Phil Ivey Masterclass Review

This article “Phil Ivey Masterclass Review” will provide you with the opportunity to read an in-depth evaluation of Phil Ivey’s Masterclass, including information on how the lessons are presented, who the course is best suited for, the cost, and what I enjoyed about it, etc.

When someone asks who my favorite poker player is, I always say Phil Ivey since he is the only one I can think of. In my early years as a poker pro, he was a major motivation to me, particularly because he had already achieved great success.

As a player, I like his calm demeanor and his focus on the task at hand. Finally, the Ivey death look and some of the most outrageous high-stakes bluffs ever. In my opinion, he’s the best poker player I’ve ever seen.

My excitement level skyrocketed as soon as I learned Phil Ivey was creating an advanced poker training MasterClass, the first time he had ever divulged any of his poker secrets.

This is your chance to learn from one of the most renowned (and successful) live and online poker players of all time.

Every aspect of this new poker course has taken me the past three weeks to study. You can count on this Review of Phil Ivey Masterclass to provide a comprehensive Phil Ivey MasterClass Review and tutorial for the most dedicated online poker players.

Who Is Phil Ivey?

About Phil Ivey

Phillip Dennis Ivey Jr. (An American professional poker player) has made it to the final table of the World Series of Poker ten times, won a bracelet once, and won the World Poker Tour once. Countless poker experts and players agree that Ivey is the finest in the world right now.

If you’re here reading this review of Phil Ivey’s MasterClass, you probably already know who Phil Ivey is; as a result, I’m going to save you the whole facts and instead point out a few career highlights: Phil Ivey is a poker player who has won millions of dollars.

Ivey has amassed ten victories at the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Bracelets from the World Series of Poker are widely regarded as the non-monetary reward that poker players strive to earn more than anything else.

Ivey has accumulated a total net worth that is estimated to be over $100 million, in addition to having won more than $29 million in casinos.

He has been known as the “Tiger Woods of poker” and has been inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2017. He has been playing poker for more than 30 years.

On social media platforms such as Twitter, where he has a massive following of 445 thousand followers, Phil Ivey regularly posts very cool and intriguing content.

What Is Masterclass?

About Masterclass

MasterClass is an American online education subscription platform on which students can access tutorials and lectures pre-recorded by experts in various fields. The concept for MasterClass was conceived by David Rogier and developed with Aaron Rasmussen.

You can learn from experts of world-class caliber about how they achieved their level of accomplishment using the platform known as MasterClass.

You can choose from more than 150 different classes, all of which are led by prominent figures in their fields of study.

You can learn how to cook from Gordon Ramsay, how to make movies from Martin Scorsese, how to write from James Patterson, how to make music from Hans Zimmer, and a great deal more from other people.

Since its inception in 2015, MasterClass has experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity, prompting many people to refer to it as “the Netflix of education.” It should come as no surprise given the illustrious guests they draw and the astoundingly high caliber of the courses they design and build.

Having said that, having participated in a significant number of the available classes, I am confident in saying that it is not for everyone.

In light of this, the purpose of this article “Phil Ivey Masterclass Review” is to assist you in determining whether or not the Phil Ivey MasterClass is the appropriate training for you.

Course Overview – Phil Ivey Masterclass Review

Inside Phil Ivey’s MasterClass

The duration of Phil Ivey’s MasterClass is three hours and thirty minutes, and it is comprised of twelve videos. You will also receive the following in addition to the video lessons:

  • A 36-page Workbook that follows the videos
  • A 14-page Poker Fundamentals guide teaching you the rules of poker

The fact that the fundamental guidelines are laid out in this guide makes it an excellent resource for anyone who would benefit from a review of these guidelines before getting started. Poker veterans can skip this and go straight to the first video, which covers more substantial topics, as it will save them time.

Ivey’s MasterClass is comprised of three primary parts, which are as follows:

  1. Pre & Postflop Phil Ivey strategy
  2. Getting In Your Opponent’s Head
  3. Taking Your Game To The Next Level

Following a brief introduction in which Phil Ivey explains why he has decided to teach this MasterClass as well as how he initially became interested in poker, the course continues as follows:

Preflop and blind defense

Ivey breaks clearly how the majority of poker hands are either won or lost before the flip is even dealt. Therefore, if you want to advance in the game, you really need to become an expert in preflop play.

Positional play, hand ranges, and game dynamics are the three most important factors in determining success.

You are going to learn:

  • The fundamentals of positional play and hand ranges
  • How to capitalize on a strong position
  • How (and when) to play in a weak position

Ivey goes beyond simply stating what constitutes a solid position and what constitutes a good hand range. This is something that you might expect him to do. Ivey explains the elements, such as the following, on which both outcomes depend:

  • Your opponents
  • The stage of the game
  • Your confidence at playing post-flop

Phil continues by elaborating on how positional play enables players to triumph despite holding poor hands.

After that, he finishes a Hand Review, which revealed that his unsatisfactory preflop gameplay led to his elimination from the tournament.

Betting tactics

According to Phil Ivey, “every bet has a reason,” and once you’ve “mastered betting methods, you will be unbeatable at the table,” you will have an advantage over everyone else.

This lesson is all about using betting as a tool to influence the behavior of other players so that you can get them to do what you want them to. You will learn whether to bet, how much to wager, and when to bet it across a wide variety of scenarios.

This lesson takes things to the next level by demonstrating how to isolate aggressive opponents and take advantage of them, as well as how to convince another player to bluff when you have a stronger hand than they do.

Even if you are familiar with concepts such as three-betting, overbetting, and value betting (like I was before taking this course), you will still benefit from hearing how Phil thinks about these different aspects of the game.

The hand that is discussed in the card review is well-known in the poker community; therefore, it is pretty powerful material to have Phil narrate it and use it to demonstrate the topic being discussed in this session.


This is undoubtedly one of the lessons from Ivey that you are looking forward to seeing the most (along with the mental games one).

Here are the most important things I’ve learned:

  • The value of bluffing and the reasons why it needs to be one of the primary weapons in your arsenal
  • The very compelling reason(s) you ought to think about when (and when you shouldn’t) bluffing
  • How to pull off a bluff by putting out the appropriate narrative
  • How to prevent your opponent from winning a hand that they would have won otherwise

Judgment will determine the outcome of this situation in the end. Evaluation of the other player in the game. The conclusion reached by the panel.

You’ll watch Ivey knock out an opponent when he had an 80 percent chance of winning the hand, and as a result, he’ll walk away with a cool quarter of a million dollars:

In the event that you are unable to make out the specifics, what you are seeing is:

  • Ivey trips the Kings with a seven-foot kicker.
  • Both Antonious and Benyamine are on the turn with the kings, but Antonious has the jack high, and Benyamine has a flush.
  • The following is a summary of what the pundit said:

That’s some serious power poker right there. [Ivey] ended up winning the pot despite having the third-best hand in the game.

However, you shouldn’t get your hopes up because things aren’t always going to be perfect. Ivey is eliminated from a World Series of Poker tournament after the following hand review because he called a bluff with a stronger hand.

It’s wonderful that Ivey is willing to share not only the Ws but also his own personal struggles.

Postflop 1

“Postflop is where the real profit is earned in poker—and where your mistakes will cost you more,” says Phil Ivey in his opening statement.

What you’ll learn in this class:

  • A tactic that requires your opponent to make errors
  • Defeating those who are overly hostile
  • concealing your digits

You’ll get a better understanding of how to play slowly, float, and sketch. Considerations (such as wet versus dry board texture) and how to put each of these elements into practice to your benefit. When Isaac Haxton bets against Ivey, you’ll see Ivey disguised as a superior hand.

Postflop 2

There is a lot of material covered in this lesson, including:

  • When it comes to making decisions, too many people rely solely on math.
  • Tips for predicting the cards that your adversaries will use
  • When it’s time to fold.
  • How and why to succeed in small stakes games

The hand review covered in this session is fantastic; you’ll see examples of gameplay with:

  • Poker player Daniel Negreanu
  • There is a poker player named Phil Hellmuth.
  • Doug Polk (author)

This is a must-see for any fan of professional poker who wants to hear Phil Ivey’s take on the game.


The bigger the risk, the deeper the stacks. Ivey discusses how to limit risk and maximize value while playing deep-stack poker.

What you’ll discover is:

  • Reverse odds and implied odds
  • The sum of all the hands in a particular series.
  • How to approach deep stack poker with a clear head.

The hands-on portion of this course is by far the finest part. In what is arguably one of the greatest folds in poker history, you can hear Ivey explain his reasoning:

The mental game

In this course, we cover the following:

  • In poker, the importance of being aware cannot be overstated.
  • Being aware of what you can affect and how you can impact yourself
  • Put your opponents on the defensive

I’m sorry to admit it, but this section was a touch lacking.

The infamous Ivey stare and intimidation methods are mentioned by Ivey. However, it lacked the depth of other courses. I had high expectations, given Phil Ivey’s reputation as a master of the mind.

Table Image and tells

Information gathering and self-awareness are both addressed in this course. You’ll learn about gathering information about your opponents and being self-aware when using that information in your own strategy.

This section has some of the best hand reviews I’ve ever seen.

Doug Polk’s bluff at the Aussie Millions was read well by Ivey, who called it and won:

Watch the trailer for Phil Ivey’s MasterClass, and you’ll also get to watch the incredible reading included in it.

Strategies for Success

In this session, you’ll learn a variety of concepts that will help you become a better poker player.

The most important lessons for me were focused on practical advice, such as:

  • The best way to enhance your own game is to look at your own results.
  • Effective poker practice is essential for mastering the game’s various facets.
  • Become a better player in your own mind

Ivey concludes this lesson with a brief review of his thoughts, and then you’ll actually be taken to a:

What I liked about Phil Ivey’s MasterClass

Phil Ivey is unquestionably one of the most talented poker players in the world. Many players look up to and desire to be just like him. How many times have you had the chance to learn from Ivey? If you’re anything like me, your previous guess was 0.

You can learn from Phil Ivey himself in the MasterClass. You’ll learn how he thinks, as well as some of the important approaches and strategies that have helped him be so successful.

One of the many wonderful aspects of MasterClass is precisely this People at the top of their fields can teach anyone with a wifi connection and a willingness to pay.

Who is Phil Levy’s Poker Strategy Masterclass for?

If you’ve never played poker before, you won’t be able to keep up with everything in this course. In other words, it’s designed for folks who are already familiar with the game.

You can still follow most of what Phil has to say despite your lack of experience in the game. In addition, once you’ve played a few times, you’ll be able to revisit any areas of the course you didn’t comprehend.

For students, the course and workbook have been structured in a way that makes it simple to locate and review material. To make matters worse, the videos don’t have bookmarks, so you may have to sit through the entire thing to get to the part you want. However, if you use the workbook, you’ll know exactly where you are in the course.

You’ll also gain access to “office hours,” as you can see in my comprehensive review. You can ask Phil Ivey any questions you have using this feature. Additionally, there is a great community forum and the option to make comments at the bottom of each movie.

Unless you’re an established pro, I doubt you’ll get much out of this lesson. However, I am confident that many of them, particularly those who are likely to compete against Phil Ivey in the future, will still attend this masterclass.

They find it fascinating to have a look at the game from the perspective of other professionals. Even more so for Phil, who has won 10 world championship bracelets.

Plans & Pricing – Phil Ivey Masterclass Review

MasterClass currently provides three subscription options. The monthly cost of them is:

  • Individual (1 user) $15
  • Duo (2 users) $20
  • Family (6 users) $23

Taking as many classes as possible, on the other hand, can significantly minimize your expenses.

With more than 150 courses available, you’re sure to discover something you like. Only $12 a course even if you buy a single subscription and only take 10% of the courses that you’re interested in. Individual membership is $180 per year, which works out to $12 per class.

You can save a lot of money if you sign up with a group of people you know. Our MasterClass review and cost articles will tell you more.

Classes are given by world-renowned experts, therefore the value is unparalleled. Over $100 may get you an online course from someone you’ve never heard of, and that’s before you consider the quality of the instructors on MasterClass.

In addition, MasterClass offers a 30-day refund policy if you’re not satisfied with your subscription.

Phil Ivey Masterclass Review: Is It Worth It?

Yes, that’s what I’d say.

There hasn’t been anything like this from Phil Ivey before; he’s never produced anything this thorough before.


It’s all up to you, your background, and what you hope to gain from the experience. A completely new, innovative plan that will make you millions of dollars overnight is not going to be shared with us.

The value of this course lies in Ivey’s careful selection of well-known tactics and the distinct perspective he offers on each one. No, this is not the place for Rain Man-style odds and probabilities analysis.

There is no one better than Phil Ivey to teach the art of reading people and circumstances than those who realize that you can study poker math from other sources with ease.

Hand reviews alone are enough to make the course worthwhile for me. I’ve always been captivated by Ivey’s bold hands and how he wins them. It’s incredibly moving to hear him explain what he’s thinking. And the students who have taken this course appear to agree as well.

You can receive access to Daniel Negreanu MasterClass and more than 150 courses taught by experts in their area for $180 with an all-access pass. Then MasterClass is the only option I can think of at the moment in this regard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Phil Ivey MasterClass?

For $180 a year, you can have unlimited access to all 150+ MasterClasses with an individual all-access subscription.

How long is the Phil Ivey MasterClass?

The MasterClass by Phil Ivey is 3 hours and 30 minutes in length and contains 12 videos.

Is Phil Ivey MasterClass free?

The Phil Ivey MasterClass is not available for free. MasterClass, on the other hand, provides a variety of purchase alternatives and a money-back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the Phil Ivey MasterClass?

Definitely, MasterClass provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if you buy directly from the company. If you buy from a third-party vendor, their return policy may apply to your situation.

Is Phil Ivey MasterClass worth it?

Is it a good idea to pay for the Phil Ivey MasterClass? Both experienced and inexperienced players can benefit from Phil Ivey’s MasterClass, although beginners will see the most progress if they take it after completing Daniel Negreanu’s poker course. To gain access to Phil Ivey’s MasterClass on poker strategy, use the unlock button.

What Is Phil Ivey Net Worth?

Phil Ivey is a $100 million poker pro. Phil Ivey is the world’s best all-around player. He has 10 WSOP bracelets and a WPT title. Poker Hall of Fame inducted Ivey in 2017.

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