice. If there is something in the world with which you disagree or with which you are frustrated, music can be an excellent avenue for expressing those feelings and letting others know how you are feeling.

Rap is one of the few genres that can provide the listener with such a deep insight into the emotions that the artist is experiencing. Nas discusses how the events that transpired left him unable to merely stand there and keep his mouth shut.

This is significant because it demonstrates that even if you have the best product or the most flawless rhymes, the music must ultimately originate from you as the artist. You ought to be engaging in this activity because you have something important to contribute.

Nas’ Artistic Evolution

This is the most important lesson for me personally. In a journey that, up to this point, has already been considered to be highly individual. In this additional hip-hop history lecture (which I never realized I needed), we get an in-depth look into Nas’ development as a rapper throughout the course of his career.

At the beginning of the lesson, Nas asserts that he is all for love and peace, which, if you’ve listened to any of his other work, may come as a surprise to you.

According to Nas, the reason behind this is that when you’re younger, you have a tendency to form preconceived notions based on what you’re witnessing. And as a consequence of these presumptions, young people frequently report that they have the sensation that they need to protect themselves.

The Music Industry

Once more, we gain insight into what it was like to work as an artist during a period in which rap was not taken seriously. In order to establish himself as a successful artist, Nas had to put in all of the necessary labor outside of the recording studio.

From that point on, he established his own record label. Mass Appeal was founded from the ground up and quickly rose to the top.

The fact that this class presented an objective view of the industry was one of the reasons I appreciated it. The way that I’ve described it can make it sound like an experience that’s all about “following your dreams.”

It is reasonable for you to assume that to be the case. This class places a significant emphasis on genuineness and passion as fundamental themes. But Nas is also honest about the challenges he’s faced in his life.

He is aware that music is a wonderful thing; nevertheless, there are times when you have to worry about providing for yourself, and this reality has to be accounted for in your trip and your plans.

Hip-Hop Is Our Universe

It is extremely unusual to obtain such a high level of insight into the workings of a genre, especially coming from one of the most acclaimed performers in that genre.

Nas explains that this course has provided him with an opportunity for introspection, which is something that not many other teachers express. After that, he delivers his concluding remarks, which focus on the key takeaways from the discussion.

Since there isn’t much else to say about this topic, I’ll just restate it in my own words. You should only take into consideration what you have to say. You know yourself the best. Create reality with the power of your words. Do the right thing with your world since it’s in your control.

Pros & Cons – Nas Masterclass Review

Pros & Cons - Nas Masterclass Review


Take A Peek Inside A Genius’s Mind

Honesty and authenticity abound in today’s MasterClass! It’s not as if Nas has all the solutions. Instead, he shares his experience and the steps he took to get to where he is, hoping to sway you in the process. You can use a celebrity teacher in this way.

Even the course’s name is oozing with anticipation. Rap, hip-hop, or even making it isn’t what Nas is doing here. It’s all about the rap narrative. It’s all about putting your thoughts and feelings into musical form.

Regardless of if this course is just Nas sharing anecdotes about his career and vintage hip-hop history, I will still like it. But we do get insight into the strategies he utilizes in his rhymes, his studio process, and where he gets his inspiration.

You know you’ve got a good teacher if the actual instruction feels like an extra bonus.

Educates About the Meaning of Hip-Hop

This is a good spot to begin your studies. Although it’s difficult to find so much information regarding hip-history hops and evolution in one location, this course delves into far more depth than I expected.

However, this does not imply that it is the most comprehensive or even the most extensive overview of rap music. However, the course’s content more than makes up for its short length.

Which facts regarding the genre are most important for students to learn? What are the most important ones?

It’s probably a good idea to start by listening to Nas tell you. Your teacher is one of the genre’s brightest stars because he was born into it, grew up with it, and has made it his own.

You’ll also learn about some of Nas’ favorite musicians. Biggie, Tupac, Public Enemy, and LL Cool J are just a few of the giants you need to be familiar with if you’re into hip-hop. If you enjoy the genre as it currently exists, you might want to explore its ancestry further. By now, you’ve undoubtedly developed an appreciation for the genre’s inception.

Teaches You the Method of Nas

In terms of demonstrating how he does his magic, Nas’ two tutorials in the studio are gold mines. The show, don’t tell is the guiding principle here. Nas chooses not to go into great detail about what he’s doing, preferring instead to let you enjoy the journey.

There are still explanations given for his decisions, so don’t worry about that. That, however, is not the goal of this discussion. A closer look at the workings of the studio is more important to him.

You’ll learn some things about how to rap sessions are taped that you didn’t know before. There are many people involved in the process, and it’s a fairly collaborative one at that. They are always engaged in a back-and-forth between Nas and his producer.

It’s also quite well-organized. Nas is continually experimenting with the sound of the track and his own artistic direction in response to new inspirations and ideas.

Excellent Production Value

Even in this day and age, we tend to have short attention spans. It’s difficult to stand out in today’s environment, especially if you’re attempting to educate others. Sitting down and discussing concepts no longer seems to be sufficient, for better or worse.

It doesn’t matter unless your name is Nas. Then you’ve got the charisma and expertise to accomplish precisely that, and you should. Because it doesn’t rely on aesthetics, this MasterClass is elevated.

Lyrics are an important component of it. Since we are studying the art of storytelling in this session, it makes perfect sense to incorporate visuals into the instruction. Lyrics will frequently appear on the screen throughout Nas’s lessons, and they will be color-coded to indicate which lines of the song he will be focusing on. It sheds light on the things that he’s saying, which is helpful.


After completing this course, you will feel motivated and inspired. The fact that Nas, a well-known musician, is so upbeat about getting started and succeeding in the music industry is reassuring.

There is no mention of fame or wealth, which I find refreshing. Being able to tell his experience to the world seems to be his greatest accomplishment. That’s incredibly energizing and rejuvenating.

To begin with, they may appear trite. This workshop, on the other hand, demonstrates that Nas is sincere about the transforming power of music.

He got to where he is today by speaking his story, and he wants you to feel empowered to do the same when it comes to sharing yours.


Possibly longer

A positive sign is when your primary criticism of something is that you wish there were more of it.

I realize that I should be focusing on the positive aspects of this product rather than the negative ones, but I also want to be truthful. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hungry for more when I finished this MasterClass.

This MasterClass, at 1 hour 52 minutes, is significantly shorter than others on this site and, as a result, contains far less information.

As I mentioned earlier, I was very impressed by the lessons that Nas presented here. As a student, I was eager to observe how he progressed as a performer, how he developed as an artist, and how he influenced the cultural landscape of the genre.

To be honest, I wish we could have gone into further detail rather than simply introducing something new.

Limited in “How To Rap” Teaching

As a caution rather than a critique, this is what I’m saying. We’ve grown accustomed to obtaining what we want when we want it thanks to the emergence of the internet. The same holds true for teaching music to children.

It used to take years of practice to become proficient at an instrument or a style of music, but websites now claim that you may become proficient in months, weeks, or even days.

By providing step-by-step instructions on how to get from point A to point B as soon as feasible, this is accomplished. It’s unlikely that you’ll come across any instruction along these lines.

Who Should Take This Course?

If you’re a fan of hip-hop and Nas in particular, this course may seem like a good fit for you (these two groups are basically the same). And while this is true, I don’t think you need any prior understanding of Nas to learn something from this article.

In order to show how much he cares about hip-hop, Nas has to go deep into his own career and the history of hip-hop.

If you’ve never heard of either of these, you’re in for a treat. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those of us fortunate enough to hear it directly from the source—someone who really witnessed and experienced the genre’s development.

  • As an example of the smaller groups that will benefit from this course:
  • Rappers are completely new to the art form and need some inspiration to get started.
  • Anyone who is a musician or an artist who is having difficulty expressing themselves
  • Nas and the evolution of hip-hop are topics of interest to modern rap enthusiasts.
  • Hip-hop artists who have no idea what goes on during a recording session
  • Flowing rappers that have a hard time articulating a story or coming up with creative ideas
  • The rapper’s point of view is sought by producers and beatmakers.

Course Cost & Pricing – Nas Masterclass Review

Course Cost & Pricing - Nas Masterclass Review

At the time this article was written, MasterClass had three different subscription plans available. This is how much it will set you back (per month):

  • Individual (1 user) $15
  • Duo (2 users) $20
  • Family (6 users) $23

All of them are billed on an annual basis, which could seem expensive at first glance. But if you sign up for as many classes as you possibly can, you can save your expenses by a significant amount.

With more than 150 different classes to choose from, there is a good chance that at least some of them will pique your interest. Even if you purchase an individual membership and only find ten percent of the courses to be of interest, you will still only spend twelve dollars on each course at this rate:

The annual individual membership price is $180, and 15 classes are equal to $12.

Nas Masterclass Review: Is It Worth It?

Yes, in general, however, the answer will always rely on your expectations, learning style, and the results you’re hoping to achieve while asking this question.

Since it is only a few weeks long, for instance, Because of this, if you’re seeking to buy it for yourself or give it to a friend, I wouldn’t recommend it. Individual courses are excessively expensive for the amount of material you’ll get.

With all the possibilities available on MasterClass, you are sure to discover something you like. This has a significant impact. Also, if you’re hoping to learn how to improve your rap skills, this course isn’t going to be as helpful as some of the others. It’s still a worthwhile investment.

This is because the MasterClass is a rare opportunity to examine a single genre from the perspective of someone who learned from it, revolutionized it, and came to define it in their own unique way.

Finding a course that teaches so much about a larger movement while yet being so specific to one person would be difficult, if not impossible. The most important thing I learned from this was that you can use rap, or any other type of music, to communicate your message.

You’ll learn how to express yourself through studying Nas’ career and process, which is an uncommon skill to learn. For people who enjoy hip-hop and Nas, as well as those who have no prior knowledge of either but are curious to learn more, this is a must-see.

Thank you for reading this article “Nas Masterclass Review”. If you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions regarding this article, please write them in the comment section below. And don’t be hesitant about passing on this piece of knowledge to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Nas MasterClass?

The length of Nas’ MasterClass is one hour and fifty-two minutes, and it is comprised of twelve video lectures.

How much does the Nas MasterClass cost?

An all-access pass to MasterClass can be purchased for $180 per year (or $15 per month). You will have access to more than one hundred classes, including Nas’ MasterClass.

Can you get the Nas MasterClass for free?

No, the MasterClass with Nas does not come at a cost. However, if you are not satisfied, there are many options and refunds available to you.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the Nas MasterClass?

You can get a refund from MasterClass if you buy directly from them. Return policies from third-party vendors may apply if you made your purchase there. Visit MasterClass here to make sure your refund policy is up to date.

Can I buy the Nas MasterClass by itself?

Using the “gift” option provided by MasterClass, you are able to purchase the course on its own. The course can be taken on its own for a fee of $90.00.

Is the NAS MasterClass good?

Sure enough, that’s a near certainty. It’s unusual to find a program that caters to a single person’s professional goals and unique perspective as this one does, and it’s a breath of fresh air when you do. However, because of the nature of hip-hop, this is among the most effective methods of education. Nas’ MasterClass isn’t only a straightforward guide to rapping better; it also includes advanced techniques and strategies.

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