Teachable Review

Read my review of Teachable before deciding on a platform to start selling online courses, and you’ll be better informed. I will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using the platform, as well as compare it to other leading providers of online courses.

I’ll also go over a significant oversight that you need to avoid making while marketing your first course.

Teachable Overview

Teachable is perhaps the most well-known online course platform that you can use to construct and sell membership sites and online courses. Teachable also allows you to import content from other platforms.

Teachable will give you a foundation for everything you need to design and sell your own online course.

You are able to construct your course using videos and written content, and then sell it using a Teachable sales page that is based on a template that has already been created.

You have the option of using Teachable Payments, the built-in payment processing that comes standard with the Teachable platform, or you can utilize your preferred third-party payment processor such as PayPal or Stripe.

Teachable offers three different pricing plans: $39, $119, and $299 per month. Note that the Basic Plan, which costs $39 a month, assesses a transaction fee of 5 percent of the sale price each time you make a sale. This fee can soon add up.

The Teachable package that I believe to be the most beneficial is the Professional plan, which costs $119 per month. This is the very first Teachable plan to have no fees associated with transactions.

The Professional Plan is the only one that comes with built-in course completion certificates and built-in affiliate mechanisms to help you sell your course. Thinkific is the only company that offers both of these features.

Teachable Drip Content

Your content can be scheduled to be published at a later time using Drip Content. This can be done at any given time. This function can be utilized in lectures and courses that need the learner to devote a significant amount of time.

The release of your unfinished coursework, followed by your independent completion of said coursework, is another ingenious notion.

The fact that you can only drip your content in a chapter-by-chapter fashion is the one and only limitation of the Teachable Drip Schedule. In other words, each chapter’s worth of teachings will be accessible all at once!

Putting each individual lesson into its own separate chapter is one way to address this issue. However, this may make it more difficult and inconvenient for you to handle the material of your course.

Teachable Landing Page Builder

Your online course’s Landing Page is the most significant component of the whole thing.

In addition to assisting you in designing the important pages for your course, Teachable’s Landing Page Builder gives you the ability to incorporate individualized scripts written in HTML or CSS.

Therefore, if you have any knowledge of the technical side of things, you may quickly change the way your sites look.

Although Teachable Page Builder is not always the greatest option available, it is adequate for educators at the beginning and intermediate levels. Let’s look at the many page builders that are available.

Teachable Affiliates

Teachable’s strong marketing capabilities continue to shine through with this innovation. It gives you the ability to add affiliates to your courses as well as choose a commission proportion for each one.

Affiliate users are granted access to promotional links, which they are required to share with other individuals.

The greater the number of users who sign up by using those links, the higher their commission will be. A clever approach to selling your classes, right?

Teachable Integrations

Teachable is able to give you a superior experience by integrating with a wide variety of third-party services. Let’s look at a few of them together, shall we?

Providers of Analytical Services

In terms of analytics, Teachable is compatible with Google Analytics, Segment.io, and Facebook Pixel. There is no opportunity to use MixPanel like there is with Thinkific, but Segment works quite well!

Zapier Integration

Teachable’s Basic subscription gives you access to Zapier triggers, while the Pro plan gives you access to Zapier actions, both of which are fantastic for automating the tasks you need to complete.

However, if you make use of additional automation services such as Pabbly Link or Integrated, it will be simple for you to connect those services to Teachable by utilizing Webhooks.

Teachable’s paid plans all to provide access to their webhooks feature. But you can only use them for Zapier Triggers; you can’t use them for Zapier Actions.

Incorporation of Email

Integrations with ConvertKit and MailChimp are available for use with Teachable’s email marketing features.

Use Te

Teachable Support

Teachable provides a helpful knowledge library of articles in addition to providing an adequate email support service. A good portion of the responses to your questions are included in the articles themselves.

The fact that Teachable Pro members have access to a friendly live chat support is the aspect that I appreciated the most about the service.

They also provide educational platforms that can assist novices as well as anyone else who is interested in expanding their knowledge.

Beginners can find helpful lessons on how to establish an audience, launch their first course, and create their own course on TeachableU, the company’s online learning platform.

Teachable Discover is a platform that allows you to locate the most popular courses that are offered on Teachable and arrange them according to the categories that they fall under.

Teachable Pros

  • Good Pro Plan
  • Coding Snippets
  • Bulk Coupon Generator
  • Built-in Marketing Tool
  • Easy to Use
  • Good Customer Support
  • Decent Page Builder
  • Email Template Editor

Teachable Cons

  • Limited Free Plan
  • Transaction Charges on Basic Plan
  • No Stripe Support in the Basic plan
  • Slow Admin Interface

Teachable Alternatives

Today’s market is flooded with many different kinds of online course builders to choose from. However, according to my studies and practical experience, the platforms that follow are the most viable alternatives to Teachable.


Thinkific is a well-known learning management system (LMS) platform that offers competitive pricing. It is straightforward to use and does not impose any transaction fees on any of the plans it offers. In addition to that, it is compatible with Stripe Payments, which is fantastic for viewers in India.


Udemy is quickly becoming one of the most popular platforms for the development and delivery of online courses. You won’t have to stress about promoting your courses at all because to the enormous student population that Udemy serves.

Even if creating a course on Udemy won’t cost you anything, you should be aware that the company takes an incredible fifty percent cut of each and every sale.


Kajabi is a high-end platform for the design of online courses, and the monthly cost of using it begins at $119.

It provides sophisticated automation and personalization options, and it is particularly intended for use by organizations and corporations that are already well-established.


Podia is an innovative platform for the development of courses. You can find integrated email marketing, and an engaging chat widget, and it comes at a good price, all of which contribute to a more positive overall teaching experience for you!

One of the most significant drawbacks of Podia is that it does not provide a free plan.


I sincerely hope that our Teachable Review post was helpful to you in determining whether or not Teachable is the correct learning management system (LMS) for you.

Teachable is an effective tool to use if your major goal is to market and sell digital products or online courses; if this is the case, your primary focus should be on Teachable.

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