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This article (R L Stine Masterclass Review) will provide you with the opportunity to read an in-depth evaluation of R L Sentinel’s, including information on how the lessons are presented, who the course is best suited for, the cost of R L Stine’s Masterclass, and what I enjoyed about it, etc.

Over the course of his career, R.L. Stine has written more than 300 books aimed at readers between the ages of 7 and 15. The Goosebumps and Fear Street series written by R.L. Stine has helped countless young readers become acquainted with the eerie and fascinating world of horror.

Since Stine is a true expert at engaging young readers, there is no one else more qualified than MasterClass to teach his course Before we get started, I want to make sure that everyone is aware of everything.

Although I did not receive compensation for writing this review of R L Stine’s Masterclass, you should be aware that some of the links below are affiliate links. If you sign up for MasterClass, it will make it easier for me to continue writing (and it will make it easier for me to continue sharing what I’ve learned about the process of writing), so thank you very much!

My choice to take the class was not influenced in any way by this, nor will it in any way affect the total price you pay Within the context of this R L Stine Masterclass Review, these are the topics that I will discuss.

What Is Masterclass?

What Is Masterclass

MasterClass was established In 2015, and since then, it has steadily climbed to the top of the heap among online learning sources (to this day, they offer more than 100 different classes).

Their celebrity-level teaching is their unique selling point, so you can be certain that you are gaining knowledge from the very best in the business.

The science of improved sleep with Matthew Walker, dog training with Brandon McMillan, and cuisine with Gordon Ramsay are just some of the classes that are offered here.

Having attended a large number of classes personally, I can say with certainty that MasterClass is not appropriate for everyone.

Therefore, in this review of the R L Stine Masterclass, I will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of R. L. Stine’s MasterClass in an effort to assist you in determining whether or not you should enroll.

Who Is R. L. Stine?

Who Is R. L. Stine

R L Stine has earned his position in the Guinness Book of World Records as the author of the best-selling children’s book series of all time because of the fact that he was the best-selling author in USA Today for the entirety of the 1990s.

If you’ve made it this far, it’s likely that you’re familiar with Stine and the works for which he’s best known. I won’t bore you with the details of my life story, but I will highlight some highlights from my professional career:

Beginning his career as a humor writer, Stine introduced his signature style to the world in 1986 with the publication of the horror novel Blind Date.

Over 400 million copies of R. L. Stine’s novels have been sold to date. His Fear Street and Goosebumps series are the most well-known of his works.

There are 275k people following R L Stine on Twitter, where he frequently shares his knowledge and inspiration with them.

Course Overview – R L Stine Masterclass Review

If you have never taken a Masterclass before, let me explain what you can expect: you will receive pre-recorded video courses, intensive assignments, an engaged community, and “office hours” with the teacher.

In this specific instance, the downloadable course material consists of approximately four hours of video, a class workbook that contains exercises, case study outlines, and character cheat sheets.

01 – A Conversation With Bob

R. L. Stine, who has written more than 300 books and has sold more than 400 million copies combined, has requested that I refer to him as Bob.

In each of them, I had the impression that I was sitting by the fireplace with Stine as he related stories from his four decades of writing experience.

I moved closer to the speaker. I was smiling. It was very much like receiving advice on how to navigate life from an older relative.

While Bob was making me laugh with his jokes, I was penning down significant quotes that he had said. I still can’t get used to that. I was put at ease and it seemed as though he was speaking to me specifically.

02 – 28 Colorful HD Video Tutorials

This training program includes a total of twenty-eight video courses. Those are twenty-eight in total! Every single one of them is gorgeously filmed, and the transitions between them are accented with music that is both delightfully spooky and effective at setting the mood.

Here’s an outline of all the lessons:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Idea Store
  3. Other Rich Sources of Ideas
  4. Getting From Idea to Plot Outline
  5. Outlining: Surprise Endings and Cliffhangers
  6. Outlining: Plot Twists and Tricks
  7. Outline Case Study
  8. Kids Are the Best Audience
  9. Writing for Different Age Levels
  10. Case Study: Comparing Young Adult and Middle-Grade Fiction
  11. The Key to Scary Writing: POV
  12. Hook Readers Right Away
  13. How to Scare Your Readers
  14. Making Monsters
  15. Dialogue and Prose Style
  16. Mixing Horror and Humor
  17. Creating Middle-Grade Characters
  18. Creating YA Characters
  19. Have Fun With Your First Draft
  20. Revising and Getting Feedback
  21. Developing a Book Series
  22. Borrow From Your Influences
  23. Writing as a Career
  24. Promoting Yourself
  25. Combating Writer’s Block and Developing Routines
  26. Twenty Story Ideas for You
  27. Exercises to Get You Going
  28. Conclusion

03 – Downloads of PDFs

The teachings didn’t begin with the videos. An extensive class workbook with assignments, lesson evaluations, suggested reads and more is available for download.

This is what I was expecting: videos and a worksheet for class. When Bob mentioned his outlining method around halfway through the course, I discovered he published his real outlines as well as a character cheat sheet for one of his novels for download.

I was thrilled with excitement since I had a front-row seat to his creative process. His publisher rejected one of the two outlines for the same book, while they approved the other.

This provided an additional level of insight into Stine’s process, as well as what may prompt a publisher to return a manuscript. In addition, Bob provides narrative ideas and writing activities towards the end of the course.

04 – Homework

Along with the writing tasks that come with each lesson, there is also an overall class project that involves actually producing a novel for young readers.

The tasks are wonderful, and I think the concept of a whole project is brilliant. You will be guided through the procedure of writing a novel step-by-step in the assigned assignments, and then you will be given the opportunity to finish creating your own story.

I can freely admit right now that I have not completed all of the assigned homework; however, I do intend to do so as soon as I have finished reading my most recent book.

It has piqued my interest to see if I am capable of writing a scary tale that is appropriate for middle school or young adult readers.

05 – Office Time & Class Participation

“Office Hours” is also included in the MasterClass, where you can ask Bob anything and receive a video response.

That was such a fun part! The enthusiasm and ease with which he delivered pre-recorded comments carried over into his video responses. That’s the end of my fangirling now.)

In addition, you can converse with the other students in the Hub and on the videos through comments.

So, as you know, we at The Write Practice are big fans of interacting with other authors, so it was a great addition.

Pros & Cons – R L Stine Masterclass Review

Pros & Cons - R L Stine Masterclass Review


01 – Study with a well-known author

No matter who he is or what he’s called, chances are you’ve seen or read at least a few of the Goosebumps stories. Shockingly, Stine’s middle-grade horror novels were completely unknown at the time he wrote them.

So, in this MasterClass, you get the opportunity to study from one of the most popular children’s authors of today. In addition, you’ll gain experience writing for a variety of demographics (Stine has at least 2 main audiences).

02 – Powerful and reliable examples

Stine supports the ideas he teaches with illustrations from his own writing in practically every chapter. His in-depth readings serve to elucidate his methods and provide concrete examples for concepts that are otherwise abstract.

Stine provides you with sufficient information so that you can completely comprehend his case studies and how they are relevant to the lesson even if you are not familiar with the stories he has written.

03 – Excellent Age-appropriate Reading Comprehension

This was the first MasterClass I’d taken in writing that had at least two distinct age groups in mind. With Goosebumps and Fear Street aimed at middle grade and YA readers respectively, Stine offers some unique insights into how you can write for different age groups.

Stine, in my opinion, succeeds at differentiating and highlighting the contrasts among his audiences. If you’d want, he can even read some of his works to demonstrate to you how the terminology, structure, and characters all change depending on the audience.

04 – Wonderful Textbook Projects

One of the most notable aspects of Stine’s Workbook is its applicability to real-world situations beyond the confines of the classroom. In addition to synopses of each chapter, you will also discover the following:

  • Biography of the writer
  • Class exercises
  • Tasks that need writing
  • Reading recommendations

In my opinion, doing so is an efficient approach to playing a more active role in one’s own educational pursuits. In contrast to the majority of other classes, Stine makes specific reference to the accompanying Workbook. Because of this, it has a sense that is more closely connected to the video courses.


01 – Includes Spoilers

Although Stine’s books have been published for quite some time, this class does include some spoilers related to the in-depth readings of his works. In addition to that, this is not confined to his books.

Stine, drawing on the works of authors such as Ray Bradbury and Agatha Christie, reveals key aspects of the story that, if you read them, will completely spoil the books for you.

In my perspective, this disadvantage is not even worth mentioning. However, if this is something that troubles you, you should check out the reading that is suggested before you finish the course.

02 – Subjective Perspective

Although in some ways this is true of every MasterClass, I had a much stronger impression of the instructor’s partiality in Stine’s class. He is frequently unequivocal about his preferences and even devotes an entire chapter to explaining why his audience is superior to everyone else.

Therefore, although this is something that can’t really be avoided, I’d say it’s something that should be taken into consideration when choosing between taking a single course or purchasing an all-access pass. The latter certainly makes it possible to have a more well-rounded educational experience.

03 – Sometimes it moves very quickly

Despite the fact that Stine’s instruction is crystal clear, I have seen that at times he moves at a quite rapid pace. Because of this and the fact that each session is only a few minutes long, I frequently found myself missing important information and having to go back and listen to it again.

If you are the type of person who likes to take notes, you may find that reviewing previous lectures is necessary in order to get the most out of them. This is true for his close readings as well, which is why it’s helpful to follow along with the video or PDF version of the material.

04 – The lesson plan could be shortened

In spite of the fact that the lessons were clear and precise, I couldn’t help but feel that some of them could have been combined. Sometimes, it felt as though the chapters were a touch disjointed, even though they would have flowed better if they had been combined into one.

This format might appeal to you if you find that you have more success learning from shorter video sessions.

On the other hand, in my opinion, some of the lessons were so similar to one another that it seemed like they might have been combined. Additionally, it would have prevented the course from appearing to be too challenging.

Course Pricing – R L Stine Masterclass Review

Course Pricing - R L Stine Masterclass Review

There is a $180 fee for a year’s subscription to MasterClass. All of the MasterClasses are included in this subscription. Because of this, the cost per class decreases with the number of classes taken.

At $30-$45 each class, you’re getting a good deal if you’re interested in six or more classes. The value of these classes is unsurpassed, especially when given by world-renowned professionals. It’s a way to cheat the system.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is also available from MasterClass.

If you only want to purchase one course, you can do so, although the process is a bit cumbersome. MasterClasses can be purchased for yourself and given as a gift. The cost of this item is $90. The all-access pass, on the other hand, offers the most bang for your buck.

Who Should Take This Course?

In my opinion, those who would benefit the most from attending this MasterClass are those who:

  • Do you have an interest in writing for children or teenagers?
  • Excited to write, in particular, comedic and terrifying works
  • A supporter of Stine and the manner in which he writes
  • Seeking to compose a multi-volume book series

Someone who wants to write adult fiction or works that are not in the action/horror genre will benefit less from taking this program.

Many of Stine’s courses are geared toward the development of suspense, and he spends a significant amount of time instructing students on how to write for a variety of age groups.

If, on the other hand, any of the aforementioned descriptors apply to you, I believe that this class will provide you with some information that will be useful to you.

Alternative Courses – R L Stine Masterclass Review

In recent years, there have been a lot of writing classes offered not only on MasterClass but also on other platforms. The following are some of the courses that are now available on MasterClass:

  1. David Sedaris — Storytelling and Humor
  2. Amanda Gorman — Poetry
  3. Roxane Gay — Writing for Social Change
  4. Shonda Rhimes — Writing for Television
  5. Malcolm Gladwell — Writing
  6. Neil Gaiman — The Art of Storytelling
  7. David Baldacci — Mystery and Thriller Writing
  8. N. K. Jemisin — Fantasy and Science Fiction
  9. Joyce Carol Oates — The Art of the Short Story
  10. Margaret Atwood — Creative Writing
  11. Aaron Sorkin — Screenwriting
  12. Dan Brown — Writing Thrillers
  13. David Mamet — Dramatic Writing
  14. James Patterson — Writing
  15. Judy Blume — Writing
  16. Billy Collins — Reading and Writing Poetry
  17. Salman Rushdie — Storytelling and Writing
  18. Walter Mosley — Fiction and Storytelling
  19. Amy Tan — Fiction Writing

User Reviews – R L Stine Masterclass Review

My objective is to provide an R L Stine Masterclass review that is as objective and objective as possible. Therefore, it is important to bring attention to the opinions of other pupils, whether they are positive or negative.

During my study on Reddit and other online communities of a similar nature, I came across a variety of opinions regarding Stine’s class.

Some people felt that Stine wasn’t the ideal source for writing scary stories for children, and because he caters to a wide audience, he prioritizes quantity above quality in his work.

  • “Stine is great until you pass 10 years old. But I wouldn’t give him the rank of master, with all respect. His ‘teenage’ books were too kiddy, to earn the title of Master I think you should be able to be a bit more all around as a writer” – Comment from YouTube

Having said that, some people weren’t nearly as put off by Stine’s pitch to the general market. After all, Stine has always been successful in achieving his purpose as a writer, which is to encourage children to read.

  • When it comes to pulp writing, Stine is an excellent example. He is aware of the fact that he is writing for the mass market, and he embraces it. The absolute workhorses of the industry are often just as beneficial as the “literary writers who put out one book every four years” if you’re interested in learning about writing. – Comment by Reddit user

In fact, a large number of MasterClass participants thought Stine’s instruction was insightful. Some people even said it was their favorite online course:

  • After completing R. L. Stine’s MasterClass, I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed it! R. L. Stine provides us with a wealth of practical guidance, as well as insightful tidbits about his own writing process. In the app, I’ve taken various writing MasterClasses, but this one was my favorite. — MasterClass’s Comment

Is The Course Content Unique?

In short: No.

R. L. Stine has written extensively on the subject of his own writing style, including a book he co-authored with a fellow author. Most of these recommendations are oriented toward children rather than adults, so keep that in mind.

To be fair, most of Stine’s advice is presented in the context of a classroom resource for students learning creative writing, which doesn’t compare to MasterClass’s material.

In addition, MasterClass offers four hours of instruction in one convenient location. In addition to high-quality video and PDF resources, this includes a customized lesson plan. That’s what sets MasterClass distinct from the rest of the learning options, in my opinion.

R L Stine Masterclass Review – Is It Worth It?


If you are interested in writing for children or young adults and have a special passion for the horror genre, then I believe that this class is an excellent choice for you.

In addition, if you thought the lesson plan and trailer were interesting, there is a good chance that the actual class will live up to or perhaps exceed your expectations.

In addition, if you get the all-access pass, you will be able to enroll in as many writing and non-writing classes as your heart desires. It is recommended that you watch the trailers of many other MasterClass courses to determine which ones would be of interest to you.

In addition, MasterClass provides a 30-day return policy in the event that the class you purchased does not meet your expectations. This lessens the likelihood that you will waste money on a class that isn’t right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is R. L. Stine’s MasterClass?

The R. L. Stine MasterClass runs for a total of 3 hours, and 53 minutes and is broken down into 28 individual videos.

How much does R. L. Stine’s MasterClass cost?

An all-access pass to MasterClass can be purchased for $180 per year (or $15 per month). This grants you access to more than ninety different courses, one of which is the R. L. Stine MasterClass.

Can you get R. L. Stine’s MasterClass for free?

The R. L. Stine MasterClass is, alas, not available for free download or streaming. However, MasterClass provides a number of different purchase alternatives, and if you aren’t satisfied with the service, you may get your money back.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the R. L. Stine MasterClass?

If you make your purchase directly with MasterClass, you are eligible for a refund within the first 30 days after your purchase. If, however, you make your purchase through a different provider, the returns policy of that particular vendor may apply.

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