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Then your search ends here, in this detailed Werner Herzog Masterclass Review, I have covered all the questions related to Werner Herzog Masterclass, so let’s get started 😉

Last year I attended Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass, which I loved and which I still refer to when I write my scripts today.

He set the bar very high in relation to the masterclasses, and I have to admit that I did not know whether the following courses, i.e. those of David Mamet and Werner Herzog, would reach the same level.

After taking all three I can confidently say that they are all amazing on their own and for very different reasons. What makes Werner Herzog’s class so strong (among other things) is his vision as a full-fledged filmmaker.

He’s not just a director, a writer, or a director of photography. He’s truly a versatile filmmaker who has mastered his craft in almost every way. Not to mention that he’s completely self-taught and has literally built his career from scratch, creating projects and creating opportunities for himself.

Who Is Werner Herzog?

Who Is Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog is a well-known German filmmaker who is recognized for making esoteric feature films as well as documentaries.

With the film Fitzcarraldo that he directed in 1982, he took home the award for Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival.

The Directors Guild of America bestowed him the award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement that year (2006). This was for the documentary he was working on called Grizzly Man.

This MasterClass is one to take into consideration if you are interested in learning how to get started in the filmmaking industry.

What Is MasterClass?

What Is MasterClass

MasterClass is an instructional platform that was established online in the year 2015. Its over 150 video classes, all of which are taught by professionals with celebrity status, are the product’s distinctive selling proposition.

MasterClass has swiftly moved to the top of the heap in terms of the quality of educational information offered via the internet due to its comprehensive course catalog.

In our MasterClass review, you will get additional information regarding the platform that is MasterClass as well as how it functions.

Gordon Ramsay, Aaron Sorkin, and Margaret Atwood are just a few of the notable people that have taught there. Because of this, viewers are treated to an experience that cannot be matched, and MasterClass is able to match this experience with great production values.

In spite of the fact that it is a relatively new firm, MasterClass has completely revolutionized the field of online education.

Having said that, it’s possible that MasterClass isn’t the right fit for everyone. Before selecting whether or not to sign up for MasterClass, you should give some thought to both its benefits and drawbacks.

What makes the Werner Herzog master class a good investment?

You’re spending $ 90 and want to know that you are getting a fantastic product for your money. Rest assured, this is a phenomenal course.

If you are interested in making films, increasing your creativity, or looking into the head of one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, the course is well worth it.

These are just a few of the things I learned in the first week of the seven-week course:

 Werner Herzog’s MasterClass Review

How to learn to tell stories while watching films: how to open a film by studying the work of Elia Kazan (Herzog deconstructs the opening of Viva Zapata!),

How to learn the universal rules of cinema by studying yourself busy with foreign cinema (for example Sie Schwieg. from Germany, films from Iran, the Novo-Kino from Brazil, or neorealism from Italy).

How to Learn Storytelling by Reading: Learn to edit Icelandic poetry, and learn to become its subject by reading books like The Pilgrim, How to Condense and Abbreviate Yourself while Studying Virgil.

How to write a script: How to prepare for writing, how to use your script to set the tone on set with the filmmakers and actors, how to change the dialogue on the fly, and how to write with urgency and precision.

How To Fund Your First Film: How Do You Budget, How To Be Independent, And How To Reduce Your Film Costs?

It’s also surprising that Herzog never went to film school himself. He despises film schools and is self-taught when interacting with the greats (for example he quotes the directors of the Nouvelle Vague: Truffaut, Godard, Rohmer, Louis Malle). And yet he is an incredibly inspiring instructor.

Who is the Werner Herzog masterclass for?

  • I recommend you take a look at the Werner Herzog masterclass. You are a novice filmmaker (I fall into that category and the course gives me a lot of value).
  • You want to work in any role in the cinema (screenwriters, actors, composers, editors, and filmmakers will benefit from this course).
  • You like films and want to study them under the guidance of a teacher.
  • You’ve been feeling stale and uninspired lately and want something exciting that will get you moving again.
  • You like Werner Herzog.

Lessons Overview – Werner Herzog Masterclass Review

The organization of its contents and the inclusion of exercises to be transported for students will give MasterClass an advantage over many other types of this type.

In this evaluation of the Herzog Masters class highlighted topics suggest some of the things in the lessons, but not in their entirety. We have summarized the content as follows:

See movies to inform your creative process.

– Werner Herzog focuses on the need to watch movies, various creators as a reference point for theirs. It is recommended to investigate the foreign film and the most important achievements to get a better idea of the rules on a universal scale.

In this part of her master’s, Werner Herzog offers suggestions on the films that you can start.

Do not listen to read

– In addition to the information in your narrative. Reading helps you to rest with your characters. Insists that the reading of your voice is a broader perspective.

Reading is also ideal for practical skills, eg. B. Machining, testing, and organizing your work.

Like movies, Werner Herzog gives titles offering all these benefits.

Write a script

– Talk to your class about how you can write a script in 5 days. For him, this letter allows you to mark part of the process, but the end does not mark. Werner Herzog insists on understanding the different cinema levels, with the script as a basic aspect.

The Masterclass ranking includes topics as you high and drive to write. As he explains, Psycho is an intentional part of the process. It also appeals to the factors, such as the need to learn the art of improvised dialogue and the use of tap tips for conducting the sound.

Lead and organize

– If you give examples of your career, Werner emphasizes the need to resume his project when he is part of the process. These give examples of cases where it was ready to do absurd things, such as worms to eat to provide a crew member support.

Werner also discusses why established rules are crucial to achieving goals at different levels. This includes the organization ever and creates a list of two that should not be performed.

For him, these established rules are only as effective as the manager they want to be and the best way to make sure they follow the rules that follow the rules.

It does not hurt that Werner Herzog has a German accent who makes the content delivery a little more exciting and compromised guard.

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Pros & Cons – Werner Herzog Masterclass Review


01 – Study with a Reputable Filmmaker

Werner is a significant director who isn’t hesitant to venture into uncharted territory despite his status as one of the recognized pioneers of the “New German Cinema.” In spite of the fact that he did not receive any formal training, he has garnered a lot of praise for his work as a director.

You will obtain a deeper understanding of a more specialized approach to filmmaking by learning from Werner’s singular point of view in this MasterClass. Personally, I like that he did not focus his filmmaking on Hollywood conventions but instead presented us with something new and exciting to investigate.

02 – Excellent Understanding of the Creative Process

The idea that the creative process cannot be taught is a common complaint leveled at MasterClass. Some people even go so far as to say that it cannot be taught at all. Having said that, I believe that these kinds of courses are beneficial when it comes to facilitating the exchange of ideas and guiding viewers toward a more acute awareness of the world around them.

Werner does an excellent job with this, and he also discusses the everyday routines that serve as his own inspiration. In this MasterClass, you will learn how to uncover new ways of looking at the world as well as how to find ideas via the use of poetry and music as a starting point.

I really appreciated how every piece of useful information is reinforced by the idea that one needs to find a spark. This is something that Werner uses as a foundation for his filmmaking and something that has an impact on the production in general.

03 – Strong Examples Visually and Recommended Watching

Werner uses numerous real-world examples to drive home his points throughout the videos and the accompanying Workbook. For those students who learn best when they can see concepts illustrated, this is a great resource.

You may count on one or two case studies per chapter for the entire course. MasterClass, in my opinion, strikes an excellent mix between its case studies and maintains the viewer’s interest throughout.

We should additionally highlight the Workbook. Any film mentioned in a MasterClass course can be seen separately in the site’s Film Index section. Reading is, in Werner’s opinion, as vital as viewing movies, so he’s included some reading recommendations.

04 – Helpful Workbook and Q&A Document

In addition to the index, MasterClass will also load the Workbook with additional content as well as tasks. These provide chances for active learning since they motivate people to go out and film for themselves.

You can find chapter summaries, additional viewing options, and embedded links to take you beyond the scope of the material covered in the course if you are interested in printing a copy or even returning to the PDF after the course has concluded.

Following that comes a PDF containing questions and answers. In this section, Werner responds to questions posed by the audience and provides further explanations on a number of the topics covered throughout the course. This is both helpful to individuals who have more questions, as well as a wonderful way of reinforcing the principles that have been learned.

05 – Excellent symmetry between theory and practise

Werner finds a nice balance between the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject matter, in contrast to other classes, which are either theory-based or practical. In my opinion, this is an effective method of bridging the gap between the tangible and the more abstract aspects of a topic.

In addition to that, Werner delves into some more esoteric topics, such as the art of building tension and involving the audience. On the other hand, these are always backed up with illustrative examples that show how this might look on screen.

06 – Accessibility

At this time, Werner Herzog’s MasterClass is only available in the English language with closed captioning for those who are hearing impaired. It is important to keep in mind that every subtitle on MasterClass was painstakingly crafted, despite the fact that the company has plans to grow the number of languages it supports. They are in no way comparable to the subtitles that were automatically generated, which I considered to be a significant advantage.


01 – Strongly Opposed Point of View

It is impossible to teach a MasterClass without exhibiting some degree of personal bias. Having said that, it is important to point out that Werner is extremely opinionated and forthright when it comes to expressing his points of view. Storyboards, for instance, are what he refers to as “brainless” and “for losers” in Werner Herzog writing.

Werner does not feel the need to offer an apology when it comes to criticizing strategies with which he disagrees. When preparing for the MasterClass, you need to keep this information in mind.

02 – The later chapters focus on facts

Werner doesn’t think it’s useful to categorize movies into fiction and nonfiction. However, around a quarter of the course is dedicated to the art of documentary filmmaking.

Among the topics discussed in these sections are engaging in dialogue with people, sharing emotionally taxing tales, and navigating the difficulties of distinguishing fact from fiction. The majority of this guidance is extremely niche and probably won’t be useful for developing a feature-length film.

Even if you’re not keen on documentaries, you shouldn’t write off this class. Perhaps it would be better to purchase an all-access pass that allows you to explore multiple paths and take away the information that is most useful to you.

03 – Unpredictability in Some Lessons

While I found most of this course to be interesting, I found that some of the classes, such as “Invaded by Images” and “Editing,” were less than satisfactory. They were all over the place and didn’t address a single issue or question. At times, Werner’s lessons would focus on music, and then suddenly shift to a story.

Therefore, there was a degree of randomness to some of the case studies. These movies are hard to find for anyone who has watched them, and likely harder to find for those who haven’t. It’s important to remember, then, that you may not always walk away from this course with all of your questions answered.

04 – Inconsistent Direction of Movies

This is a small criticism, but taking into account the breadth of the case studies that were used, it would have been good to have some movie titles that were clearly signed. And as Werner starts talking about one film, there will suddenly be a clip from another film playing in the background.

The signposts aren’t completely nonexistent in this MasterClass that I’m teaching. On one of the clips, for instance, there is a descriptive caption that includes the film’s release date. This caption is for The Wild Blue Yonder. However, I believe that this course could have benefited from some further consistency in relation to this matter.

05 – Not as good for film students

Werner’s courses are comprehensive and useful for anyone who wants to move up in the film industry, but they place a heavy emphasis on learning on one’s own.

Werner has a valid point when he says that film schools are too expensive and too limiting. He asserts that the fundamentals of filmmaking can be learned by anyone in a matter of weeks, and for a fraction of the cost of traditional film schools.

His methods for teaching others about filmmaking are emphasized. If you were hoping to attend film school, you could be dissatisfied with this focus.

Course Pricing – Werner Herzog Masterclass Review

Cinema courses face, they contain a competent teacher. Surprisingly, the Werner Herzog course has prize plans in all.

The first payment plan allows only the lesson from Werner Herzog for 90 US dollars. The price believes that the properties of the platform, the quality of the teaching, and the profile of the tutors.

It also has a better price offer in which you can take more than 65 main class teachers and access a gift package.

The package is for $ 180. If you are passionate about saving, you quickly recognize $ 360 if a student needs five lessons.

Once again, you can pay the $ 180 fee for your friend or son in an exclusive gift pack. With the offer, you can book courses in the name of other persons.

Werner Herzog Masterclass Review – Is It Worth It?

This course is recommended if you want to learn more about filming Werner Herzog documentaries. Among other things, he stresses the importance of being an independent worker in his classes. Like I said before, I don’t think it’s the best fit for someone thinking about attending film school.

This course will teach you:

  • Collect information and form a tale.
  • Attempt Narrative and Nonfiction Filmmaking
  • Develop your independence and self-control.
  • Create your own vehicle for professional advancement.
  • Learn the ins and outs of being a director in theory and in practice.

It is important to keep in mind that purchasing a subscription to MasterClass grants you access to all of the platform’s more than 150 classes. Since there are a lot of classes in the media category, you will get a lot of bang for your buck if this is an area of interest for you.

In conclusion, Werner’s class discusses a wide variety of subjects from an original vantage point, and it contains a significant amount of material that is helpful for breaking into the film industry.

Even while it’s not the best choice for people who want to go to film school, I think it’s a good option for people who want to experiment with a variety of different approaches to filmmaking.

You have nothing to lose by giving it a shot because you can get a free trial of it and there is a guarantee that you may get your money back within 30 days.

Famous Quotes By Werner Herzog

Civilization is like a thin layer of ice upon a deep ocean of chaos and darkness.

Werner Herzog

The world reveals itself to those who travel on foot.

Werner Herzog

I despise formal restaurants. I find all of that formality to be very base and vile. I would much rather eat potato chips on the sidewalk.

Werner Herzog

The universe is monstrously indifferent to the presence of man.

Werner Herzog

I prefer to be alive, so I’m cautious about taking risks.

Werner Herzog

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Werner Herzog’s MasterClass course cost?

The cost of a subscription for one person is $180. This grants you an all-access pass, allowing you to participate in any of the more than 150 MasterClasses that are offered.

How long is Werner Herzog’s MasterClass?

It takes a total of 5 hours and 57 minutes to complete the Werner Herzog MasterClass.

Can you get Werner Herzog MasterClass free?

Although you can view a free preview of this MasterClass, it is not free to enroll in the full course.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the MasterClass?

Within the first thirty days, MasterClass does, in fact, give refunds.

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