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Thinkific Coupon Code

How To Create Coupons On Thinkific

Creating Coupons On Thinkific

Visit the Market & Sell area of your Thinkific admin dashboard and click on Coupons to get started with the process. Then choose “New Coupon.” Enter the coupon creation page by clicking on this link.

Fill out The Coupon Details

Every detail in this section pertains to the overall coupon you’re putting up.

When a consumer applies a coupon at checkout, they will see a description of the coupon here.

Incorporating a deadline for redemption into your coupons, while optional, can help increase conversions by instilling a feeling of urgency in your campaign and motivating recipients to take action right away.

Thinkific Discount Configuration

All coupons may be configured to provide a certain discount on specific goods or specific prices depending on the discount configuration you choose.

It is possible to apply a discount to a one-time payment or to a monthly payment plan in the discount configuration area if your product supports both options.

Types of Discounts You Offer

The currency symbol option lets you select a fixed discount, while the dropdown menu lets you specify a percentage discount:

Make a Purchase

The default setting for new coupons is ‘All Products,’ which allows you to apply the discount to all courses and packages.

Courses, packages, and additional charges are all shown in the drop-down menu.

Selecting that product will only apply the discount to the default price of the course or bundle. Additional price choices must be selected from the Additional Prices list if the discount is to apply to them.


You can specify how long the discount should last if any of the goods featured in the campaign have subscription-based or payment plan pricing. Offers like “Your first month free” is a terrific method to get consumers interested in your service while also collecting their credit card information.

There will always be a month-long discount period for subscription-based or payment-plan-based items. A quarterly or annual payment plan should be taken into account when constructing your coupon.

As a general rule, if you want a student to have the first two years of their education for free, you’ll need to produce a coupon for 13 months. The first month of the first year is free, and the second year is free if your student enrolls for the second year (the 13th month).

As a result, if you leave this form blank, the subscription or payment plan will be free for all time.

Subscription and payment plans may be explained in greater detail, with examples, in How Do Coupon Discounts Apply to Multiple-Payment Plans?

There are two options for couponing subscriptions that include the custom initial payment: either apply coupons solely to the one-month custom payment or apply coupons to all subscription payments, including that one-month custom payment.

create multiple codes 

There are numerous ways in which you may generate several codes that are linked to the same coupon, allowing you to alter the discount on coupon information for all codes at once. At the top of the codes table, there is a search box so that you can simply search for a code to check the remaining amount or edit/remove that code.


Pick a unique discount code for your students to use when they check out. Each coupon you generate must have at least one code.

Using the Add New Code option, you may generate several codes for the same discount.

Amount (Optional)

Make sure the number of times one code may be used is limited by entering it in this area. This field can be left blank if you don’t care how many times it’s used.

There is a summary of your code information at the table’s very bottom, as seen in the screenshot below.

  • The total number of unique codes you have for a single voucher is known as the “number of codes”.
  • Amount in total: the entire number of codes developed (does not account for codes that have unlimited uses). To put it simply, if you have three codes that each have a quantity of five, you’ll have a total of 20.
  • There are still codes that may be redeemed.

Changing the Quantity of Your Code

Increasing the number of your discount codes is necessary if you have specified a quantity and then discover that you have no more codes left.

A specific code may have a quantity of 1, but if there is no left, the code’s quantity must be increased by 2. Once you’ve saved it, you’ll notice that the remaining value for that particular code has been changed to 1.

Using a Thinkific Coupon or Discount

Students may easily get their discount by entering the promo code at the checkout page.

1: The link that reads “Have a coupon?” will appear on the payment page.

2: As soon as the coupon code box displays, enter the coupon code.

3: Click on “Apply.”

4: If the coupon is successfully added, the checkout will update the order details with the discount applied.

5: After that, the student can proceed with the checkout as usual.

How to Automatically Applying Coupons

It’s easier for customers to redeem their offer by bringing them to your course home page or checkout using URLs that already include the discount. This eliminates the requirement for your pupils to enter a promo code during the checkout process.

Solution for the App Store: Promos Kit to Promote Your Discounts

Important Considerations During Creating A Thinkific Coupon

  • At the specified expiration time, coupons will no longer be valid at 00:00 UTC. So, if you set the expiration date to June 15th, the code will be active until June 14th at 10:20 PM UTC.
  • The same student can utilize coupons that have multiple users (quantity more than 1) many times.
  • To complete a transaction, your student must pay at least $0.50, thus if your coupon reduces the course fee by more than $0.49, they will be unable to do so.
  • Subscriptions and payment plans do not allow coupons with a value of 0 dollars ($0) to be used. Although it’s not typical, we’ve seen clients use $0 coupons for tracking reasons within their own organizations. Only one-time price choices can be used with $0 coupons set up for monitoring.
  • A previously-created coupon will no longer be used for future orders once you downgrade to a plan without access to the coupon functionality (such as the Free plan).
  • Coupons do not have to be case-sensitive.
  • There are two options for couponing subscriptions that include the custom initial payment: either apply coupons solely to the one-month custom payment or apply coupons to all subscription payments, including that one-month custom payment.

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Faqs Related To Thinkific Coupon Code

How do I add a coupon on Thinkific?

Creating Coupons for Use. To begin, open the Market & Sell area of your admin dashboard and then click Coupons from the menu that appears. Select the New Coupon option. Following this link will lead you to the page where you may create coupons.

How do I give free access to the Thinkific course?

You can give free access to your premium course in one of two ways, which are as follows: Perform the enrollment process manually. Give the student a voucher good for a hundred percent off the purchase.

How do I contact Thinkific?

They provide a number of different channels via which you may communicate with them, whether you are a potential or existing customer: Send an email to to contact us; Please give us a call at 1-888-832-2409 or submit a support request on this page.

Does Thinkific have a free plan?

There is a ton of value in the Thinkific free plan. On their free plan, you may have an infinite number of students and create up to three courses. There is a lot of stuff that needs to be hosted, including videos. Instant access to any income generated by your participation in their quizzes or surveys is also included.

Does Thinkific have an API?

The Thinkific APIs allow developers to extend Thinkific’s functionality in a variety of different ways by accessing site data.

How do I get the best Thinkific Coupon?

The Thinkific Coupon codes that are currently available are constantly being added to our article. Save a lot on your purchase by taking advantage of any of the above-mentioned specials and promotions.

Is there a current Thinkific promo code that I may use?

Right now, Thinkific is home to more than two dozen active specials and promotions. You may get your discount by clicking the Get Deal button. Hurry up!

Which Thinkific deal do you think is the best?

The top deals on Thinkific right now include: Save 30% Off Thinkific, Save 25% Off Thinkific Coupon Code, and many more.

Do you know how often Thinkific releases new promo codes?

Daily, fresh discounts from Thinkific are released throughout the month. Because we upload new promo codes on a daily basis, this page will always have the most up-to-date deals.

How can I find out whether Thinkific is currently giving any discount codes?

Thinkific’s website presently contains 15 coupons and 35 deals. The greatest deal available right now is a 75% discount coupon.

Which payment methods does Thinkific accept?

Students pay for their classes with Thinkific Payments. If this occurs, you will be compensated. You can see it since it’s shown on your dashboard. There is no need for a third-party payment provider, so payouts may be planned and sent directly into your bank account.

Conclusion: Thinkific Coupon Code 2023

We have listed all the discounts & coupons that are available on Thinkific.

Thinkific is widely considered to be one of the greatest and most popular platforms for creating online courses and selling such courses to customers.

Utilizing the Thinkific platform comes with a number of advantages, some of which are listed below for your reference:

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