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Teachable Coupon Code

Teachable Coupon Code (10% Off)

Teachable is offering a 10% discount on their pro plan which you can avail yourself of by clicking on this promotional link.

Here is the step-by-step process to avail of Teachable 10% discount on your pro plan.

Step 1: Go to the official Teachable promotional page.

Step 2: Click on Check out with coupon button.

Step 3: Fill in your basic details like email id, password, full name, and school name, and click on proceed to payment button.

Step 4: On the next page you can see the 10% offer is already applied and now finally proceed to payment and complete the order.

10% Off Teachable Coupon Code 2022: Is It Legit?

There is currently a 10% off promo code for Teachable. It’s easy to get this discount if you use this link to apply the teachable promo code to your purchase.

S.noOfferTeachable PlanDescription
110% OffProSave 10% using the Teachable coupon code given “MAGIC10″
2$29BasicGet Teachable Basic annual plan at just $29 per month on annual billing.
3$99ProGet the Teachable Pro annual plan at just $99 per month on annual billing.
4$249BusinessGet a Teachable Business annual plan at just $249 per month on annual billing.

How To Purchase Teachable Subscription?

Follow the steps below to purchase any Teachable subscription.

Step 1: To purchase a Teachable pricing plan, go to Teachable’s official website first.

Teachable pricing and plans

Step 2: Select the pricing option from the navigation bar on their homepage.

Teachable Pricing plans

Step 3: Choose your Teachable plan by selecting the Select plan button.

Step 4: Fill out your email address, payment details, and billing address on the Checkout page.

Step 5: It’s time to apply for the coupon after filling out the required information.

Step 6: Check and enter your or Teachable coupon code (if applicable) in the Add a coupon code box before tapping the Apply button.

You’ve successfully added Teachable to your shopping cart. To finish your order, select the Purchase option to pay for it.

Teachable Pros and Cons

One-click upsells can boost site conversions.No drag-and-drop builder. Custom work requires a professional plan.
The platform requires no technical skills to utilize.They charge 5% in their basic price plan and 10% in their limited free plan.
You can host an infinite number of courses on your platform
Despite a 10% transaction cost, they offer a wonderful free plan.
Thanks to HTML/CSS scripts, you may include any type of material in lectures.

What Is A Teachable Coupon Or Discount Code?

You can set a discounted selling price for your courses by using the Teachable Coupon Code. You can put these to use for a specific project or implement them across the board at your institution. There are three different tiers of teachable coupons with many uses that are available at your school.

These Teachable vouchers can be used for discounts on a wide scale or for events that are promotional in nature (i.e. holidays). Coupons for all products, coupons for specific product types, and coupons that are unique to price plans are all instances of multiple-use coupons.

You can also design coupons that are only good for one usage in order to provide price reductions to particular individuals or groups that are enrolled in your school. These are one-time-use codes that are unique.

What are 4 Types Of Teachable Discount Coupons?

Since you’ve seen all of the different Teachable promo codes, you’re probably thinking about which ones are the greatest now that you’ve seen them all.

It is difficult for me to respond to that question because everyone has different requirements, but I can tell you which one is the most common.

Percentage Based Discounts

This is the best teachable deal that they have currently available. It’s possible that it’ll change from time to time and on different occasions.

You can save a significant amount of money by purchasing this lot and putting it to use in the creation of courses.

Flat Discounts

The discounted flat rates are the second most popular choice that they have available to them.

The price of their lesson packages, which you would be required to pay in full if you did not have a membership, is reduced by an amount equal to a percentage discount.

We will keep you up to date on this page for any and all future flat-rate offers that come with it.

Free Trial Offers

A time-limited free trial offer is the third most popular choice available to you. When you go shopping for new things, you never really know if you will like them or not until you try them.

They are subject to the same rules. This is a good discount coupon that will make your work a lot simpler, so be sure to use it.

You are able to acquire a free trial of their platform, in addition to a free trial of their dashboard.

Holiday Offers

The ideal time to shop in stores to get the most bang for your buck is during the holiday season. On shopping holidays such as Black Friday and Christmas, you won’t have any trouble finding coupons.

Because the holidays are drawing near, you should hold off on purchasing a membership until you find the most remarkable coupon codes and wait to use them.

How Do I Create A Teachable Promo Code For My School?

Teachable provides its users with the ability to create discounts for their courses.

These coupons can then be presented to clients in order to provide them with an additional discount on their purchases.

One can make a variety of coupons according to their needs and preferences. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Multiple-Use Coupons

How To Create a Teachable Coupon Code For Your Online School

Multiple-use coupons can be used by a certain number of persons, up to a maximum of one thousand, as long as they have access to the offer code.

For instance, if you create a multi-use coupon that can be used by 100 different people and give it the code “fifty,” the first 100 people who use it will receive a special discount voucher good for a discount of fifty percent off their purchase.

You have the option of creating discounts with multiple uses in one of two locations: the Coupons section of your Site or the individual product pages of your school.

It is possible to generate multi-use coupons for any and all products, product types (such as courses, training, or bundle packages), and products that are particular to pricing plans.

Single-Use Teachable Coupon Codes


Single-use coupons are coupons that can only be used once and come with a unique code that prevents them from being reused.

If you want to give a current student a voucher for one of your other courses, you may create a coupon that can only be used once for a specific course.

To generate single-use coupons, navigate to the Coupons page of your course and select the Bulk Coupon Generator option from the drop-down menu.

How To Generate Bulk Coupons For Large Organizations?

Follow these steps if you want to be able to sell large quantities of your courses to important organizations such as schools, colleges, businesses, and other entities:

Step 1: First things first, draft a revised lesson plan that takes into account the price and number of licenses you intend to sell.

Step 2: Make the required amount of coupons once you have determined that an organization has purchased that package for your class after you have witnessed that the organization has done so.

Now that you have the option, you can create a batch of coupons that can only be used once and send the company a comma-separated value file.

Following that step, the URLs will be distributed to the members of the organization, who will then be able to make use of the various discounts.

You may also make a coupon that can be used more than once and email it to the company along with the URL that you created for the coupon.

When distributing to a large number of people, administrators will typically find this way to be the most convenient method to employ (although they will be responsible if the coupon code is given to the wrong person).

How To Delete Or Restore Teachable Course Coupon?


You can remove a coupon at any time by clicking the trashcan icon that is located next to the coupon that is currently active. Once a coupon has been redeemed, there is no way to go back and change it.

To view the coupons that have been taken off the site, click the option labeled Show deleted coupons. You are able to re-use a deleted coupon code, such as “FIFTY,” by creating a new coupon with the same code and applying it to the new coupon.

How Can You Gift A Teachable Coupon To Students?

The discount codes that you’ve prepared for your pupils can be distributed to them as soon as you’ve finished doing so.

At the time when they are checking out, they will have the opportunity to input the promotional code. The following are the steps that a student would take in order to add a discount to their account:

Step 1: On the Checkout page, in the “Order Summary” section, click the text that says “Add Coupon” which is located directly under the thumbnail of the course.

Redeem Teachable Coupon Code

Step 2: In the given text box, type the name of the coupon precisely as you handed it to the cashier, and then click the Apply button.

Step 3: The customer’s course or bundle will have the applicable discount applied to it immediately, and they can proceed with the rest of the checkout process at this point.

You might also provide your pupils with a direct URL to a coupon page where they may find coupons with various uses.

To accomplish this, navigate to the Coupons page for the course, and then click the Preview button that is located directly beneath the column labeled Direct Link. Your web browser will respond by opening a new tab when you click this.

After that, replicate the URL at the top of the new browser tab, excluding the bit that begins with “out.” You are welcome to provide this direct coupon URL to your students.

What Types of People Should Use Teachable?

Their system is fairly straightforward to use and trustworthy in general. Because the interface is straightforward, your students won’t have any trouble accessing your courses or navigating through them.

In my opinion, its strongest suit is the emphasis it places on video content.

Additionally, they are exceptional when it comes to fundamental elements that assist in the marketing and selling of online courses, such as the ability to personalize sales, checkout, and thank you pages.

Teachable is also one of the companies in its industry that has the most name recognition.

This is an extremely important point to underline in light of the vast number of companies that have recently entered the market in an effort to provide online course management systems.

The platform was developed with the intention of removing any and all technological impediments, allowing you to instead concentrate on the development and promotion of your course.

It is designed to be an easy-to-use platform for those who do not wish to deal with complicated computer programming.

Teachable Pricing Plans

Teachable Pricing plans
PlansMonthly PricingYearly Pricing

Teachable is the most well-known online course platform for creating and selling online courses and membership sites. Teachable will offer you a foundation for creating and selling your course.

You may create your course using videos and written content, then sell it using a Teachable sales page template.

Teachable Payments is embedded inside the Teachable platform, but you can also utilize your favorite 3rd party payment processors like PayPal or Stripe.

Teachable offers three different pricing options: $39, $119, and $299. It’s worth noting that the Basic Plan ($39/mo.) imposes a 5% transaction fee on every sale, which can rapidly mount up.

Basic Plan

$29 per month or $348 per year

Features of Teachable basic plan.

  • 5% per transaction
  • Product support
  • Course creator training
  • Custom domain support
  • Coupon codes
  • Drip course content
  • Integrated email marketing
  • Third-party integrations
  • Private student community
  • Instant payouts
  • Members-only community
  • 2 admin-level users

Unlimited students, 5% transaction fees, course and coaching products, members-only community, instant payouts, two admin-level users, product support, course creator training, custom domain support, coupons, drip course content, integrated email marketing, and third-party integrations are just a few of the features available.

Pro Plan


Features of Teachable Pro plan.

  • No transaction fees
  • Instant payouts
  • Course compliance
  • Integrated affiliate marketing
  • Group coaching calls
  • 5 admin-level users
  • Priority product support
  • Graded quizzes
  • Advanced reports
  • Unbranded website
  • Course completion certificates

No transaction costs, a members-only community, five admin-level users, priority product support, graded quizzes, advanced reports, an unbranded website, course completion certifications, course compliance, and integrated affiliate marketing are all included in the Basic plan.

Business Plan


Features of Teachable business plan.

  • No transaction fees
  • Instant payouts
  • 20 admin-level users
  • Priority product support
  • Manual student imports
  • Bulk student enrollments
  • Custom user roles
  • Advanced theme customization
  • Group coaching calls

20 admin-level users, manual student imports, bulk student enrollments, custom user roles, advanced theme customization, and group coaching calls are all included in the Pro package.

Teachable Customer Support

Teachable Customer Support Page

If you are having problems with your school or if you can’t find the information you’re searching for in the Teachable Knowledge Base then the Teachable Customer Support team is available to assist you via email and live chat.

They have won multiple awards for their work (available on the Professional plan and up).

At this time, there is no phone assistance available.

The following are some of the ways in which Teachable can be of assistance to you:

  • Search their Knowledge Base – Their knowledge base contains practically all of the answers to your questions about Teachable and their platform.
  • Create a Support Ticket – Click Create a Ticket to contact Customer Support via the online form.
  • Live Chat with a member of their team. Click Chat Now to begin a live chat with a member of Teachable’s Customer Support team.

Teachable Refund Policy

You have the option to ask Teachable for a refund if the services it provides do not meet your expectations.

Let’s have a look at how.

Monthly Plans

If you cancel your monthly premium plan within the first 30 days of your subscription, you are eligible for a full refund of any payments made.

You may be entitled to a refund during the first thirty days after the discount’s expiration date if you paid for your paid plan with a unique Teachable coupon code.

This refund period begins the day after the discount’s expiration date. After the initial thirty-day period following your first plan upgrade, Teachable will not give any refunds.

Annual Plans

After upgrading to an annual plan or renewing your annual plan, you have a period of thirty days during which you can submit a request for a full refund if you are currently subscribed to an annual paid plan.

You have the right to a refund within the first thirty days following the day on which the promotional coupon was used to pay for your premium plan passed its expiration date.

After the initial 30-day grace period following a plan upgrade or renewal, Teachable does not provide refunds under any circumstances.

Final Thoughts

Teachable is a great teaching platform. This LMS has classic characteristics.

Teachable is reliable, easy to use, requires no upgrades, and has inexpensive price choices. It is a wonderful place to start if you want to create an online course but lack technical skills.

Teachable is great for establishing an online course business. What are your thoughts on Teachable? Do let us know in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking For The Best Teachable Coupon Code In April 2022?

Every Teachable coupon code on this page has been updated. Teachable coupons are verified and provide a legitimate Teachable discount on the Teachable.com website.

What Is A Teachable Coupon Code Or Discount Code

Teachable promo codes allow users to save money on every paid plan they purchase. Teachable discounts are available at onlinecourserating.com, and you may use them to obtain the greatest deal on the plans you choose. We personally checked the discount codes and removed those that were no longer valid from the page.

How to use Teachable Coupon Code & Deals?

To visit Teachable Store, click on Teachable Visit Store or any Get Coupon Code or Activate Deal.
You will be taken to Teachable’s website.
Add the Teachable plan of your choice to your basket and go to checkout.
Use a coupon to gain an additional discount on Teachable in your cart/in case of a deal.
Make a payment to finish the transaction.

How Can You Gift A Teachable Course?

You can offer someone a Teachable course as a gift by sending them a one-time coupon good for a discount of one hundred percent and allowing them to select any course from your school’s catalog.

Is It Necessary To Have A Website If You Use Teachable?

You may easily create your own homepage on their platform. We’ve got you covered if you’re just getting started and don’t yet have a website. You won’t need to pay for any other web-hosting subscriptions because their homepage will function as your principal website.

Is Teachable Compatible With Mobile Devices?

For iOS users, Teachable has a mobile app. There is currently no app available for Android users. The iOS app gives you complete access to the content and is completely free to use.

What Is The Cost Of Hosting A Class On Teachable?

The basic price plan costs $39 per month (monthly payment) or $29 per year (annual payment), plus a 5% processing charge on any paid course purchases.

Do Teachable Courses Have An Expiration Date?

Courses can be designed so that everyone drops out on the same day. If you choose, courses can be planned to be available for a certain period of time over a rolling period (for example, 30 days). Students can repurchase a course if it is still available after the time limit has passed.

How Much Of A Reduction Do They Take?

Teachable charges a 5% transaction fee on every course sale.

Do Teachable Offer Plans For Payment?

Teachable features four pricing options: free, one-time purchases, subscriptions, and payment plans. For your product, you can generate as many price variations as you want.

What Tools I Can Integrate With Teachable?

Only MailChimp and ConvertKit are currently supported by Teachable.

Does Teachable Provide Any Trial Offer?

Teachable offers a completely free plan. Their free plan includes unlimited hosting, courses, videos, and students, however, there are some limitations. The disadvantage is that it has a hefty transaction cost of $1 + 10% and a lack of advanced functionality.

How Much Does Teachable Cost?

Here are some examples of their plans: Free: $1 transaction fee plus $0 each month. Basic plan: $39 per month + a 5% transaction fee. Teachable Pro Monthly is $99 per month, and the Teachable Pro Business Plan is $499 per year.

What Is The Teachable Return Policy?

It is up to the merchant to decide on a return policy. Some companies give a 15-day money-back promise, while others offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is Teachable Legit?

Is Teachable a reputable company? Yes, it is a legitimate company. Ankur Nagpal created it in 2014, and it today employs over 170 people who serve over 70,000-course creators.

Can I Trust Teachable?

Yes, it is completely legitimate; it is one of the most widely used platforms for developing online courses. Many professionals and specialists have tested it, and all of their feedback has been positive. We have personally used their website, and all I can say is that Teachable is a legitimate platform for creating online courses.

How do I enter a promo code on teachable?

To generate a voucher that may be used to receive a discount on the purchase of a specific product (course, coaching, or package) from your online school: To view School Coupons, navigate to the Site > Coupons section of the menu. Simply navigate to the top right corner of the screen and select the button labeled “Add New Coupon.”

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