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This article (Tony Hawk Masterclass Review) will provide you with the opportunity to read an in-depth evaluation of Tony Hawk’s, including information on how the lessons are presented, who the course is best suited for, the cost, pros, and cons if you purchase his masterclass, and what I enjoyed about it, etc.

So why wouldn’t you want to learn from Tony Hawkes, one of the world’s most accomplished skateboarders? His Masterclass is outstanding. It’s easy to follow, entertaining, and encouraging. The best part is that you’ll be able to pick up new skills from the master himself.

When you hear the word “skateboarding,” the first athlete that comes to mind is almost often Tony Hawk. In fact, his name has become a byword for the sport itself, and for good cause.

For more than two decades, Tony Hawk developed hundreds of skating tricks, contributed to the creation of a multibillion-dollar video game franchise, and altered the way the world views skateboarding today. Tony Hawk.

Tony Hawk, one of the most well-known professional skateboarders ever, recently created a skating lesson on MasterClass. Here, I’ll go through what I learned at Tony Hawk’s MasterClass and why I liked it so much.

Who Is Tony Hawk?

Who Is Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk is an example to follow for everybody who is involved in the skateboarding community. The sport’s transition from the underground to the mainstream would not have been possible without his motivational leadership. As of this writing, he’s also active on Twitter.

Achieving the status of being one of the first professional skateboarders to break through and enter the consciousness of individuals who are not involved in the sport. He contributed to the normalization of skateboarding, which led to the establishment of skateparks all over the place rather than the traditional practice of relocating skateboarders off the road.

A record of 64 world titles was won by him during the years 1983 and 2003. Including victories at the Vans, X Games, NSA, and Street contests, as well as the Hard Rock Triple Crown. Constantly works to advance and promote his sport in various ways. Even more significantly, Tony came up with over a hundred original tricks.

Many of which have proven to be useful as a stepping stone for the generations of skateboarders that have come after them. Because of what he accomplished, they were able to invent even more impressive moves.

Does Tony Hawk have a masterclass?

His “900” trick is still widely considered to be one of the most interesting and original tricks now in circulation. In the masterclass, several of his vert techniques are broken down and discussed. At the age of 52, he still proudly goes by the appellation “Birdman,” as you shall see. To tell you the truth, he is incredible.

Tony’s Skateboarding Masterclass is Going to Blow the Minds of Every Skateboarder, Skateboarding Fan, Sports Enthusiast, and Sports History Student There Ever Was. Before I started this class, it had been well over a decade since I had last been on a board.

My interest in the game, which had waned, has been rekindled, and it has motivated me to get back out on the water. As a side note, we strongly encourage you to purchase Masterclass for multiple courses rather than just one. The value is in the accumulation of multiple purchases.

About Masterclass

About Masterclass

MasterClass is an American online education subscription platform on which students can access tutorials and lectures pre-recorded by experts in various fields. The concept for MasterClass was conceived by David Rogier and developed with Aaron Rasmussen.

This service provides an online venue for such instruction. You can choose from over 85 different classes, all of which are led by prominent figures in their fields of study.

You can learn music from Hans Zimmer, physics from Neil deGrasse Tyson, food from Gordon Ramsay, and a great deal more from a variety of other experts.

It baffles me how MasterClass is able to entice and convince so many famous people to share their expertise with others through their online courses.

Having said that, having participated in a considerable number of the available classes, I am confident in asserting that not all of them are of high quality, despite the fact that the vast majority of them are.

In light of this, the purpose of this Tony Hawk MasterClass review is to assist you in determining whether or not taking this course would be beneficial to you.

Course Overview – Tony Hawk Masterclass Review

This section of our Tony Hawk Masterclass Review will focus on a concise discussion of Tony Hawk’s Masterclass’s overall structure and content.

On the surface, he is:

  • Beginning with the fundamentals, he progresses to intermediate and advanced techniques as well as a few of his own unique inventions.
  • Three distinct types of skating are covered: It’s a three-tiered system:
  • Along on the ride will be world-renowned pro park skater Lizzie Armanto and Riley Hawk, his skilled street skater son.
  • Meet your instructor
  • Stepping on a skateboard
  • Learning 38 tricks
  • Inside Tony’s tips and tricks

Along on the ride will be world-renowned pro park skater Lizzie Armanto and Riley Hawk, his skilled street skater son.

01 – Introduction

“In this MasterClass, I’m going to be dissecting some of the most fundamental skate tricks of all time, in addition to debuting some of my own distinctive moves.”

The first few minutes of Tony Hawk’s MasterClass are dedicated to an insane video that spans his whole skating career.

He continues by saying that “everything that you see in video games — we’re going to show you in real life” (all the content that you see in video games will be shown to you in real life).

02 – Stepping On A Skateboard

Skills And Techniques

Anyone who has never skated before would benefit greatly from this tutorial. For those who don’t need it, it’s fine to skip it.

The following are some of the most basic skateboarding concepts you’ll learn:

  • How to determine whether or not you have goofy feet (as it happens, Tony is)
  • What you should buy if you want to ride like Tony Hawk
  • How do you get into a rush?
  • Various methods of halting, their advantages and disadvantages, and the best approach to accomplish each one.
  • Ways to avoid wheel bite when turning
  • Tic tracing is a way to travel about the board without actually leaving it.

The Ollie

The Ollie is the basis for practically every trick that can be done on the street, and even the majority of the tricks that can be done on ramps.

The Ollie is the ancestor of nearly every other skate trick. And Tony Hawk will show you step-by-step instructions, including how to improve your timing and avoid the most common error made by novice skateboarders.

You will learn how to Ollie on flat terrain over the entirety of the lesson (pictured above).

The following steps will teach you how to perform an Ollie over an obstacle (imagine jumping over a park bench).

Underdog to Icon, Trials & Tribulations

Tony Hawk’s early life is depicted in this video. By now, you’re beginning to see how one individual essentially defined the sport.

What you’ll learn is:

  • Hawk, a self-described geek, and dweeb, was a mainstay of the show.
  • The first time Hawk was introduced to skating and what he found appealing about it.
  • Skateboarding at the time was considered snobbish and uncool because of the lack of tricks and the lack of air.
  • As Thrasher magazine famously put it, “the king of no style,” Hawk was previously considered
  • The most essential thing to note is how Tony has deliberately and methodically reshaped the sport to reflect his distinct personal style.

PLUS You’ll also hear about TH’s first tragic mishap, as well. What happened next left him with a concussion and teeth knocked out at the tender age of 10!

Trials and Tribulations will be the next topic covered. This is a continuation of the last lesson, which focused on some of Hawk’s lowest points along the way.

03 – Learning 38 Tricks

Street Basics

“There is a great deal to learn, and we are going to teach you the most effective strategies.” In this section, we will go over two of the most essential skating tricks:

  • The backside pop shove it
  • And the front side 180 ollie

Street Intermediate & Advanced

Learning these skills will make a whole new world of opportunities available to you. This section is chock full of 11 methods that will help you to make the streets your playground and use them to your advantage.

You will learn how to perfect kickflips as well as grinds as part of this set of tricks. You will eventually be able to grind down the rail or jump down a flight of stairs if you go through a sequence of progressions in the right direction.

To tell you the truth, this place will teach you a wide variety of skills that will empower you to dominate the urban environment. They are instructed in a rational manner, with each trick building on the foundation laid by the one that came before it.

Both the framework and the development are executed quite well. I have not yet been successful in jumping down an entire flight of steps, but I have the impression that I am getting closer!

Park Basics

You will learn the best practices for skating at a park in the basics portion. This will include the rules of the ramps as well as how to interact with other skateboarders. You will also develop an understanding of the terms “dropping in” and “carving out” of ramps.

If you haven’t been to a park before, reading this will give you the assurance and inspiration you need to go.

Park Intermediate & Advanced

In this segment, you’ll learn eight of the most famous park tricks that you should absolutely incorporate into your arsenal.

In addition to this, you will be taught essential strategies to keep you from getting hung up on the coping and to keep you from smashing out on the straight.

You will learn what the tricks are, how to do them, what pitfalls to avoid making, and some ideas on how to master them as you progress through the lessons.

Vert Basics & Intermedia

“You’re flying between 6 and 10 feet above the lip,” the instructor said.

This place will show you ten different tricks:

  1. Pumping
  2. Fakie
  3. Kickturn
  4. Knee sliding
  5. Backside air
  6. Backside ollie
  7. Frontside rock n roll
  8. Lipslide
  9. Frontside tailslide
  10. Madonna

You will learn how to get up to speed (pumping) as well as how to bail out in a secure manner (knee sliding).

  • To a rock’n’roll
  • Through to the Madonna

You’ll also learn a fun anecdote about the origin of the trick’s name! Actually, I’ve never even considered trying this style of skating. The Tony Hawk Masterclass, though, did at least get me thinking about it.

Vert Advanced

It seems unfathomable that Tony Hawk is able to teach some of the most difficult feats that are now available. There are a total of five different tricks, with the Vert and the McTwist being the ones that I consider to be the most impressive. Again, this is way, way beyond my pay grade. But it was still very neat to behold.

04 – Inside Tony’s Tips and Tricks

Playback: the 900 & Kickflip McTwist

It’s either this trick or they’re taking me away in an ambulance, so I’m going to make it. At this point, skating became associated with Tony’s name. The first ever skateboarding video to air on ESPN was of Hawk hitting the 900 at the X Games in 1999.

This trick made skateboarding a household name, and Tony Hawk a household name as well. The look on Tony Hawk’s face after he finally managed to pull off the trick after numerous tries had failed.

The history of the Kickflip McTwist is then explained. It’s great to get an insider’s perspective on the show in this hilarious section.

How To Win

The only thing that matters is what you’ve done in the past. This is yet another fascinating documentary-style part of Hawk’s career. You’ll hear about his decision to step away from the ice and how his skating dramatically improved as a result.

For me, this piece was just for fun, but for skateboarders who want to turn their hobby into a full-fledged business, you’ll probably find it useful. A few of Hawk’s favorite competitive tricks are also revealed to the audience.

An Insider Look: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

The time has finally come, and it’s all worth it. It’s nostalgia at its finest. You’ll find everything you need and more in this section. The history of how the video game came to be created. The involvement of Hawk. What the bargain is all about.

And how Hawk was able to escape making the worst financial decision of his life because of happenstance. In essence, it’s a story about the creation of a beloved video game and the subsequent birth of a franchise.

The Future of Skateboarding

“Now we’re seeing things that I believed were genuinely inconceivable, yet we’re seeing them nevertheless. And I don’t see that changing any time soon. This newer generation of skaters has access to a significantly wider variety of opportunities.

The final portion of the training consists of some motivational remarks from Hawk, who discusses his outlook on skating. Skating provides a positive lens through which to view the future and learn essential skills that may be applied in everyday life.

Pros & Cons – Tony Hawk Masterclass Review

Pros & Cons - Tony Hawk Masterclass Review


Tony Hawk, Riley Hawk, and Lizzie Armanto can teach you a lot

Tony Hawk is a skateboarding icon and a living legend. So many people skate because of him. He’s a fantastic guy and an even better teacher. The same can be said for Riley and Lizzie, who are both down to earth and accomplished in their own careers.

Here’s your chance to learn about skating from one of the best.

To put it another way, how many chances have you had in your life to learn from someone as knowledgeable as Hawk? I believe the answer is close to zero for me. When I was a kid, my next-door neighbor taught me how to Ollie!

Excellent Trick Selection and Progression

Finally, you want a course that will teach you a sequence of tactics that are easy to learn and practice. You can find a wide variety of tricks, particularly on the street. In a systematic progression, you’re learning some of the most well-known and stunning moves.

Ollies and Kickflips are essential abilities, but by the end, you’ll be doing feats that most people can’t even imagine attempting. In order to pull off all of these feats, you must have the right information, and Hawk and company provide it. Overall 38 tricks are covered.

Excellent Entertainment And Directing

Even those who did not have a strong preference for the activity were in agreement that it was entertaining and stunning to observe.

It is quite enjoyable to listen to Hawk narrate major milestones from his life and skateboarding as a sport. MasterClass has done an excellent job with the filming and editing of this course.

In addition, including all of the documentary-style lessons actually helped to break up the content and stopped the show from becoming too difficult to follow.


Some Trick Details in Brief

With a smattering of Tricks and Tips, The majority of the tricks are explained in a clear and concise manner. By following along, you will gain a thorough understanding of not just the trick’s mechanics but also the most prevalent blunders and dangers.

As a result, not all of the tricks are explained in great detail. There’s a problem with consistency. This MasterClass has been reduced down to the bare necessities and will be covered in just 2-3 minutes whereas you could see a 5-10 minute YouTube video on a trick.

There should be some guidance on how to practice the tricks in class. On both the micro and macro levels, the trick can be done in isolation (do this trick X number of times before attempting the next one).

Finally, remember that this is not school and skateboarding is not an intellectual topic. It’s best not to expect it to be taught in such detail. It’s all about having fun! Lacks Safety Information

Safety Information is Missing

My first memories of skateboarding are associated with me being in a lot of discomforts. A lot. It’s possible that that says more about me than it does about anything else.

When you’re learning how to vert skate, it goes without saying that the first time you’re instructed on how to fall safely is during the later stages of the course, in addition to Hawk explaining the protective gear that you need to wear at the beginning of the course.

You have, in all likelihood, already mastered the skill of jumping over a bench or flying down a flight of stairs by this point in time. It’s odd that there aren’t more ideas on how to get out of this situation without getting hurt.

At Times Difficult To Follow

In this one class, eleven different techniques are demonstrated (Street intermediate & advanced). In my opinion, this should have been split up into several other videos.

You can choose the portion of the film that is applicable thanks to the helpful timestamps that MasterClass has placed throughout it:

Despite this, I found it difficult to keep up and found myself often pausing the video, rewinding it, etc. It’s probably a minor point, and I’m probably being really picky!

Who Should Take This Class?

I love that there’s something for everyone in this MasterClass. Everything from the most basic moves to the most advanced is included. Naturally, a beginner will get the most out of the course because it covers everything they need to know at this stage.

Though many of these tricks may be familiar to skaters who have been skating for years, I’m confident that many of them will be new to you.

The Tony Hawk MasterClass, in my opinion, is a good fit for someone who has the following characteristics:

  • Is dedicated to improving his skateboarding skills.
  • Learn directly from the best skateboarders of all time and avoid false advice.
  • wants to be proficient in vert, park, and/or street skating
  • Is eager to learn 38 new skills.
  • We’re huge Tony Hawk fans.

Course Pricing – Tony Hawk Masterclass Review

Course Pricing - Tony Hawk Masterclass Review

The total cost of a MasterClass subscription package is $180 per year. Also known as $15 per month. There is currently no way to purchase individual classes or modules.

You gain access to all of MasterClass’s more than 80 different courses if you purchase a subscription. Therefore, the best way to maximize your benefits is to enroll in a number of different classes.

For instance, if you are able to locate at least four to six classes that you are interested in taking, this indicates that your average cost per class is between thirty and forty-five dollars. ($180 / 6 lessons = $30).

When you consider that these lectures are presented by renowned industry professionals, I believe that the price is really reasonable. It’s a kind of educational shortcut if you will.

In the event that you are not satisfied with your purchase, MasterClass will return your money within the first thirty days.

Is The Course Content Unique?

Honestly, I don’t think so.

It’s possible that if you spent a lot of time on the internet, you’d be able to gather about 80% of this MasterClass’s content.

There’s plenty of information available about Tony Hawk’s journey, so there’s no need to learn anything that hasn’t been done before.

What makes this distinctive, though, is that all of the content is presented in this format. You’ll learn Tony Hawk’s most well-known stunts using the same mental cues and strategies he employs.

Tony Hawk probably hasn’t gone into detail about his path as he does in this class. This is the most complete resource I’ve ever seen.

Tony Hawk Masterclass Review – Is It Worth It?

The answer is yes!

In this lesson, you’ll learn a variety of astonishing skills from a living legend. There’s something here for everyone, regardless of their degree of skating expertise or the sort of skating they prefer.

Beginners would benefit the most from this course because they can pick up something new from each section (eventually). Advanced skaters will have no shortage of options in the intermediate and advanced categories, however. In addition, there are a number of techniques that only the best players can pull off.

One of the most common complaints about the course is that the tricks should have been presented more gradually and with a clearer practice plan. This didn’t bother me at all, and I think it has more to do with my own preconceived notions. Neither skateboarding nor this situation is academic.

I thought the tricks were well-taught, there was a nice variety, and the development between routines was enjoyable. As a whole, the course is quite well-done; the short documentaries interspersed throughout are both amusing and useful.

In addition, a MasterClass all-access pass gives you access to more than 85 more courses, all of which are included in the cost of your pass. Hawk is one of many well-known and acclaimed instructors in a variety of fields, including music, cooking, and poker. Other notable athletes include Steph Curry, Simone Biles, Serena Williams, Alex Honnold, and Tommy Caldwell, to name just a few.

Thank you for reading this article in Tony Hawk Masterclass Review. If you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions regarding this article, please write them in the comment section below. And don’t be hesitant about passing on this piece of knowledge to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Tony Hawk’s MasterClass?

There are 16 films in all in Tony Hawk’s MasterClass, which lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes.

How much does the Tony Hawk MasterClass cost?

For $180 a year ($15 a month), you can get unlimited access to all of the MasterClass. You’ll be able to take Tony Hawk’s class as well as more than 80 others.

Can you get Tony Hawk’s MasterClass for free?

There is unfortunately no free Tony Hawk Master Class. MasterClass, on the other hand, offers a variety of payment methods and refunds if you’re not satisfied.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like Tony Hawk’s MasterClass?

If you make your purchase directly with MasterClass, you are eligible for a refund within the first 30 days after your purchase. If you make purchases through other providers, you may be subject to the return policy of those providers.

Is Tony Hawk MasterClass good?

Best for: People who are serious about improving their skateboarding and fans of Tony Hawk. There’s content for beginners to advanced. Street, park, and vert skating are all covered. Overall: Great selection of tricks taught in an easy-to-understand way with a logical progression in difficulty.

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