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This article (RuPaul Masterclass Review) will provide you with the opportunity to read an in-depth evaluation of RuPaul’s Masterclass, including information on how the lessons are presented, who the course is best suited for, the cost, and what I enjoyed about it, etc.

Self-expression and being true to one’s self are at the center of RuPaul’s Masterclass. He teaches you how to cultivate the self-assurance necessary to authentically express who you are and to extract the utmost pleasure from life. In addition to imparting some of his drag queen wisdom.

“I am going to show you how to become the most powerful version of yourself in this RuPaul Masterclass Review. Believe me, you were destined to do this from the moment you were born.

One of the most well-known and respected drag queens of the 21st century is RuPaul. And Ru’s Drag Race is responsible for sparking creativity in the lives of millions of individuals all over the world.

But to what extent does the RuPaul MasterClass on self-expression and authenticity live up to its reputation? Will you, in the end, discover who you truly are and learn to live your life without making amends? Or are you simply going to be forced to hunt for a refund?

What exactly will you learn, is the RuPaul MasterClass truly going to be worth the money, and most importantly, is it going to be a good fit for you? The purpose of this RuPaul Masterclass Review is to assist you in making your own judgment.

Who Is RuPaul?

Who Is RuPaul

RuPaul Andre Charles, known mononymously as RuPaul, is an American drag queen, television judge, musician, and model.

As a model, singer/songwriter, actress, and TV personality, RuPaul Andre Charles had a quick rise to fame. However, it was RuPaul’s Drag Race that made him a household name in 2009.

Since then, Drag Race has amassed the most Emmys in the history of the organization. earning 19 Emmys, including six in 2020, and eight in the category of “outstanding host” (making RuPaul the person with the most wins in that category).

His star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which Jane Fonda remarked should have been three times as large as anyone else’s, is the first given to a drag artist. In addition, he was included in Time Magazine’s list of the world’s 100 most important people.

However, his journey to self-discovery has not been an easy one despite this. Challenge and discrimination have met him on the road, and he’s dealt with it all.

With Ru’s MasterClass, you’ll learn from his own personal experiences and gain insight into how to truly love and accept yourself so that you may fully enjoy your life.

In addition, RuPaul may be found on Twitter, where he has over 1.5M followers and where he regularly offers interesting content.

What Is MasterClass?

What Is MasterClass

MaterClass is a web-based platform for education. When it was first launched in 2015, its primary goal was to make genius available to everyone. Unlike other online courses, MasterClass has instructors who have achieved global renown in their respective fields of study.

Each class is made up of recorded video courses, a workbook, and online access to a community of like-minded students with whom you may converse and gain feedback from one another on your work. Every MasterClass has a high level of quality output. Making each class a unique and memorable experience for the students.

Even the teaser trailers don’t let you down. You can see from the comments below that a lot of people say these are the only ads they watch to the end!

More than 150 seminars were taught by top chefs and beauty experts like Gordon Ramsay, Tan France, Brandon McMillan, and Bobbi Brown. The masterClass is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn from the most accomplished professionals in any subject.

The masterClass isn’t for everyone, that much is certain.

To that end, I’m writing this RuPaul MasterClass review in the hopes of highlighting both the positive and the constructive aspects of the course. The goal is to aid you in making an informed decision about whether or not this is the correct path for you.

Course Overview – RuPaul Masterclass Review

Course Cost & Pricing - RuPaul Masterclass Review

1. Meet Your Instructor

Acquaint yourself with the one and only RuPaul. After hearing his quick introduction on what drag means to him and what it means to genuinely be yourself in this world, you will be anxious to hear what else he has to offer you in the remaining courses in this course.

2. Finding Your Frequency

Finding your own personal truth and figuring out how to be as genuine as you can be is of the utmost importance here. A little bit of meditation and some slow, deep breathing can go a long way.

3. Cultural Lighthouses for the Soul

Who or what motivates you? It’s time for you to really concentrate in on those powerhouses that actually speak to you on a deeper level. RuPaul has his list of A-list heroes that have inspired his life, and you should do the same.

4. Cultivating Your Tribe

This lesson is all about focusing on the people in your life who will continually boost you up, rather than the individuals who will drag you down. After getting a glimpse of some of the important people in RuPaul’s inner circle, you might find yourself questioning which relationships in your own life are the most significant.

5. Seeing Yourself

This is all about coming to terms with what has happened in your past, regardless of how painful or terrible those experiences may have been. Every one of our adventures is designed to teach us something, and it’s up to us to figure out how to get through the difficult feelings and get to the point where we can appreciate the good times when they arrive.

6. Navigating the World Around You

It is important not to give bullies the upper hand. Now is the time to show those who are obstructing your way who really runs the show, whether they are actual people standing in your way or the loud voices in your head that are telling you that your goals are unattainable.

7. Owning the Room

It is well knowledge that RuPaul can command the attention of whatever audience she enters. You will have a thorough understanding of how to take full control of who you are and project an air of self-assurance in any and all circumstances by reading this.

8. There Is No Such Thing as Failure

According to RuPaul, experiencing failure is an essential part of the process of figuring out who you are as an individual. When you are at your lowest point, your passion and determination are what will pull you back up and carry you beyond what you ever imagined was possible.

9. Proportion and Presentation

Be aware of your perspective. RuPaul argues that when it comes to presenting yourself in front of other people, it is essential to take note of your proportions and individual strengths. It’ll help you dress better, look better, and feel better.

10. A Conversation with RuPaul and Zaldy

RuPaul sits down with his longtime costume designer Zaldy for a conversation in which they discuss what it takes to create look after look that is guaranteed to stand out on the runway.

11. The Big Reveal

In this final segment, RuPaul discusses the fundamentals that can assist you in leading your best life. He emphasizes to everyone how essential it is to know oneself well on the inside and out and to remain consistent with one’s identity at all times.

Pros & Cons – Rupaul Masterclass Review

Pros & Cons - Rupaul Masterclass Review


1. Unusual chance to gain knowledge from one of the most powerful persons in the world

RuPaul is a man who has struggled with addiction, trauma, and discrimination throughout his life. Despite this, he has discovered a way to unashamedly live life to the fullest while remaining true to who he is.

And as a direct result of doing so, he is now recognized on a global scale and holds a number of prestigious accolades. His show, which went on to win an Emmy, has brought a previously obscure subculture into the public eye and paved the door for others to be authentically themselves as well.

In this regard, he is unquestionably an excellent pick to serve as the instructor for a MasterClass on self-expression and genuineness.

2. Authentic and driven delivery

When designing the framework for this session, Ru draws openly and honestly from his own experiences in life.

The emotion it evoked in me was undeniable, and I found myself wiping away tears on multiple times. What’s more important is that it caused me to think about what Ru was saying in a much more profound and thoughtful manner.

And because of this, even after the MasterClass was ended, I couldn’t stop thinking about the things that Ru had taught us.

3. Lots of universally applicable advice

Throughout each and every lecture, Ru made it a point to underline how applicable his advice is to everyone. Not just homosexual males or drag queens.

His explanation of how he sees drag as simply a more obvious form of what we all do – add to our appearance when we get out of the shower – served as a good introduction to this topic and set the tone for the rest of the discussion.

In addition, this point was driven home repeatedly all the way through. Especially during the times, I spent working with Zaldy and Raven.

4. Guest appearances that inspire

This MasterClass has a theme that revolves around getting three things for the price of one. You will not only receive advice from Ru, but also from the fashion designer Zaldy Goco and the drag queen and makeup artist David Petruschin (aka Raven).

Zaldy will lead you through how the construction of garments may be used to change your silhouette, and Raven will walk you through how to apply makeup in order to bring out your natural beauty.

5. Superb screen visuals and essential takeaways.

This MasterClass provides a strong foundation for learning by making effective use of screen graphics as well as close-ups.

The courses that Ru teaches are succinct, fast-paced, and packed with information; there is a lot to absorb, but the important highlights help to condense and solidify comprehension.

6. Good activities with a companion workbook

The class is accompanied by a useful workbook that is 42 pages long. Because it is in PDF format, you may save it on your computer and print it off for future use. It does a fantastic job of acting as a post-class recap of the material covered and adds additional information such as:

  • A fun quiz to reveal your drag identity
  • A global perspective on the history of drag
  • In the past the practice of cross-dressing
  • A rundown of some of the most popular cosmetics
  • Wig care tips


1. A very brief class

I’ve participated in more than a dozen MasterClasses, and this one is among the quickest ones.

It moves quite quickly and contains a lot of information all at once. In addition to this, it has strong backing from the workbook. On the other hand, if you’re interested in taking a class that covers more ground over a longer period of time, you might want to explore elsewhere.

2. Some components have a clear drag culture focus.

Ru is adamant that his guidance is appropriate for all individuals. And a good portion of it is. In particular, the more philosophical suggestions for personal development.

On the other hand, I would say that the chapters on cosmetics and (to a certain extent) outfits are more directed toward drag queens. Or, if not drag, then definitely a flamboyant female or a man who dresses as a female!

3. Certain locations are more theoretical than practical

For those hoping for a comprehensive set of instructions outlining in step-by-step detail how they might improve their authenticity and self-expression, you may be let down.

Ru tells his story in a heartfelt and open manner. His methods for dealing with trauma, unleashing chutzpah, and living life to its fullest are described in detail.

However, there is little information on how to use these methods on oneself.

As an example, while I understand what he means when he refers to “frequency,” I’m not sure I’d be able to tap into it simply by sitting in a room and listening.

Who Should Take This Course?

In my opinion, this course is appropriate for anyone who can check off one or more of the following requirements:

  • RuPaul fan Open-minded
  • Having low levels of self-assurance
  • Recuperating after a traumatic experience or an addiction
  • desires to give their life a new direction and are looking for the drive to achieve so
  • And I probably would have mentioned that it was less suitable for straight men as well.

However, there were a number of comments on the YouTube clip for the class that was similar to the following two:

  • “I am a straight male with no personal interest in doing drag, yet I have no difficulty admitting that I would devour this entire course in a single night,” he said. “I have no problem admitting that I would eat this entire course in one night.”
  • “Even though I’m a complete straight person, I’d observe his class,” he said.

Course Costs & Pricing – RuPaul Masterclass Review

At the time this article was written, MasterClass had three different subscription plans available. This is how much it will set you back (per month):

  • Individual (1 user) $15
  • Duo (2 users) $20
  • Family (6 users) $23

In the beginning, this may appear to be an expensive option, but it’s actually quite reasonable. Taking as many classes as possible, on the other hand, can significantly minimize your expenses.

With more than 150 courses on the platform, you’re bound to find something that piques your curiosity. Only $12 a course even if you buy a single subscription and only take 10% of the courses that you’re interested in.

$180 / 15 courses = $12 per year for an individual subscription.

Considering that these classes are conducted by world-renowned experts, the value is unparalleled. You may spend more than $100 for an online course given by someone you’ve never heard of, let alone MasterClass’s teachers.

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, MasterClass offers a 30-day refund policy. MasterClass can be given as a present as well.

RuPaul´s Masterclass Workbook Pdf

My masterclass review shows that you receive a lot of value for your money when you purchase one of these seminars. Access to a community where you may talk to other students about what you’re studying is an important part of the program. They and RuPaul’s team will also be there to answer any questions you may have.

As a bonus, each masterclass comes with an accompanying workbook. You can download it and read it at any time because it is in PDF format. Doing so is something I always do and strongly recommend to others.

With RuPaul’s notebook, there’s always a little something extra in there. In there, you will get a lot of additional information. Presented in a highly visual manner, all of which is shown. Making it a pleasure to read while also making it easy to take in.

Course Alternatives: RuPaul Masterclass Review

On the platform of MasterClass itself, there are a few alternate options available.

Tan France presents a MasterClass for anyone interested in fashion. There are some topics that are covered that are also covered in Ru’s class, but the primary emphasis of Tan’s lesson is on improving confidence through the use of clothing.

Consideration should also be given to the true communication lesson that Robin Roberts taught in her class. Naturally, if you have an all-access pass, you’ll be able to do all three!

Coursera provides users with access to a variety of general courses that focus on personal development. These are typically quite particular topics (for example, “professional success”), and academics are the ones who teach them. Additionally, Coursera’s pricing structure is notoriously difficult to comprehend.

There is also the option of taking the Lifebook online course, which is a complete program for personal development that focuses on a variety of facets of one’s life.

Having said that, you will have a difficult time finding anything that is less expensive than a MasterClass when you consider the value you gain from having access to the insights of more than 150 well-known people from all around the world.

Is The Course Content Unique?

Definitely not.

In a series of 15-minute YouTube videos, Ru answers questions about identity, family, culture, and job, among others. The MasterClass serves as a synthesis of all of Ru’s thoughts.

His courses are meticulously planned to ensure that each concept flows smoothly into the next. In addition, the workbook offers more details, exercises, and resources. Additionally, the RuPaul MasterClass community provides a ready-made forum of like-minded individuals.

The best part is that there are no commercials to watch.

As a supplement to the course material, Ru has also written a book titled Guru. Book versions are far less organized and less thorough than this online course. It’s worth a look if, like me, you prefer to learn by reading.

Things Your Will Be Required

Nothing else is required than an open mind and a willingness to listen to the other person. If you don’t have any cosmetics, though, you’ll need the following items:


  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Eyebrow brush
  • Foundation 
  • Face powder
  • Makeup brushes
  • Eyeliner
  • Eye shadow
  • Eyebrow brushes
  • Blending brush
  • Lipstick and lip liner

For drag

  • Traynor facelift kit
  • Glue stick
  • Wig and wig cap

RuPaul Masterclass Review: Is It Worth It?

On balance, absolutely.

You should plan to spend at least two hours on this MasterClass. It provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gain motivation from a living icon.

RuPaul is a man who has struggled with addiction, trauma, and discrimination throughout his life. But despite this, he has discovered a way to remain honest with who he is and to unashamedly enjoy every moment of his life.

Ru opens up about his life and experiences in a way that is both emotional and honest. And he talks about the strategies that helped him get past his traumatic experiences, find his chutzpah, and live his life to the fullest.

Although he does provide some practical advice, if you are searching for an easy-to-follow step-by-step method that will help you become more genuine, you may discover that this course does not provide enough detail for your needs.

However, if you keep an open mind and are prepared to listen, his concepts will leave an impression on you that will stay with you long after the session is finished.

Thank you for reading this article “Rupaul Masterclass Review.” If you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions regarding this article, please write them in the comment section below. And don’t be hesitant about passing on this piece of knowledge to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is RuPaul’s MasterClass?

This training comprises 16 individual classes that are organized into four distinct parts. It takes 1 hour and 59 seconds to complete.

How much does the RuPaul MasterClass cost?

A pass that grants access to all MasterClass content costs $180. This will grant you access to all of the more than 150 classes and the resources associated with them for a period of one year.

Can I get the RuPaul MasterClass for free?

Sadly no. However, MasterClass provides a number of different purchase alternatives, and if you aren’t satisfied with the service, you may get your money back.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the RuPaul MasterClass?

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee available through MasterClass. If, however, you acquire your MasterClass pass from a different source, you may want to look into the terms and conditions of their refund policy.

How much does MasterClass cost?

What is the price of MasterClass? For $180 per year, members have unrestricted access to all existing and future offerings. In addition to HD videos and online course materials, all MasterClass subscriptions also get access to our mobile and TV apps.

Can you get MasterClass for free?

Although a 30-day money-back guarantee is available, a free trial is not. Is MasterClass just available on a yearly basis, or are there monthly options as well? You can cancel your MasterClass subscription at any time during the first 30 days if you are not completely satisfied with the service.

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