Timbaland Masterclass Review

This article on “Timbaland Masterclass Review” will provide you with the opportunity to read an in-depth evaluation of Timbaland’s Masterclass, including information on how the lessons are presented, who the course is best suited for, the cost, and what I liked about it, etc.

Timbaland is a pro at creating beats. This masterclass offers everything you need, regardless of whether you enjoy his music, this genre, or desire to make your own beats.

The 15 video classes of the Timbaland Masterclass Review course cover every step of the process, from having a concept to creating and maintaining beats. The duration of the video lessons ranges from 4 to nearly 30 minutes, for a total of 3 hours and 20 minutes.

He wants you to be able to unleash your imagination so you may demonstrate your abilities to him. This course’s community is still quite vibrant. So you can readily get it if you have questions or want comments.

Timbaland has been redefining music for more than 25 years. There are probably not many well-known musicians whose musical careers haven’t been altered by his brilliance. Therefore, this Timbaland Masterclass Review gives a special chance to learn from the finest.

I’m a novice producer and beatmaker analyzing the Timbaland Masterclass. I was eager to enroll in the seminar and see if using Timbaland’s advice on my own work may give it new life.

Who Is Timbaland?

About Timbaland

Timbaland is a musical producer, rapper, DJ, and record executive. His stage name is Timothy Zachary Mosley. In 1996, he received his first production credit for the song “Ginuwine…the Bachelor,” which launched his professional career.

Since then, Timbaland has collaborated with several well-known musicians, including Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliott, Rhianna, Drake, Jay-Z, and Madonna. Timbaland has penned 99 American hit songs throughout the course of his career and has taken home four Emmys.

Among his best songs are the number-one singles Sexyback by Justin Timberlake, Say It Right by Nelly Furtado, and Try Again (Aaliyah).

On top of that, you can find Timbaland on Twitter, where he has more than 1.6M followers, and he regularly shares interesting and thought-provoking anecdotes with his audience there.

What Is MasterClass?

About MasterClass

MasterClass, is an American online education subscription platform on which students can access tutorials and lectures pre-recorded by experts in various fields. The concept for MasterClass was conceived by David Rogier and developed with Aaron Rasmussen.

You can “learn from the world’s greatest educators” on the MasterClass website. Unlike other educational institutions, MasterClass tutors are well-known individuals who rose to fame by excelling in their fields of specialization.

Each MasterClass is produced to an exceptional standard that is unmatched by other online learning organizations. Additionally, the opportunity to take over 150 classes on subjects as varied as writing with Dan Brown or culinary with Gordon Ramsay is alluring.

It’s crucial to understand that the idea has some drawbacks, and this review is here to let you know about them in case they are deal-breakers for you.

Course Overview – Timbaland Masterclass Review

Inside Look Of Timbaland's MasterClass

The length of the videos in Timbaland’s MasterClass ranges from about 5 to 20 minutes, and there are a total of 15 of them. A little more than three hours is going to be spent on the course in its entirety.

His MasterClass does not lend itself well to being divided up into separate lessons. Instead, the course is designed to have a natural flow because any sections that you come across are connected with each other.

Everything you need to know is covered in the Timbaland Masterclass Review online course so that you may comprehend the principles of music production and beat making.

You get a skillfully crafted inside peek into the minds of Timbaland, a seasoned music producer, as well as his support group, which includes co-producers Angel Lopez and Fede Vandever, as well as audio engineer Chris Godfrey.

You learn the true processes involved in making music. Consider all the things you have ever pondered about music, such as:

  • How is music produced?
  • How do the beats get created?
  • Do people consider lyrics or music first?
  • How are beats put together to create tunes and tracks?
  • How do various artists that work in various genres successfully collaborate with one another?

All of these and other inquiries are addressed in the Timbaland Masterclass.

It teaches you that knowing your own mind is necessary for producing music and composing beats and that doing so is the best method to unleash your creativity.

Finding your workflow, or the most effective approach for you to develop a track from beginning to end without losing momentum, is crucial because if you do so before a beat is finished, it may be impossible for you to regain it.

This Timbaland music-producing masterclass will provide you with the best idea of how this creative process can be so demanding and difficult, and you’ll learn about the difficulties that music producers must overcome.

Their brains are always open, like antennas listening for a signal or a sound from any source to serve as inspiration for the next great rhythm, so they kind of experience life on a different frequency from the rest of us.

In the Timbaland Masterclass, the following 15 subjects are covered:

  1. Introduction
  2. Studio Session: Making a Beatbox Beat
  3. Building Beats: Tim’s Process
  4. Making a Beat: Getting Warmed Up
  5. Song Origins: “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”
  6. Making a Beat: Starting With a Chord Progression
  7. Making a Beat: Tweaking and Layering Drums
  8. Song Origins: “Pony”
  9. Making a Beat: Manipulating Vocal Samples
  10. Making a Beat: Creating a Breakdown
  11. Song Origins: “Gossip Folks”
  12. Making a Beat: Adding a Topline
  13. Song Origins: “Are You That Somebody?”
  14. Tim’s Influences
  15. How to Persevere

In conclusion, the course offers much more than just the “recipe” for writing songs or creating beats.


The runtime is a little over 3 hours, which I found to be a bit short in comparison to other MasterClasses I’ve previously taken.

During the broad overview sections of the course, I preferred watching it at 1.5x speed, but I reduced it down to a 1x pace for the music tutorials. I discovered that watching at 1.5x speed did not interfere with my ability to learn.

Supplemental Material

A 47-page class workbook that supplements each video session and gives students additional tasks to do is included with the Timbaland MasterClass.

Keep in mind that neither Timbaland nor the MasterClass crew reviews the workbook assignments. They are solely for your practice and benefit, and they serve as an excellent starting point for conversation in the community forum.

Additionally, this MasterClass offers exclusive music stems that can be downloaded from the class community. Lessons 2 through 12 especially use these digital resources.

Community Access

As with all MasterClasses, this one has a community area called “The Hub” where you may communicate with other want to be music creators. The Timbaland page is popular among musicians and a fantastic place to get input from other artists.

What I Have Learned From Timbaland MasterClass?

What I Have Learned From Timbaland

As you are about to witness, Timbaland operates in a collaborative manner. Therefore, by enrolling in this masterclass, you will have the opportunity to draw upon the knowledge not only of him but also of his entire staff.

Throughout the entirety of the course, his co-producers, Fede Vandever and Angel Lopez, as well as his audio engineer, Chris Godbey, offer their wealth of experience.

A fact that not only helps to keep things interesting but also gives you a better understanding of what goes into the creation of a piece of music that is genuinely one of a kind is presented here.

The producing and beat-making course that Timbaland was going to teach me promised to help me with that and give me the tools I needed to flesh out my songs.

What Qualifies Timbaland As The Ideal Mentor?

Timbaland As The Ideal Mentor

Timbaland’s 2009 hits include The Way I Are, Apologize, and Give It To Me. These drummy, bouncy RnB beats are Timbaland’s hallmark.

He worked on Katy Perry’s If We Ever Meet Again. He’s worked with Jay-Z and Beyonce. SexyBack with Justin Timberlake won Best Dance Recording at the Grammys in 2006.

Timbaland has more than 20 music award nominations and 15 wins. Beatmaking is an artist-specific process. Some start with instruments, some with audio software.

Timbaland’s intriguing beats start with his mouth. Timbaland is an incredible mentor. Nobody has a studio or musical talent.

Timbaland demonstrates to folks like myself with a basic understanding of audio engineering that equipment isn’t everything.

He explains how to modify a recording of your own voice by adding melody, harmony, and other components.

A technical MasterClass? No, you won’t learn how to utilize audio software as a novice; there are better tutorials available.

Timbaland shares chord progression, layering drums, and inspiration sources. This MasterClass will spark your curiosity and creativity.

Who should take this course?

All levels of producers and beatmakers are suitable for this training.

I highly advise having some background in beat-making or production if you’re a complete newbie before enrolling in this course. It may be as easy as downloading your own DAW and practicing before beginning.

Contrarily, Timbaland and his group are authorities in their profession, and no matter how much experience you have, there is always room for improvement. You rarely learn Tim’s method of producing and beat-making from a MasterClass; instead, Tim incorporates his staff in the process.

Most significantly, everyone interested in learning about beat-making and producing should take this course.

To benefit from Tim sharing his knowledge with us, you don’t need to be working on a project or a major fan of Timbaland (although if you are, I would strongly recommend this course!).

Plans & Pricing – Timbaland Masterclass Review

Cost of Timbaland's MasterClass

In the event that you are interested in attending Timbaland’s MasterClass, you have three distinct alternatives to pick from:

  • The subscription is $25 each month.
  • The subscription is $60 every three months (saves you 20 percent )
  • The annual subscription fee is $180. (saves you 40 percent )

Although it may seem like a lot of money, purchasing a subscription to MasterClass grants you access to more than ninety different programs, some of which are taught by famous musicians like Christina Aguilera, deadmau5, and Usher.

In addition, you must keep in mind that Timbaland has condensed his whole career’s worth of work into a series of videos that are both well-organized and interesting to watch. To put it another way, even if it turns out that Timbaland’s MasterClass is not for you, there is a good possibility that you will find other MasterClasses that you will find enjoyable.

Timbaland’s MasterClass lasts how long?

A little bit more than 3 hours are spent on the entire course. I finished it in a week, watching a few videos each day and using the skills I was learning in the interim.

Personally, I advise moving more slowly through this course. You’ll have more time to experiment as a result, which is something I think is crucial when it comes to making music. Additionally, it allows you the option to spend time experimenting with the stems that Timbaland has provided!

However, if you pick things up quickly and have prior production and beat-making experience, you could only need a few days to finish the course. Everything is based on your prior knowledge and rate of learning!

Timbaland MasterClass Pros And Cons


  • A chance to gain knowledge from the expert beatmaker
  • A chance to get knowledge from Timbaland’s audio engineers and co-producers
  • His original method of producing beats
  • Learn to create original rhythms.


Not an engineering course. This masterclass definitely isn’t for you if you’re seeking a tutorial on using audio software.

Is There Anything Special About This Course?

01 – Making A Beat

Making A Beat

The course’s Making A Beat parts are entirely concerned with production. The videos provide excellent insights into his creative and collaborative processes.

My favorite is probably “Making A Beat: Getting Warmed Up,” in which he demonstrates how he works with producers and sound engineers.

These tutorials, for the most part, break down songs into their structural components, teaching you exactly what makes songs sound excellent.

For instance, they discuss producing the distinctive yet recognizable vocal melody that is a component of any song that tops the charts in “Making A Beat: Adding a Topline.”

02 – Song Origins

The lesson includes learning about Timbaland’s thought process. Timbaland would explain how a particular song was created in the Tune Origins section of the MasterClass, including the well-known Pony song.

These videos focus less on technique and more on developing your imagination to elevate your track.

03 – A chance to learn from Timbaland’s production team

You’ll notice that Timbaland collaborates. You will therefore have the opportunity to benefit from his team’s experience as well as his own when you enroll in this masterclass.

Throughout the course, his audio engineer Chris Godbey, co-producers Fede Vandever, and Angel Lopez, and co-producer Fede Vandever all contribute their expertise.

A fact that keeps things interesting and gives you a greater understanding of what goes into creating a work of truly original music.

What you will need

All you need to take the course is the workbook and a device to watch it on if you want to study but not necessarily practice right away. To make the most of the course, I do, however, strongly advise possessing the following:

  • Notebook: Since there isn’t much space in the workbook for notes, it’s important to keep track of which plug-in was used where, and what effect it produced.
  • A DAW: You’ll need a DAW if you plan to undertake any kind of practical work. For Apple products, GarageBand is a free download if you don’t already have one. Explore Reaper, Studio One, and Logic (Apple only), which all provide different free trials.
  • Plug-ins: Basic reverb is one of the free plug-ins that your DAW should include. It’s worth a quick Google search to determine which free or inexpensive plug-ins are compatible with your DAW because these might not be the most fascinating or high-quality options.


In light of everything, I believe this MasterClass is too demanding for a novice. Timbaland and his colleagues moved around and used language I wasn’t familiar with, and I felt lost the entire time I was learning.

However, I really liked the parts where Timbaland discussed the songs that inspired some of his most well-known tunes. I discovered that I could understand his method better when he discussed the emotional components, such as how a song “felt.”

However, this MasterClass does serve as a fantastic starting point for accomplished novices with some prior experience, based on the feedback provided by other students with music backgrounds.

At the very least, Timbaland’s style and vigor will inspire every aspiring artist to improve their work.

Thank you for reading this article on “Timbaland Masterclass Review” If you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions regarding this article, please write them in the comment section below. And don’t be hesitant about passing on this piece of knowledge to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Timbaland MasterClass cost?

You can enroll in any MasterClass on the platform with an annual all-access pass, which costs $180.

Can you get the Timbaland MasterClass Free?

Naturally, there is no free way to obtain Timbaland’s MasterClass. If someone buys it as a gift for you, that’s the closest you can get!

How long is Timbaland MasterClass?

It’s 15 videos totaling 3 hours and 4 minutes.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like a MasterClass?

If you buy straight from MasterClass, they have a 30-day refund policy.

Is Timbaland Masterclass Worth It?

Timbaland covers the basics of beat-making in his Masterclass, going from an idea to recording. You’ll discover essential beat-making techniques in this course. It’s worth it to do the 3-hour course with the 15 video lessons.

What Daw does Timbaland use?

Timbaland is renowned for employing a variety of software programs, although the two main creative tools are Ableton Live and Logic Pro, with Avid Pro Tools serving as the audio tracks’ mix and mastering platform.

How long is Timbaland Masterclass?

Timbaland Masterclass lasts for three hours and twenty minutes in total. The course is broken down into 15 video lessons, each lasting between 4 and 28 minutes.

What drum machine does Timbaland use?

What kind of music-making equipment does Timbaland use? Timbaland also makes use of a hardware device by Ableton called a Push, which allows him to manipulate his software programs with illuminated pads. 1) Tim makes drum racks on his Push, meaning he programs individual drum sounds for each pad.

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