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This article on “Ron Finley Masterclass Review” will provide you with the opportunity to read an in-depth evaluation of Ron Finley’s Masterclass, including information on how the lessons are presented, who the course is best suited for, the cost, and what I liked about it, etc.

Ron Finley loves gardening very much. He knows how empowering it is to plant and grow your own food and make your surroundings look nice. “If kids grow kale, kids eat kale,” he said in his TED talk. “If kids grow tomatoes, kids eat tomatoes.”

He is one of the most well-known people who support guerilla gardening. A man who fought so that people in Los Angeles could grow food along the curbs.

The Ron Ron Finley Masterclass Review promises to teach you everything you need to know and give you all the tools you need to make something beautiful and feed yourself out of any soil, anywhere.

But does it deliver what it says it will? This Ron Finley Masterclass Review will help you answer that question and a lot of others. I’ll talk about what I liked and what I learned, as well as one or two things I didn’t like as much.

Who Is Ron Finley?

Concerning Ron Finley

Ron Finley quickly gained notoriety, Following his 2013 “guerilla gardener” TED Talk. If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth your 10 minutes:

In it, he recounts how he confronted the LA Police Department and put his freedom in danger to gain the authority to convert unused public land into a productive oasis.

To succeed, one needed guts, enthusiasm, and strong persuasive skills in addition to gardening expertise. So he did. He is hence the ideal instructor for a gardening MasterClass.

Ron launched a thriving food forest movement that has changed communities in cities across the US by aggressively asking the city to permit communities to cultivate in vacant, underutilized sites. Since that time, Finley’s fan base has grown significantly.

Ron is motivating people all over the world to take charge of their diets, rebel against the fast-food industry, and make the planet more beautiful with his message that “drive-thrus are murdering more people than drive-bys.”

His goal is to influence the future generation to view horticulture as cool and Gansta, as opposed to firearms and gangs. He’s “altering the vernacular,” in his words. That is how the Gangsta Gardener mythology came to be.

On top of that, you can find Ron Finley on Twitter, where he has more than 20k followers, and he regularly shares interesting and thought-provoking anecdotes with his audience there.

What Is MasterClass?

What is MasterClass

MasterClass, a San Francisco-based online learning platform, has been the leading resource for creative professionals since 2015. You can even learn while you’re on the road because the course materials and content are all available on your computer or mobile device.

MasterClass is a place where aspiring authors, cooks, painters, musicians, magicians, photographers, leaders, and other creatives go to acquire new ideas from famous experts, unlike other online learning platforms that concentrate on skills like coding or marketing. It’s the ideal setting for learning tried-and-true information or developing your craft.

With more than 85 programs from instructors including Martin Scorsese, Neil Gaiman, and Gordon Ramsay, MasterClass offers a special chance to learn from some of the most accomplished individuals in their areas.

Having said that, MasterClass unquestionably isn’t for everybody.

I, therefore, intend to highlight both what I liked and learned in this Ron Finley Masterclass Review as well as what I felt may have been done better. The objective is to aid you in determining whether this course is the best fit for you.

Course Overview – Ron Finley Masterclass Review

What you can expect from Ron Finley's Gardening Masterclass

This MasterClass is about understanding the why behind it, not just how to raise your own food. To lead by example, Finley aspires. He wants people to value their own lives, learn more about the globe, and treat the planet with respect.

The ten lessons in the Ron Ron Finley Masterclass Review range in length from 5 to 20 minutes. It has a running time of 2 hours and 11 minutes and is broken up into the following four sections:

  1. Meet your instructor
  2. Starting and Maintaining a Garden
  3. Growing Your Own Food
  4. Gardening for the Greater Good

1. Meet Your Instructor

Ron Finley As Your Instructor

Ron firmly believes in gardening’s ability to transform lives. And you can immediately physically feel it. He begins by defining the term “gangsta gardener.”

It’s all about knowledge transfer. lost information due to the allure of fast food. understanding of how to “let nature do what nature does,” turn the desert into paradise, and take charge of the nourishment you put into your body.

With his MasterClass, Finley hopes to:

  • Feel the power and magic of, “growing your own damn food”
  • Understand there’s a big part of your life – how to feed yourself – that you can control
  • Learn how NOT to kill your plants
  • Share the lessons of gardening with the next generation

2. Starting And Maintaining A Garden

Getting Dirty

Getting Dirty

Initially, Ron walks you through “every damn thing” you need to know about soil.

You will discover:

  • Determine the type of soil you have.
  • Make your earth the greatest growing medium possible (loamy soil)
  • mimic the composting process used by nature to nourish the soil.
  • Understand what to put in your compost and what not to.
  • To improve the soil in your garden, attract worms.
  • Check your soil for contaminants and use planting to clean up harmful soil.

Some specialized vocabulary is employed, but everything is clarified onscreen. Additionally, the companion workbook has glossaries in every lesson, which is a huge help.

Creating Planters

Ron uses commonplace materials to demonstrate how you can reuse them as planters and containers. He goes over the equipment you’ll need for this as well as the equipment every gardener requires.

Additionally, he will advise you on which materials not to use, particularly if you intend to eat the produce you cultivate.

It was a great lesson. I do have a garden, but it is mostly occupied by extremely old plants. I’m interested in learning more since I want to grow food in containers. This might drastically alter the way you view gardening.

How Not to Kill Your Plants

How Not to Kill Your Plants

A skilled teacher will anticipate potential errors and prepare their students for them.

Ron acts in this manner here. Ron explains why you should: increase your chances of gardening success.

  • Before you begin, determine your climate zone and the dates of the last frost.
  • Be able to evaluate your microclimate and comprehend how to change it.
  • Learn how to use several methods to revitalize, rejuvenate, or save plants.
  • Recognize whether a plant needs more or less water or doesn’t get enough light.
  • Invest in the healthiest plants.

Increasing Your Bounty

In this session, Ron offers you numerous financial savings. It all comes down to employing propagation to multiply minor victories. Or even better, use someone else’s accomplishments to seed your garden!

Ron explains and does a multiplication demonstration:

  • Fruit trees
  • Sugarcane
  • And succulents

3. Growing Your Own Food

Growing Your Own Food

Ron moves on from the fundamentals of gardening in this lesson to how to put them into practice. I was thrilled to see him use the earlier-made containers to put what this MasterClass has covered up to this point into practice.

He talks about a variety of veggies while always mentioning their nutrients. Additionally, he thoroughly describes all of his choices and deeds so that you may understand why he made them and what would happen if he didn’t.

You’ll discover how to cultivate, care for, and harvest:

  • Leafy greens from seedlings
  • Legumes from seed
  • Sweet potatoes from both the vine and the tuber
  • Herbs from seedlings – especially herbs that are good for beginners

4. Gardening for the Greater Good

Planting a Revolution and Finding Your Creativity

A David and Goliath-style tale about Ron’s battle with the system is recounted in this final portion. He’s risking his own liberty in the process.

It’s an uplifting tale about fostering a sense of community and making a difference in people’s lives.

Also, it’s an honest, hard-hitting assessment of the food business. That which we consume isn’t making us healthy, but rather enriching many others, is what Ron is saying.

Ron advises you to begin growing your own food as soon as possible. The bottom line of food producers can be impacted if enough of us do that. As a result, things have to alter.

Another reason why this is dubbed ‘gangsta’.

The Pros – Ron Finley Masterclass Review

I like this workshop overall. Given that I’ve only recently begun growing my own food, its introduction came at a particularly advantageous time for me. The highlights and lessons that I thought were particularly valuable are listed below:

Ron has a laid-back and simple-to-understand teaching approach. He explains things thoroughly and quickly.

The length of this masterclass is perfect; in some other masterclasses I’ve attended, there was too much blather. Not so with this gardening session. It fits perfectly.

A useful workbook that you can use as your primary source of reference after finishing the course. It is very skillfully written.

The gardening methods Ron teaches will help you to grow almost any type of vegetable. Detailed how-to tutorials. But he also takes the time to demonstrate how to cultivate, tend to, and harvest a number of the most straightforward veggies.

Lots of helpful advice: Ron provides a wealth of real-world advice throughout the course. For instance, shaking plants apart rather than pulling them apart instantly lowers the risk of ripping the roots or otherwise harming the plant.

Ron became interested in urban gardening after learning about the various plants’ medicinal qualities. One of the reasons for this was the fact that it was nearly impossible to find fresh produce in his neighborhood. Giving their bodies what they required would help people live better lives. Naturally, Ron gives information about the numerous health benefits of the crops he grows as he progresses through the program.

The Cons- Ron Finley Masterclass Review

Regarding this option, there are in fact no drawbacks. It is of such high quality. The one thing that I would have loved to have seen him do, which he did not really do, was to discuss the topic of pest management. I was hoping that he would.

Who Should Attend Ron Finley’s MasterClass?

Because gardening is such a diverse activity, I think everyone can benefit from Ron Finley’s MasterClass. His laid-back presentation of useful how-tos for tending a garden will teach you a lot. This course is ideal for those who:

  • Are interested in gardening yet unsure of where to begin
  • are enthusiastic about gardens and plants
  • experience with gardening but not in cities
  • not at all interested in gardening (but are willing to be persuaded)

The idea that only gardeners with a green thumb can prosper is dispelled by Ron Finley. He contends that because we share many biological processes with plants, we can all comprehend their complexity and learn how to care for them in the same way that we do for ourselves.

Ron Finley dispels the myth that growing plants requires a lot of room through his container initiatives. Anyone can grow their own food with the help of this course on a cement yard, a tiny balcony, or a window sill.

Plans & Pricing – Ron Finley Masterclass Review

Ron Finley's MasterClass Cost

The three alternatives available to you if you want to enroll in Ron Finley’s MasterClass are as follows:

  • $25/monthly membership
  • $60 for a three-month commitment (saves you 20 percent )
  • a yearly subscription of $180 (saves you 40 percent )

Although the subscription fee may seem high, it offers you access to all 90+ MasterClass courses, including those on food taught by Gordon Ramsay and Alice Waters.

Additionally, keep in mind that each MasterClass represents the culmination of someone’s lifetime of labor into a collection of engaging videos. In other words, even if the Ron Finley MasterClass isn’t a good fit for you, odds are good that you’ll find another MasterClass that is.

Why Is Ron Finley The Ideal Role Model?

The “Gangster Gardener,” Ron Finley, turned the little patch of ground in front of his house between the sidewalk and the street into a productive vegetable garden. Ron Finley is the ideal mentor for folks without their own garden because he grows food in metropolitan areas.

How did Ron Finley come to be known as the “Gangster Gardener” then? He was raised in South Central Los Angeles, a community that frequently had to deal with the harsh realities of gang violence, food insecurity, and poverty.

In the space between his house and the street, Ron Finley planted banana plants when he was an adolescent. However, in order to avoid a citation, L.A. authorities made him cut them down.

A few years later, in an effort to sustain himself and share big crops with his neighbors, he tried to plant tomatoes, melons, broccoli, and kale but was once again cited. He would have been subject to an arrest warrant as a repeat offender.

Instead, he was successful in his efforts to modify the statute in City Hall. Ron and the rest of South Central L.A. were allowed to produce veggies without worrying about getting fined in vacant lots all over the neighborhood.

Following Ron Finley’s brave efforts, communities around the US started to imitate him, sparking a revolution in the development of communal gardens to reduce the consumption of harmful foods.

After his 2013 TED talk about his tale of defiance in a place where “drive-thrus are killing more people than the drive-bys,” his journey to popularity continues. Ron Finley is devoted to assisting people in learning how to grow their own food and is a well-known guerilla gardening proponent and community organizer.

He is aware of the strength a garden may provide in terms of sustenance and aesthetic appeal. Ron Finley’s MasterClass is the only place where the topic of urban gardening is better suited for discussion.

Things You Will Need

Ron demonstrates the equipment he uses in his garden. I would say the following is necessary to get started:

  • A set of hand trowels
  • Clippers (bypass pruning shears)
  • Soil scoop
  • Gardening gloves
  • A round point shovel 

Once you get going you should then invest in a:

  • Hori Hori Knife
  • Serrated Knife
  • Cordless power drill (especially for making planters)
  • And a Folding hand saw

What You Will Get Inside Ron Finley Masterclass?

What Do You Get In Ron Finley MasterClass?


The runtime is a little over 2 hours, which I found to be a bit short in comparison to other MasterClasses I’ve previously taken. However, despite its briefness, this MasterClass is jam-packed with knowledge. I found that watching the course at 1.5x speed allowed me to finish it in roughly one and a half hours.

Supplemental Material

The class workbook for this MasterClass, which is available as a download and contains additional information not addressed in the videos, is 41 pages long. For instance, the workbook goes into greater information about temperatures and the kinds of plants that grow best where you are.

Community Access

Loyal students seeking to interact with other gardeners can be found on Ron Finley’s Community page, also known as “The Hub” on MasterClass. At the time of writing, this class is still less than a year old, yet this is without a doubt the most active Community page I’ve seen on MasterClass.

Conclusion: Ron Finley Masterclass Review

The instruction is concise, rapid-fire, and meticulously planned. Ron’s direct style is engaging, thought-provoking, and passionate. Although it is brief, it fulfills its promise to get you gardening successfully, productively, and quickly.

It’s also timely. If you have even a passing concern for the environment or the caliber of the food you consume, it will inspire you to start acting in a way that will have an impact.

Although I believe there is enough information for intermediate gardeners to learn from, beginners will undoubtedly get the greatest benefits. Especially the distinctive manner Ron makes the most out of cramped quarters.

Even those who believe they have “black thumbs” will begin to believe that everything is possible because of Ron’s unwavering confidence that anyone can grow anything anyplace.

Thank you for reading this article on “Ron Finley Masterclass Review” If you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions regarding this article, please write them in the comment section below. And don’t be hesitant about passing on this piece of knowledge to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Ron Finley MasterClass cost?

The annual cost of a MasterClass all-access pass is $180 ($15 per month). With this, you have access to Ron Finley’s course in addition to more than 85 additional courses.

Can I get the Ron Finley MasterClass for free?

The Ron Finley MasterClass is unfortunately not available for free. However, MasterClass offers a variety of payment methods and refunds if you’re not satisfied.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the Ron Finley MasterClass?

The Ron Finley MasterClass is unfortunately not available for free. However, MasterClass offers a variety of payment methods and refunds if you’re not satisfied.

How long is the Ron Finley MasterClass?

There are 10 lessons in all, lasting a total of 2 hours, 11 minutes.

Can I buy the Ron Finley MasterClass as a gift?

Yes. You must choose the gift option from the main menu, then scroll down until you find and choose the Ron Finely class. Make sure you choose “continue with a single class” after that.

Is Ron Finley MasterClass worth it?

Do you recommend the Ron Finley MasterClass? Yes, if you want to learn the fundamentals of gardening (even if you don’t have a yard), this MasterClass is for you, since Finley gives detailed, step-by-step guidance on how to get your own garden up and running.

Where is Ron Finley’s garden?

The West Adams house of Ron Finley, aka the Gangsta Gardener, features a landscape rich in fruit trees, veggies, and succulents. Sure, even in the water.

What is the Ron Finley project?

A horticulture instruction facility run by Ron on a non-profit basis, The Ron Finley Project is located in South Central Los Angeles. Ron’s organization instructs kids and adults alike in the art of backyard gardening.

Does Ron Finley have a book?

Ron Finley book name is Future Earth: The Earth Day Gratitude Project.

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