Tan France Masterclass Review

This article (Tan France Masterclass Review) will provide you with the opportunity to read an in-depth evaluation of Tan France’s Masterclass, including information on how the lessons are presented, who the course is best suited for, the cost, and what I enjoyed about it, etc.

For those who want to “be the best version of themselves,” Tan France’s MasterClass may be the answer. Tan has helped tens of thousands of people discover and stay true to their own personal style through his empathy and integrity.

His goal is to bring out the best in everyone, regardless of their appearance or background. While watching Next in Fashion, I fell in love with Tan, a fashion designer who makes her own clothes because none of the store-bought ones fit her.

Of course, I watched Queer Eye afterward. As a result, I was extremely eager to enroll in this course and see what I could glean from this dapper English gentleman’s sartorial wisdom.

As for Style for Everyone, no one can do it better than Tan, a Muslim-born Englishman who now calls Salt Lake City home with his Mormon cowboy husband and is the only openly gay Muslim on Western television right now.

Is Tan’s class all that it’s cracked up to be? When you open the door to your wardrobe, will you be inspired or will you be left feeling the same as before? Find out more by reading on.

Who Is Tan France?

About Your Instructor Tan France

Tanveer Wasim “Tan” France is a Pakistani-British-American fashion designer, television personality, and author.

As well as being the cohost of the Emmy-winning Queer Eye, Next in Fashion, Dressing Funny, and author of the New York Times best-selling autobiography, Naturally Tan, style icon Tan France is known throughout the world.

Over the course of her career, Tan has worked with thousands of people to help them become the strongest, most confident versions of themselves.

Tan has skyrocketed to fame as a result of his openness and sensitivity to Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. As a result, Tan is known for his dedication to helping others and never allowing them to settle for less than they deserve.

What Is MasterClass?

What Is MasterClass

MasterClass is an American online education subscription platform on which students can access tutorials and lectures pre-recorded by experts in various fields. The concept for MasterClass was conceived by David Rogier and developed with Aaron Rasmussen.

Everyone has the right to learn from the world’s greatest teachers through MasterClass, the company’s premise.

Inspirational MasterClasses are offered by this online education platform, taught by well-known experts in their respective areas of specialization.

Known for its high production values, MasterClass uses cutting-edge videos, workbooks, interesting assignments, and a vibrant student community to bring famous people into your home.

A year-long pass gives you access to 85+ classes, including everything from cooking with Gordon Ramsay to make-up and beauty with Bobbi Brown to ballet dancing with Misty Copeland.

Course Overview – Tan France Masterclass Review

The Tan France MasterClass is comprised of a total of 12 classes, each of which ranges in duration from approximately 7 to 15 minutes. It lasts for a total of two hours and seventeen minutes.

It provides access to an active community of other students as well as a companion guide that is thirty pages long.

The guide features reflections from other great design icons as well as guidance for finding out a signature “look for your locks,” as well as recommendations for Tan’s favorite boutiques, which range from upscale to inexpensive.

Within the masterclass itself are the following four subsections:

1: Meet Your Instructor

Tan lays out for you, against an opulent backdrop consisting of still photographs and video clips of some of the most memorable looks and moments in his career, what he hopes you will take away from his MasterClass.

He wants you to become proficient in:

  • Learn what style is and how the different elements that makeup style interact with one another.
  • Uncover the best version of yourself, and communicate it with self-assurance.
  • Make sure the cut and fit are appropriate for your figure.
  • Include patterned, colored, and textured elements.
  • Construct a closet using only basic pieces.
  • Discover new ideas and make informed purchases.
  • Consider the ways in which you can use style to get what you want out of life.

Tan also recounts significant turning points in his life journey that are responsible for him being where he is now. In addition to this, he discusses how the transforming effect that style has had on his own sense of self-worth is the driving force behind his passion for what he does.

This MasterClass gets off to a rip-roaring start thanks to Tan’s engaging introduction. It is impossible not to be carried away by the honesty, zeal, and fervor with which he approaches his work.

It is a bold statement for him to make that the tools that you are going to receive will completely transform your life. But does the rest of the course live up to the promise that was made in the beginning?

2: Style Basics

“By putting in an effort with your appearance and by making conscious decisions, you are indicating that I am deserving of your respect, and I thank you for that.”

Tan starts off this segment by reiterating his unwavering belief that fashion should be accessible to all people. And because it can be done on a very limited budget, the lack of financial resources is not an obstacle either.

It is impossible for me to overstate how much Tan wants you to be the finest possible version of who you are.

In order to accomplish this, he lays out the guidelines that he believes to be the only ones that are truly important when it comes to style. These include:

  • Having a firm grasp of your proportions
  • Being conscious of oneself

Once you have a firm grasp of these guidelines, you will quickly come to the conclusion that style is significantly more genuine than fashion.

In continuation with this, he will explain the following reasons why you should:

  • Ignore archaic rules
  • Let go of restrictive notions
  • Keep it traditional – go for timeless

Tan’s model wasn’t a haughty, size zero cover girl who can look fantastic in anything, and that was the thing about his segment that I loved the most! Just a regular “gal,” illustrating the point that having good style is something that everyone can accomplish.

3: Developing Your Style

“There is a tremendous sense of style in everyone. Simply put, they have to locate it.”

Tan is confident that everyone possesses a unique sense of fashion; the only question is whether or not they are aware of it. Tan will instruct you on the following skills in the first few chapters of this section:

  • Find sources of inspiration and make them your own by adapting them rather than copying them word for word.
  • Recognize why style is significantly more important than fashion.
  • Make a visual inspiration board.
  • To not be restricted by the dress codes of the workplace, and
  • Locate the version of yourself that is “flaming up inside that you have never managed to find before,” as the saying goes.

He then proceeds to further by describing how to:

  • Dress in a way that brings out the best in your dimensions.
  • Regardless of your height or weight, you should always strive to give yourself the most appealing appearance.
  • Shop shrewdly both in stores and on the internet.
  • Make use of high-end sources of inspiration, but search for style in places like the grocery store or the thrift store.
  • Adjusting the fit of inexpensive garments can be done.
  • Develop your own sense of style while staying current with fashion.
  • Make sure that your body language reflects your sense of style.

Tan also reveals some adorable incidents of what he considers to be his style failures, including the mistakes that he made when he was “becoming” first Paris Hilton, and then Missy Elliott!

I thought it was really cool how this portion focused on how to acquire inspiration and stay loyal to who you are, and then how to search for what you want in an intelligent and cost-effective way.

4: Color, Prints, and Textures

During the last class that Tan teaches, he goes into greater detail on how to incorporate colors, prints, and textures. You will get the knowledge to:

  • Locate and mix colors that have a sense of belonging to you.
  • A self-limiting notion such as “people with my skin tone can’t wear that color!” should be avoided at all costs.
  • Embrace the struggle for power.
  • ‘Do’ mixed denim
  • Start incorporating prints into your look tastefully.
  • Feel free to combine different patterns and textures in any way you see fit.

This section was quite helpful for someone like myself who is not a fan of colors that are considered to be neutral.

Tan does combine and layer items from his capsule wardrobe with colors, prints, and textures; however, it would have been extremely helpful to see him use people to show how these combinations work in real life.

Despite the fact that Tan does combine and layer items from his capsule wardrobe, he does not have a large wardrobe.

Behind the Scenes of Queer Eye:

“During ‘Queer Eye,’ we are not trying to change who a person is; rather, we are excavating and molding them into the best versions of themselves that they are capable of being,” Antoni says.

Everything that has been discussed up until this point in the MasterClass will be brought together in this last segment.

From the concept of the capsule wardrobe to disproving the validity of self-limiting attitudes, from hues, designs, and textures to the economical tailoring of garments, this book covers it all.

This excellent look behind the scenes at the Emmy–winning series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy contains everything you need to know about the show. We are taken away from the “Ta Da!” moments and brought up to speed on what actually occurs in the background.

Tan takes use of the chance when he is shopping or styling for a Queer Eye ‘star’ to convey how he truly feels about the situation. Therefore, he explains the entire procedure, beginning to end, in this section, making it possible for you to perform the “Queer Eye” technique on your own.

Course Pricing – Tan France Masterclass Review

Course Pricing - Tan France Masterclass Review

Since MasterClass has a history of adjusting its prices, check this page regularly for the most recent information. The following is accurate as at the time this was written:

This MasterClass is also available for purchase as a stand-alone class for the price of $90.00. After that, both the class and the accompanying workbook are yours to keep permanently.

To consult with a world-renowned authority on fashion and a phenomenon on a global scale will set you back approximately $40 per hour ($90 divided by 2.15 hours). This seems like an incredible deal to me given that the going rate for a regular stylist is well over one hundred dollars an hour for their services.

In addition, for a price of $180 per year, MasterClass provides an all-access pass. This grants access to all of the more than eighty-five MasterClasses for an entire year.

Who Should Take This Class?

In my opinion, anyone who can check off one or more of the following boxes would be a good candidate for participation in this class:

  • Tan Fans!
  • Lacks confidence
  • Has hit a roadblock in the middle of their style journey
  • is excited to gain knowledge from a fashion expert who is known internationally
  • Those who are enamored with clothing
  • Searching for a class that provides instruction on all of the key aspects of style

In light of the information that is already known? On a scale from one to ten, where one represents a style novice and ten represents a style expert, I would say that this course is appropriate for people who fall between one and seven on the scale.

Having stated that, if your scores are within this range, then this class is perfect for each and every one of you!

To get something out of this lesson, you don’t need to be a style expert or even have any knowledge of fashion at all. Tan’s goal is to inspire those who observe him to find their own personal style, express it with self-assurance, and even alter the course of their lives.

PROS & CONS – Tan France Masterclass Review

PROS & CONS - Tan France Masterclass Review


Outstanding Delivery and instruction

Through his speech, it is abundantly clear that Tan feels deeply about the significance of his work and is driven by a sincere desire to succeed. Conviction and humility are two qualities that he exudes in a way that is both endearing and inspiring to others.

There are no pauses, no tripping, no “ums” or “ers,” and there is no wavering. He is assured of his message and convinced that everyone can benefit from the confidence that can be found in revealing your best self. He believes that everyone can benefit from sharing their best self.

Specifically Designed

The course begins with some fundamental ideas that serve as a foundation for the rest of the material covered.

Ideas from each lesson are expanded upon throughout the course, and there are obvious signposts to what is going to be covered in the subsequent lessons.

As someone who has previously held a teaching position, I am aware that this kind of structure can only be developed after years of serious consideration over how to communicate what is important to others.

Good Symmetry between theory and practice

The topic of Tan’s class, which focuses on visual transformations, lends itself exceptionally well to the MasterClass format.

Tan discusses his personal journey with style, including the detours he took in the wrong direction, as well as the concepts and tools he has developed in order to discover and express one’s inner style.

There are still images, film footage, live models, and a constant reference to the capsule wardrobe of clothing that he has created so that we can better visualize where he is coming from.

The workbook is an excellent resource.

Unusually, the workbook does not adhere to the progression of the lecture but rather serves as an additional reference guide.

It includes a wealth of supporting material regarding the fashion industry, the musings of other style gurus, illustrations of how to create your own capsule wardrobe, and lists of Tan’s preferred brands and stores (from budget to high end).

Despite the fact that this is a brand new MasterClass (at the time of writing), there is already a vibrant community growing on the site, particularly among people who are sharing images of their favorite looks.


For seasoned stylists, more information is required.

If you are already rather far along in your adventure to create your personal style, you might discover that this lesson is a little too basic for your requirements.

The audience might potentially be expanded by adding an additional chapter that provides a more in-depth look into establishing a style and styling clothes with accessories.

In spite of this, if you are a Tan Fan,n any case, it is still a luxurious visual feast; nevertheless, rather than putting all of your eggs in one basket, you should investigate what else is available and consider purchasing an all-access pass.

Even more, visuals needed

The fact that Tan’s lesson is about altering one’s appearance makes it an excellent candidate for the MasterClass format, as was stated before.

There is only one actual model, but there are a lot of still images, video footage, and regular references to the products in the capsule wardrobe. However, there may be more graphics, and there is only one for each item.

It’s plausible that COVID had an impact on the production of the MasterClass, given that it was taped in the year 2020.

Tan France Masterclass Review – Is It Unique?

If you are just starting out on your path to find your personal style, if you have hit a roadblock along the route, or if you simply lack self-confidence, in all candor, I believe that this course is totally worth every single penny of its $90 price tag.

It is an exhilarating and motivational program that lives up to its promise of providing you with the tools to discover the style that lies dormant inside you, locate your mojo, and express it with self-assurance.

And if you already have a pretty good sense of style yet you’re a Tan Fan, there’s plenty here to please the senses, provide you with new ideas, and motivate you to take the next step in your style journey. But given your circumstances, I think it would be best for you to investigate the other options that are available on MasterClass.

If you can find at least one other class that you would like to attend, then the all-access pass for $180 is a terrific bargain for you; in fact, I defy you not to discover any other classes that you would like to take.


  • Gain insight from a worldwide fashion icon.
  • Presentation and method of instruction are both motivating.
  • Structured with great care
  • An excellent combination of theory and practice.
  • The workbook is an excellent resource to have after completing the course.
  • network of fellow students that is both active and receptive to newcomers
  • Superlative production values


  • More suited to those at the start of their style journey
  • More live transformations needed

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Tan France MasterClass?

It is comprised of a total of 12 individual lessons that are then further broken down into a total of five distinct categories. It lasts for a total of two hours and seventeen minutes. I watched the entire lesson in one sitting, and then I went back and reviewed it several times as I was putting together my wardrobe.

How much does the Tan France MasterClass cost?

Tan’s MasterClass can be purchased on its own for the price of $90.00. You also have the option to purchase an all-access pass for the price of $180. You will have access to all 85+ classes for a whole year with this purchase.

Does MasterClass have a free trial?

It is not possible for you to access the Tan France MasterClass for free at this time. However, MasterClass provides a number of different purchase alternatives, and if you aren’t satisfied with the service, you may get your money back.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the Tan France MasterClass?

There are no questions asked regarding the 30-day money-back guarantee offered by MasterClass. However, if you purchased the class from a different vendor, you may be subject to that vendor’s particular returns policy.

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