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This article of Ringo Starr Masterclass Review will provide you with the opportunity to read an in-depth evaluation of Ringo Starr’s Masterclass, including information on how the lessons are presented, who the course is best suited for, and the cost, Pros, and cons what I enjoyed about it, etc.

In addition to Ringo Starr, MasterClass has added a host of other notable figures from the worlds of sports, entertainment, politics, and culture to its roster of instructors.

There will be ten video sessions totaling nearly two hours in length in Starr’s new course on “Drumming and Creative Collaboration.”

Everything from how to choose the right drum kit necessities to how to connect with an audience and transmit passion and feeling with your drum sticks will be covered in the lessons taught by the drummer of the Beatles.

When it comes to personal stories about his life, MasterClass adds that Ringo Starr will also talk about his time working with the Beatles and with his All-Starr Band.

An official news release from MasterClass states that students would have “unique insight and access” into the life and career of drummer Gary Clark Jr.

In this Review of Ringo Starr Masterclass, students will be inspired to explore creative cooperation and equipped to begin their drumming journey and form a personal connection with music.”

Who Is Ringo Starr?

Who Is Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr was the final member of The Beatles’ original lineup, before the Ringo Starr Masterclass and he was born in Liverpool in 1940. Taking the globe by storm with their 1963 invasion of Britain and 1964 invasion of the United States, the Beatles ruled the world of popular music for the rest of the 1960s.

Ringo, John, Paul, and George became pop music idols almost immediately, and the quartet has remained at the top of the genre ever since. He’s also very active on the social networking site Twitter.

Some of the most creative drum parts of modern music can be found in Ticket To Ride and Come Together. Ringo’s contribution was a driving backbeat on the group’s rock and roll compositions.

His vocals can be heard on “With A Little Help From My Friends,” “Octopus’s Garden,” and “Yellow Submarine” by the group, as well as other songs.

The band disbanded in 1970 after expanding into more experimental and psychedelic areas. As a solo artist, Ringo had a successful solo career, as well as a successful film and television career.

Thomas the Tank Engine narration was my first introduction to him, whether I knew it or not. With his All-Starr band, Ringo has subsequently gone on tour with Paul McCartney, the other surviving Beatle.

As the drummer for the Beatles, Ringo has been hailed for his matching grasp, swinging style, and songwriter’s approach to the drums. Even though he isn’t the most technically proficient drummer, he has revolutionized the way music is felt.

He was voted the sixth greatest drummer of all time by Rolling Stone. For the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame, he’s been inducted once, and for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, twice.

What Is Masterclass?

What Is Masterclass

MasterClass Started in 2014 and has since grown to become one of the most well-known and widely used online education platforms.

The website’s mission is to provide high-quality, professionally produced classes from world-famous instructors.

Some of the site’s featured instructors include Gordon Ramsey, Natalie Portman, and Herbie Hancock, while the site’s course offerings range from acting to cooking to performing.

In spite of this one-of-a-kind selling pitch, MasterClass isn’t right for everyone, and neither the classes nor the teachers are identical.

Is the Ringo Starr MasterClass the best option for you at this time? Continue reading to discover out.

Course Overview – Ringo Starr Masterclass Review

Course Overview - Ringo Starr Masterclass Review

Ringo’s MasterClass features 12 video lessons. So far, I’ve completed 11 classes and participated in a live jam session with some of the most iconic performers in the history of music.

Taking the class also confers the following benefits, which are as follows: A supplemental workbook that might assist you in navigating the various lessons. The chance to interact and make connections with those who are also taking the course

Throughout this section, I’m going to describe each individual lesson that we covered in the class. The purpose of this is to provide you with a glimpse of what the MasterClass is like so that you can choose for yourself whether or not you would be interested in taking it.

Before we get started, I feel it’s important to mention that the majority of MasterClasses begin with an introductory lesson and end with a lesson that summarises what was covered. Because of the low teaching potential of these lessons, I decided to exclude them from the study.

Have You Heard This? Ringo’s Early Days 

This Ringo Starr MasterClass review will begin with a deep dive into the early days and his career as a drummer. Here, we get a chance to observe all of the influences—and there are a lot of them—that he had on his playing:

  • Blues
  • Electrifying Lightning Hopkins
  • Bo Diddley
  • Skiffle

We get a tremendous insight into all of the components that have come together (no pun intended) to make that unmistakable Ringo sound, which is one of the many wonderful things about this.

It just goes to demonstrate how interrelated music can be and how borrowing elements from other musical genres may result in the creation of something wholly original.

You will also have the opportunity to observe the manner in which Ringo instructs in this MasterClass, which is analogous to an elderly person telling a story while sitting in front of a fireplace.

Some people may anticipate a more formal method of instruction from Ringo, but given the breadth and depth of his knowledge, this approach proves to be beneficial.

Playing In Bands

The investigation into Ringo’s professional life will proceed in the usual manner. For the benefit of those who are unaware, Ringo’s first band to achieve significant success was Rory Storm and the Hurricanes.

However, he was headhunted for another group while the band was performing in Hamburg, and they ended up hiring him. You might be familiar with them, right? Who are those guys?

What happened after that, as the saying goes, is history. For someone who has followed the Beatles for such a long time, all of this information is common knowledge; nonetheless, hearing Ringo’s own perspective was incredibly unusual.

The fact that he taught some straight lessons on playing in bands by means of storytelling and tales is another distinctive aspect of his presentation. The following are some of the fundamental principles that Ringo’s drumming philosophy is based on:

  • When performing alongside other people, drummers are able to showcase their talents to the fullest.
  • The most vital part of the performance is improvisational work with the singer.
  • Playing an instrument is how one becomes a musician.
  • It is not as important to get everything perfect as it is to develop a good feel for it.
  • Don’t give it too much thought.

You Don’t Need A Lot: Drum Kit Essentials 

At long last, we get a look at Ringo playing the drum kit.

Let me simply tell you, if you are a drummer, you will like this instruction. The Ludwig configuration that Ringo uses is stunning in every way.

The most astounding thing about this game is that Ringo will truly teach you your first drum beat. In particular, for those who are just starting out, I wholeheartedly endorse participating in this activity.

If this is your first time studying, there are also some useful visual signals for you to look at.

Making The Kit Your Own 

In this session, you’ll build on what you’ve already learned about the drum set. When asked how he achieves his distinctive drum sound, Ringo goes into great depth in this interview.

Although most people are familiar with the traditional drum setup, Ringo has a few unique touches that make his kit his own. In my opinion, his best instrument is his second hi-hat, which can be used with his right hand when he has to play faster.

Something tells me this is something I should give a shot. Ringo also discusses the function of each drum and cymbal in his playing.

To understand MasterClass’s target audience, you must begin here. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been playing drums if you know what each drum does and sounds like.

But even so, it’s interesting to hear what Ringo has to say about the role that each of his drums plays when he performs life or records in the studio. For those who are new to the game, it’s a tremendous delight.

Navigating The Kit: Tips And Technique & Playing With Feel

These classes are grouped together because they all deal with the same subject matter: drum kit mechanics. There are a wide variety of ways to choose from in Lesson 6.

Among them:

  • Setting up the drum stool.
  • Rim-shot
  • Rolling with just one hand
  • Method of playing the bass with a pedal
  • Hi-hats that are open
  • The cymbals are silenced.
  • The chime on the escalator
  • Both singles and doubles games are available.
  • Flams

Turning Life Into Lyrics

Expect to be a secondary songwriter in a band that includes John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Even so, Ringo has had a hand in a few of The Beatles’ most well-known songs.

His bandmates used to tease him about Ringo. The music he’d brought in would turn out to be a cover of an existing song, but with fresh lyrics.

Nonetheless, as the other Beatles evolved, he kept learning, and gradually became a fully grown songwriter in his own right.

The anecdotes are why I enjoy them so much. Besides being enjoyable, they also serve a purpose in teaching you how to grow as an artist.

Connecting With Your Audience

The topic of performance will cover everything in this class. The most important thing I learned from it is that Ringo is still prone to nervousness.

Even after all of these years of performing in front of sold-out stadiums and on tours around the world, Ringo still gets nervous right before going on stage This was such a pleasant thing to hear.

You have the potential to become a legendary figure who influenced the development of contemporary music. However, at the end of the day, each and every one of us is still human.

Before going on stage, Ringo recommends that he consume a baked potato and some steamed vegetables in order to calm himself down. Why not give it a shot if you’re someone who gets easily nervous? It will be interesting to see if it is successful.

Different Strokes: Drum Demo With Jim Keltner And Gregg Bissonette

In this section of the course, Ringo solicits the assistance of two of his close friends. However, these aren’t your average buddies at all. Both Jim Keltner and Gregg Bissonette are widely regarded as two of the most skilled drummers currently working in the industry.

It is really invigorating to hear the viewpoints of other drummers, particularly when they discuss Ringo’s playing and the influence it has had on other drummers. It is very evident that they all respect one another.

The group discusses a few different case studies, both in terms of the function of drumming in general and Ringo’s own playing specifically. We have the opportunity to dissect each individual component that contributes to the distinctive sound of songs like “Come Together.”

Expanding Your Horizons

The drum set plays no part in the penultimate lesson. Experimenting, trying new things, and living life like Ringo is the focus of this book instead.

Other projects he’s been a part of include:

  • Painting
  • philanthropic endeavors
  • Activists for the environment
  • Electrified music
  • promoting a sense of well-being and harmony

Even if this lesson doesn’t help you improve your drumming, it’s wonderful to learn a little more about the overall life attitude of such an iconic man. I wish you peace and love, my friend.

An All-Starr Jam

A jam session with Ringo and some of his pals concludes the course. Ringo is accompanied by Jim and Gregg on drums.

The following people have joined them:

  • Lukather, Steve
  • Joe Walsh’s
  • East, Nathaniel
  • Jim Cox is the CEO of Cox Communications.

The Eagles, Eric Clapton, Toto, and a slew of other legendary bands have sent these musicians their way.

They play for 16 minutes straight. If you’re a fan of blues and rock music, you’ll enjoy this. Regardless, everyone can appreciate this session because of the apparent expertise and energy of these players.

Ringo’s ability to blend all of the lessons he’s learned into his jam is a genuine treat. These are indicated by small images that tell you how what he’s playing is enhancing the song’s overall performance. The MasterClass is over in a flash.

Pros & Cons – Ringo Starr Masterclass Review

Pros & Cons - Ringo Starr Masterclass Review


Outstanding Instructor

Ringo is often referred to as a drummer who is given too much praise. For the record, anyone who takes this assertion seriously either has yet to play or listen to the Beatles.

This MasterClass displays Ringo’s expertise even more clearly than before.

The breadth of his experience sets him apart from the majority of drummers. Ringo has been shaped by everything that has happened to him along the way, from his humble beginnings to his current level of renown, which is unmatched by any other drummer.

Educates You On How To “Feel” The Drums

Getting from A to B and playing grooves as quickly as possible is a primary goal of most instructors. Ringo does teach some basic grooves in the MasterClass, so there is some of that (which is really surreal).

However, the main focus is on how you, as a musician, can contribute to the music rather than just being a drummer.

For example, detailing his set-up or approach is done so that he may help the band as a whole improve their sound and overall experience.

After mastering the technical aspects of drumming, most drummers spend years striving to develop their “feel.”

The fact that you’re studying from a master’s drummer at this early stage is a huge advantage when it comes to honing your drumming feel.

Examples of Teaching Methods

The teaching manner was another aspect of this course that I greatly like. With his lengthy and exciting career in music, Ringo has plenty of knowledge to draw from.

In this MasterClass, he tells stories, anecdotes, and jokes from his long career as a performer. Ringo’s early days, his time with The Beatles and his solo career will be recounted.

I could sit and listen to Ringo’s stories for hours on end without becoming bored.

It’s like sitting around the campfire with your family and listening to stories from your grandfather’s youth. The fact that Ringo doesn’t look like an old man doesn’t mean he isn’t flawless.

The fact that these aren’t just stories is also a plus. As a result, Ringo’s message becomes more clear. You learn something about drumming and creativity from each story he delivers.


Not much to add, other than the fact that this class is enjoyable. It would be fun if Ringo was my teacher. The dynamic between Ringo, Jim, and Gregg is one that brings joy. The final jam was really breathtaking to witness.

It seems as though everyone who was a part of developing this course was having a wonderful time doing it. And the significance of that to my whole experience as a learner cannot be overstated.

It is also a kind of education in itself about how enjoyable creative expression, music, and particularly playing the drums can be when done well.


Basic: Not Recommended for Advanced Players

This course’s primary flaw is that it is overly simplistic. One thing to remember is that this is drumming training for complete beginners only.

You should be able to perform all the exercises and use the equipment in this section with some experience. It’s the same with every Beatles fan.

There are no new tidbits of wisdom in this article. Their greatest hits will be well-known to you, and you’ll know how they came together and how they made them. However, that doesn’t imply that this course lacks value.

Quite Simple: Not Long Enough

Another big issue is that the course is too short. I don’t think the two hours of content are worth the price of a stand-alone MasterClass given the price. This is due to a lack of content.

This course was a breeze for me, and I was left wanting more. There was a lot more information that could’ve been included in each session, but I understand that Ringo has a lot on his plate.

You’d think that after all these years of playing, he might offer a few more tips and tricks to the students.

Who Should Take This Class?

There are a few distinct populations that I believe could benefit from taking this course:

  • Fans of the Beatles who are interested in learning more about the band’s history
  • Those wishing to develop their feel on the drums
  • Anyone with an interest in playing the drums
  • Those that take pleasure in gaining knowledge through personal stories
  • Drummers just starting out who are hoping to learn some basic methods and set-up tricks

Course Pricing – Ringo Starr Masterclass Review

Course Pricing - Ringo Starr Masterclass Review

At the time of this writing, MasterClass subscriptions cost $180 a year, or $15 per month. You get access to MasterClass’s 100+ courses with this subscription. So, if you enroll in more courses, you’ll save money in the end.

By enrolling in 6-8 classes that interest you, you can expect to pay $30-$45 per class. Price aside, this makes a lot more sense, especially because you’ll be learning from some of the world’s most famous musicians!

Additionally, MasterClass gives a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the course. If a certain course is all that interests you, you can purchase it on its own.

I know it’s confusing, but you can buy one MasterClass and give it to yourself as a present, essentially gifting the course to yourself. There is a $90 fee for this service. But with so many courses to select from, I don’t think you’ll be interested in just one.

Ringo Starr Masterclass Review – Is It Worth It?

Even though this is an extremely enjoyable course, as a lifelong Beatles fan and Ringo lover I’m obviously a little biassed and have been thoroughly impressed. However, the answer is contingent on your objectives and the information you’re seeking. This might not be the greatest place to go if you’re an advanced drummer seeking ways to improve.

A lot of the lessons in this MasterClass that deal with songwriting and feeling can be found in other places, so you don’t need to spend as much time on them. Furthermore, due to its short duration, this course isn’t particularly valuable on its own.

If you’ve never played the drums and are interested in taking this course, I encourage you to do so. The late, great Ringo Starr is unquestionably one of the greatest musicians of all time. You may learn a lot about drumming techniques through his anecdotes and manner, which are both entertaining and educational.

You’ll learn a lot from him, and you’ll get to watch it all come together in a jam with his pals. It’s a rare but important concept that isn’t often discussed in beginner-level courses, and it’s addressed in every aspect of this course. Don’t forget that MasterClass subscriptions include access to this course and a slew of others.

Thank you for reading this article in Ringo Starr Masterclass Review. If you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions regarding this article, please write them in the comment section below. And don’t be hesitant about passing on this piece of knowledge to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Ringo Starr’s MasterClass? 

1 hour and 49 minutes lengthy, with a total of 12 video lessons to be viewed.

How much does the Ringo Starr MasterClass cost?

An all-access pass to MasterClass can be purchased for $180 per year (or $15 per month). This grants you access to more than one hundred classes, one of which is Ringo Starr’s Masterclass.

Can you get Ringo Starr’s MasterClass for free?

No, the Masterclass with Ringo does not come at a cost. However, if you are not satisfied, there are many options and refunds available to you.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the Ringo Starr MasterClass?

You can get a refund from MasterClass if you buy directly from them. If you buy from a third-party vendor, their return policy may be applicable.

Can I buy Ringo Starr’s MasterClass by itself?

Using the “gift” option provided by MasterClass, you are able to purchase the course on its own. The course can be taken on its own for a fee of $90.00.

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